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Live with students who share similar academic or social interests.

WKU Living Learning Communities

In a WKU Living Learning Community (LLC), students with similar academic or social interests live together on a residence hall floor and participate in activities tailored to their specific majors or interests. 

LLCs are designed to help you connect socially, succeed academically, engage with WKU faculty, staff, and administrators, and chart your course at WKU. 

What is a WKU Living Learning Community Video Preview

Listen as WKU faculty share more about WKU Living Learning Communities.

Although each LLC has unique opportunities, they all share the same vital purpose and goal: nurturing and developing a prosperous Hilltopper student to become engaged with other students and faculty throughout campus.

*There is no additional cost for a Living Learning Community. However, some LLCs require students to register for specific classes; please refer to the individual LLC descriptions for additional requirements.

WKU student attributes collegiate success to involvement in Living Learning Community

“The LLC was the biggest thing that contributed to my success within the Gordon Ford College of Business itself, not only as a person, but also as a college student...” 

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LLP student, Jackie Ramirez


  • No Additional Cost. 

  • Academic Living Learning Communities include enrollment in two linked courses that count toward your major and/or General Education requirements. 

  • Priority housing - you will receive your housing assignment in early April.

  • Priority course registration for LLC courses. 

  • Opportunity to form deeper connections with faculty and staff members.

  • Opportunity to connect with people similar to yourself and create lasting relationships through your college career and beyond. You will build your support system early, preparing you as you progress through your coursework and into the career field.

“Joining the LLC allowed me to be in one of the most encouraging environments I’ve ever experienced...I had a group of 25 peers around me that I had three classes a day with, and we all lived on the same floor too. We were instant friends, and we knew so much about each other quickly. They were my first friends on campus, and we didn’t have to go through that ‘I don’t know anyone in this class’ phase. It just made it feel like home.”




 Academic Living Learning Communities

Academic programs marked "interdisciplinary" are open to all majors and areas of study.

Academic LLCs include enrollment in two linked courses that count toward your major and/or General Education requirements. 

The Agriculture Living Learning Community provides a residential environment that fosters peer networking and academic success for freshman who are majoring in Agriculture at WKU.

In the Agriculture LLC, you will:

  • Live with other freshman Agriculture majors on the same floor in a residence hall,
  • Take two agriculture major courses together, and
  • Participate in events throughout your freshman year that will help you to learn more about your area of study and the opportunities available in your discipline.

Participating in the Agriculture LLC is a great way to get to know other students, faculty, and staff in your program.

Linked Courses

AGRO 110: Introduction to Plant Science

Located in Regents Hall


Learn More: | WKU Agriculture LLC

The Business Living Learning Community is specifically designed for first-year business-minded students to receive enhanced learning programs outside of the classroom. This community provides support toward a successful academic and eventual business career.

The Business Living Learning Program seeks to provide students with opportunities to connect and engage with fellow business-minded classmates, faculty, peer mentors, and business executives. Students will benefit from programming designed to focus on community engagement, leadership, and personal development. Students will have the opportunity to participate in business workshops, networking events with faculty, and business-related excursions.



In the Business LLC, you will enroll in specific courses during your first year:

  • FIN 161 Personal Finance - fall semester
  • BA 175 - fall semester
  • CIS 141 Basic Computer Literacy - spring semester


Thanks to the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Gail Broady,  there is no additional cost  for students to enroll in the Gordon Ford College of Business Living Learning Communities.


Located in Regents Hall


Learn More

Are you interested in learning more about Social Justice and how you can be involved? Do you want to become more politically engaged, to better understand the processes of democratic participation? If so, join your peers in sharing diverse ideas on these topics and more through the Citizenship & Social Justice Living Learning Community.


In this LLC, you will enroll in two courses for the fall semester:

  • CSJ 200 Introduction to Social Justice, and
  • PS 110 American National Government.

In the spring semester, you will enroll in the PS 235: Introduction to Citizenship.

This LLC is for incoming first year students.


