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MHC Housing

For many MHC scholars and alumni, the community built through living in MHC-specific housing is one of their favorite aspects of their WKU journey. Within these residence halls, scholars are embraced by a community that encourages them to pursue their diverse academic and personal passions.  Scholars like you connect with other scholars who are similar, but come from different walks of life and have different academic and personal passions, which is something that is unique to the MHC experience.  You can go from studying with your friends in the hallways of Minton to nerf gun wars and potlucks.  The housing offered through Minton Hall and Southwest Hall vibrantly reflects the cherished community of the MHC.


Residence Halls

Minton Hall

This is the first-year residence hall for MHC Scholars.  MHC Scholars who live here will be enrolled in the MHC LLC (more information below).

Southwest Hall

This is our residence hall for sophomores and above in The Mahurin Honors College.


Living Learning Community

In August 2021, The Mahurin Honors College officially partnered with Housing and Residence Life to create The Mahurin Honors College Living Learning Community.  All MHC scholars who live in Minton will automatically be enrolled in this LLC moving forward.

What is an LLC?

In a WKU Living Learning Community (LLC), students with similar academic or social interests live together on a residence hall floor and participate in activities tailored to their specific majors or interests. LLCs are designed to help you connect socially, succeed academically, engage with WKU faculty, staff, and administrators, and chart your course at WKU. 

What will we expect you? 

This list below details the main highlights of the contract that each scholar will sign for their first year (and only their first year) in the MHC LLC:

  • Complete HON 251 Citizen and Self during your first year
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Meet with your MHC Advisor once a semester
  • Attend academic enrichment programs

Why would you want to be in the MHC LLC in Minton Hall? 

The MHC LLC is designed specifically for you.  We have worked with driven and gifted scholars for decades, and we have crafted an environment inside of Minton that focuses on your unique social, cultural, and intellectual needs. Our inclusive interdisciplinary LLC focuses on maximizing your success through a host of specialized programs as you ascend towards excellence in the MHC. The MHC LLC in Minton Hall is a residence hall full of high energy eclectic scholars just like you. Better yet, Minton Hall is located in the heart of campus. 

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 Last Modified 9/22/23