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Honors 251 - Citizen and Self

About Honors 251:

We often associate the term citizenship with rights and responsibilities such as voting and paying taxes, or, perhaps, a legal status granted to individuals by governmental entities. Furthermore, we often view selfhood as our core being, our essence, who and what we imagine ourselves to be.

Honors 251 works through the complexities and nuances of these terms “citizen” and “self” as pathways for understanding the role of individuals in a complex society and democratic environment.

Honors 251 takes a broad, public humanities approach to questions about citizenship and selfhood, stressing the importance of self-directed, experiential, and integrative learning. In addition to developing skills like research, writing, and deliberation, we will explore ways you can develop and contribute as a citizen professional within a larger framework of social responsibility.

Students will participate in group lecture, discussion and class exercises, applied civic engagement projects, and small group communications that focus on civic learning and democratic engagement.

Course experiences may consist of:

  • Interviewing a citizen professional within your intended career field
  • Reading, watching, or listening to information sources on pressing social issues and discussing in small group settings
  • Executing a service-learning project

Have other opportunities you would like to recommend, or any other general inquiries? Contact the Honors Teaching Fellows at mhchtfs@wku.edu!

Honors Teaching Fellows:

Nico LundyNico Lundy
Major: Marketing



Naiya SimsNaiya Sims
Major: Biology
Minor: Business


Danielle WilliamsDanielle Williams
Major: Psychological Sciences


Jaxon BrownJaxon Brown
Major: Finance


Nate PartinNate Partin
Major: Biology



Lydia Rose

Lydia Rose
Major: Hospitality Management - Dietetics
Minor: Psychology


Lily FaulkenbergLily Faulkenberg
Majors: Biology & Psychological Sciences
Minor: Neuroscience


Sophia BryantSophia Bryant
Majors: Psychological Sciences – Social Psychology & Spanish – Spanish Language and Culture
Minor: Gender and Women’s Studies





Sample Issue Guides:

Women's Rights Sanctity of Life

Looking back, I can see how the thread that began in 251 traces through the rest of my work in college and grad school – a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies, a certificate in Citizenship and Social Responsibility, and a masters in Religious Studies were each opportunities for me to keep exploring what makes communities grow. I LOVE this class and highly recommend it.

Emily Witthuhn, Class of 2015


This form of course learning was one of the most helpful and useful I’ve had this semester. I think this is an excellent opener for the Honors College and taking it as a sophomore really opened my eyes to what I’m being asked to read and contribute to as an adult and student.


I wish there were more courses like this so students could have the opportunity to think for themselves and learn how to navigate life (rather than memorize what someone else wrote in a book).




HON 251 Questions?

Please contact the Honors Teaching Fellows at mhchtfs@wku.edu for any questions or inquiries!

Honors 251 Professor

Laurel PhilpottCrystal Bohlander
HON 251 Instructor


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