Located in  Normal Hall


Learn More 

The Criminology Living Learning Community is focused on engaging first-year students interested in the professions of criminology (i.e., law enforcement, courts, corrections, victim advocacy, and juvenile justice), and believe their transition to college would be enhanced by receiving extra support from faculty, peer mentors, alumni, and community partners working in justice careers.

Together, participants will live on the same residence hall floor while engaging in shared classroom experiences and programming designed to deepen awareness of and appreciation for the field of criminology. LLC participants will benefit from a close relationship with faculty and peer mentors in the criminology program, learning from them the techniques of college success.

LLC participants will enroll in:

  • CRIM 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice during the fall semester, and
  • CRIM 234: Crime and Popular Culture

Both courses satisfy General Education requirements and Criminology major requirements.


 Located in Normal Hall


Learn More | Criminology LLC

The "Top of the Class" Living Learning Community is for first-year students enrolled in the School of Teacher Education.

All students majoring in education are welcome: elementary, special education, middle grades, or secondary.

This LLC provides a learning community for future teachers to share their passion, learn together, and interact in professional growth activities that develop fellowship and professionalism.


  Located in Normal Hall


WKU School of Teacher Education

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Living Learning Community provides a residential environment for first-year students that fosters peer networking and academic success for students who are majoring in any of the nine undergraduate programs in SEAS through the Ogden College of Science and Engineering.

These programs include:

  • Architectural Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Computer Information Technology,
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Technology Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering

In the SEAS LLC, you will live with other students in SEAS meta-majors on the same floor in a residence hall, take a SEAS University Learning course together, and participate in SEAS LLC events throughout your freshmen year to learn about your major and to grow professionally.

Participating in the SEAS LLC is a great way to get to know other students, faculty, and staff in your discipline. 


Located in Regents Hall


WKU Ogden College of Science & Engineering

The Exercise Science Living Learning Community is designed for first-year students in the School of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport who are majoring in Exercise Science.

Each semester, LLC members will enroll in two courses together that are required for the Exercise Science major. Students will also live on the same floor of a residence hall with other Exercise Science students and will benefit from peer engagement, faculty mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities.

Members of the LLC will have opportunities to engage with each other, with faculty members, and with other students in the Exercise Science program. Examples of engagement and educational activities include:

  • Guest speakers and discussions on topics in Exercise Science
  • Educational exercise sessions 
  • Pre-registration group advising session 
  • Peer mentoring
  • Faculty meet and greets



To be eligible to join the EXS LLC, students must:

  • Be a first-year student
  • Major in Exercise Science
  • Express interest in the EXS LLC on their housing application and answer the required questions.

Applicants will be chosen based on GPA and stated interest in the program. Members of the LLC are expected to enroll in the designated foundational courses (two per semester) with their cohort. 


Located in Regents Hall


WKU Exercise Science

Students who have a passion for the field of study where science and the legal system meet are ideal for the Forensic Science Living Learning Community.

This LLC is designed for students interested in forensic-related professions (e.g., law enforcement, courts, medical examiners, etc.). Students who wish to major in forensic-related disciplines (e.g., biology, chemistry, psychology, and more) are encouraged to join this LLC.

This LLC will provide students unique opportunities beyond the classroom to learn about forensic science. 


As a member of this LLC, students will: 

  • Be surrounded with fellow students interested in forensic science, 

  • Participate in unique forensic science LLC events, 

  • Engage with faculty across departments who conduct research and teach in the areas of forensic science, 

  • Connect and network with professionals who work in forensic science fields. 


Activities include: 

  • Hearing from professional speakers from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. 

  • Touring crime laboratories, court houses, medical examiner officers, correctional facilities, and more. 

  • Observing active criminal trials and witness forensic science testimony presented at trial. 


Forensic Science LLC students will enroll in: 

  • CHEM 111 Introduction to Forensic Chemistry (Colonnade E-NS & E-LS) during the fall semester 

  • PS 220 Judicial Process (Colonnade K-SK) during the spring semester 

Both courses satisfy General Education requirements. 


