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Scholar of the WeekScholar of the Week

189 members of the Honors College Class of 2017 attended the annual Honors Freshman Orientation Retreat (H4) August 15-18.

Honors College Parents' Advisory Council co-chairs Kirby and Angela Kemble were recognized as Volunteers of the Year for the Honors College during the annual Summit Awards ceremony in October. Congratulations Kirby and Angela!

The Class of 2017 is welcomed by President and Mrs. Randsell at the annual Honors College Picnic with the President.

115 Honors College students presented at the research conference, and 19 of them won first place. Congratulations!

During an August research trip to Kenya, Amy Correll, Honors College Class of 2014, met with Sarah Obama, Kenya's "Goodwill Ambassador" and President Obama's grandmother.

Anne Thomas Belcher was one of two Scholar of the Week scholarship recipients. From left: Dr. Craig Cobane, Gerald Belcher, Anne Thomas Belcher, Debbie Belcher, WBKO’s Tim Maloney and Big Red.

Angel Semrick was one of two Scholar of the Week scholarship recipients. From left: Big Red, Stephanie Semrick, Angel Semrick, Dr. Craig Cobane and WBKO’s Tim Maloney.

Bragging Writes

Honors College on Tour for Alums
The Honors College is coming to a city near you! Enjoy a reception with Dr. Cobane and take advantage of the opportunity to network, reunite with fellow alums, and hear about the latest HC happenings, like our new...
Mayor Speaks With Citizen and Self Class
Making a difference is about rolling up your sleeves and getting to know the community. This was the message of Mayor Bruce Wilkerson in his visit to Honors 251: Citizen and Self on Monday, March 17. Wilkerson first...
Honors Professor Recognized By University of Michigan
The Honors College congratulates Dr. Alexander Olson for securing an honorable mention in the University of Michigan’s ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award competition for 2013. Over 800 dissertations were...
International reach extends to Kenya
Partners In Caring, Medicine In Kenya (PICMIK)  is not your average study abroad.  Students on the seven-day journey conduct medical research by day and camp in tents each night.  The demands of the program test...



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