  Located in Normal Hall

The Mahurin Honors College (MHC) at Western Kentucky University is a leader in honors education for academically motivated and high-potential learners from all communities.  As the first independent honors college at a Kentucky public university, we are dedicated to fostering excellence in all forms of expression through research and experiential learning, critical thinking, active citizenship, and international engagement.

Learn More


  Located in Minton Hall

Are you interested in learning more about yourself as a leader and improving your communication with others?


The Leadership & Communication Living Learning Community will provide you with:

  • Mentorship from current students and faculty,
  • Experiential learning activities, and
  • The chance to develop a network of peers and explore leadership opportunities on campus.

In this LLC, you will earn 6 hours of Colonnade credit in your first semester (LEAD 200 and COMM 145) and be able to discuss basic concepts of leadership and communication. 

In your second semester, you will earn 6 hours of upper-level credit in leadership ethics (LEAD 330) and leadership communication (COMM 330) and be able to apply and deepen your knowledge from your first two courses in ways that will be beneficial in the major or career field you choose going forward. 

The courses taken during this LLC will earn 6 of the 12 hours needed for a certificate in Organizational Leadership and 6 of the 18 hours required for a Workplace Communication certificate.

Linked Courses


  • LEAD 200: Leadership Studies
  • COMM 145: Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Communication


  • LEAD 330: Leadership Ethics and Decision Making
  • COMM 330: Leadership Communication

*These courses offer credit toward certificates in Organizational Leadership and Workplace Communication

  Located in Normal Hall

Leadership & Communication LLC

The School of Media Living Learning Community is designed to bring together and engage first-year students in the fields of Journalism, Photojournalism and Broadcasting, and to provide shared experiences across those disciplines.

Students in this LLC will form strong, interpersonal connections to their classmates and faculty in the School of Media, and will have increased and enhanced opportunities to study, discuss and experience the core material from their Freshman SoM classes.



  • Students must be first-year majors in Journalism, Photojournalism or Broadcasting.
  • Students must be enrolled in a single linked section of SOM 101 (Understanding Media) and one of two linked sections of SOM 102 (Media Content, Collaboration and Community) during their first semester.

Students are also encouraged, but not required, to enroll in a journalism-focused section of UC 175 (University Experience).


Located in Normal Hall


 WKU School of Media LLC

The Nursing Living Learning Community is full.

  • To be added to the Waiting List, preference the Nursing LLC on your Housing Application. Should a vacancy occur, you may be contacted.
  • To be considered for another LLC, preference it on your Housing Application.

The Nursing Living Learning Community provides a residential community for peer networking, selective tutoring, mentoring and strategic programming for students who plan to enter the nursing program at WKU.


This LLC is limited to students with a Pre-Nursing major designation.


Located in Regents Hall


WKU School of Nursing and Allied Health

PSYCH - Psychology Students Yearning to Climb Higher

The PSYCH LLC is designed is to:

  • Help students learn the ins and outs of the psychology major,
  • Broaden students' knowledge about career options in psychology,
  • Develop transferable skills relevant to the field of psychology and beyond,
  • Improve academic success,
  • Promote positive social involvement with both peers and faculty, and
  • Improve overall wellness.



  • Declared Psychology Major
  • Eligibility for MATH 183


LLC Courses

  • Fall PSY220 & a TBD colonnade course
  • Spring PSY210/211 & a TBD colonnade course


  Located in Normal Hall


 WKU Psychology

The WKU Summer Scholars Program is a five-week summer transition program. Students selected for the program will be prepared for their first semester at WKU and get a head start on coursework. 

Learn More

Sustainability has three pillars: environment, social equity, and economic stability. It is a topic that can relate to any student with any major or background.

In the Sustainability Living Learning Community, students from multiple backgrounds will interact with one another around a topic that they may find of interest in their personal or future professional lives, regardless of their major. 


Located in Regents Hall


WKU Sustainability 



 Interest-Based Living Learning Communities


The Chinese Flagship Living Learning Community houses students participating in the Chinese Flagship Program.


Students who participate in the Chinese Flagship LLC are invited to exclusive events intended to immerse them in, and deepen their knowledge of, the Chinese language and culture.

 Events may include:

  • Chinese New Year and Moon Festival celebrations,
  • Cooking traditional Chinese food with faculty,
  • Study abroad application workshops,
  • A Critical Language Scholarship application workshop with the Office of Scholar Development,
  • The annual Spring Symposium, an event designed to showcase student research, language learning, or creative work in Chinese,
  • A workshop to learn about federal careers,
  • Learning intercultural games with a Chinese tutor.


Throughout the year, students will be connected to an upper-level peer mentor who will serve as a bridge to the upper-level students, and to advise on adjusting to WKU and how to succeed in the Flagship Program. In addition, students will be invited to multiple informal events held at the Chinese Language Immersion House on campus to cook, play games, sing karaoke, or watch movies.

  • This LLC is for incoming freshman students.
  • Students must apply to and be accepted into the Chinese Flagship Program to participate.
  • All students will attend the mandatory Annual Flagship Student Meeting in September.


Located in  Minton Hall


WKU Chinese Flagship Program

The Global Living-Learning Community provides students with the opportunity to live with globally-minded peers from various backgrounds, cultures and countries.

Members will be able to take Colonnade courses together and participate in activities that promote cultural sharing, social interaction, and education development in a global context.



  •  Interest in learning about global cultures and connecting with students with diverse backgrounds
  • Take at least one International Pathway (IPAS) course each semester. Offerings include Colonnade courses.
  • In order to remain in good standing, members are required to participate in at least 3 activities per semester


Located in Rodes Harlin Hall

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center (ISEC) Academy Living Learning Community is for any student who identifies as a student of color (Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Native American, and Multiracial) and/or is a first-generation college student, Pell eligible, and has some need with their transition, persistence, and graduation from WKU.


LLC participants may be enrolled in up to two courses including:

  • IDST 199: University Learning
  • ENGL 100: Introduction to College Writing

This LLC is for first-year and second-year students only.


Located in: 

Hugh Poland Hall - First Year

Zacharias Hall - Second Year


Learn More |ISEC Academy

The Stonewall Suites (LGBT+) Living Learning Community is for students who strive to promote social integration and change for all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.

This LLC is open to any student interested in participating. Students interested in this LLC will go through an interview process before being selected into the community.


Located in Meredith Hall

The Army ROTC Living Learning Community is for students who:


  • Are enrolling in the ROTC program and a Military Science course
  • Want to live in the same residence hall and form connections with other Army ROTC students
  • Want to participate in extracurricular activities that connect learning in and out of the classroom

Army ROTC partners with Western Kentucky University to recruit, educate, develop, and inspire ROTC Cadets in order to commission officers of character for the Total Army.

The Army ROTC Living Learning Community consists of a diverse group of first-year students who are engaged in the Army ROTC program, and a variety of co-curricular activities. The living learning community will create camaraderie and team building among ROTC students, ensure each ROTC student is persistent in their academics and connect ROTC students with faculty/staff to track student success through mentorship opportunities. Students in the living learning community will have access to many different opportunities to enhance their abilities and prepare them for their future careers.


  • MIL 101 Fall Semester
  • MIL 102 Spring Semester


Located in Zacharias Hall



 The Transfer Living Learning Communityis for any student who is transferring to WKU from another institution of higher education, whether that is a four-year university or a community college.

This LLC equips students for future success and strives to help students get connected to the campus community by helping them access helpful resources and making meaningful connections with other students.  


Located in Meredith Hall


WKU Transfer Center


*Living Learning Community options and locations may be subject to change.


Don't see the Living Learning Community you are looking for? Let us know!




Apply for a Living Learning Community through your WKU Housing Application.

You can indicate and rank up to two Living Learning Community preferences. Depending on the LLC, you may be asked to submit more information. You will be contacted about your participation.

If selected for a Living Learning Community, you will be assigned to the building/floor housing the LLC. 


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