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Welcome to MHC Advising!

The Mahurin Honors College Advisors seek to create an inclusive environment where students feel welcomed and where students’ goals, ideas, and questions are valued. Advising is a crucial part of a MHC student’s development and success at WKU. Students have a tendency to associate advising simply with course selection; however, our advising processes go beyond this goal and include the following:

  • Guiding students through MHC curricula and co-constructing individualized success plans.
  • Mentoring students to help clarify personal, academic, and career goals.
  • Connecting students to diverse learning experiences, engagement activities, international opportunities, and undergraduate research.

Students are encouraged to contact advisors at any point if they have questions or concerns about MHC courses and curricula.  Refer to the tab below for your advising outline, according to your MHC year (not standing by credit hours earned)


The advising team views its primary roles as helping scholars connect their goals, ideas, and interests to specific honors experiences and opportunities in a strategic way. Through advising, scholars will reflect and examine their personal and career goals, identify specific areas of interest within and outside of your academic path, and brainstorm and implement projects that align with those interests, all the while receiving honors credit for those experiences.

Spring 23 MHC Advising

To assure that you make progress towards your program requirements and incorporate high-impact practices (internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, etc.), we strongly encourage you to:

  1. Meet with your primary advisor.  Plan ahead!  Appointments may fill up fast.  You can find your primary advisor contact information listed on Topnet.
  2. Meet with your MHC Academic Advisor March 1st-29th.  Appointments are scheduled via Calendly; scholars will receive a link via an email from their MHC advisor.

Priority registration begins on March 31st at 5 am CST for MHC Scholars who have completed an Honors advising appointment.

Scheduling questions?  Scholars can email MHCPeer.Mentors@wku.edu.

Start exploring study abroad opportunities.  Stay tuned for updates regarding the Study Abroad Fair Week!

There are many opportunities that lie ahead of you as an MHC Scholar.  We want to help you strategically utilize these opportunities to not only get you closer to your personal goals, but to have an impact on the campus and Bowling Green community.  Here are some that are offered to you this semester:

  • Study Abroad Fair Week: Learn more about Study Abroad, ask questions, and begin the planning process.
  • Graduation Plan Workshops: Learn how to accomplish your big goals by creating a personalized curriculum plan that incorporates high-impact educational experiences.  Watch your WKU email for specific announcements.

Spring 23 MHC Advising

Plan to meet with your MHC Academic Advisor beginning February 13th-28th to prepare for Priority Registration on March 31st, 2023.  

*Additional Advising Option: MHC Scholars with 12 honors hours completed or in progress can meet with an MHC Peer Advisor. You will be emailed with specific instructions to schedule your advising appointment. Check your WKU email frequently.

Prior to Priority Registration (March 31st), all scholars must meet with their primary advisor. Plan ahead!  Appointments may fill up fast.  You can find your primary advisor contact information listed on Topnet.

Your third year in the MHC is the ideal year to engage in a variety of high-impact experiences. In Your first two years, you explored the resources at WKU, but now it is time to deepen your connection: engage in research, apply for internships and nationally-competitive scholarships, select mentors, study abroad and/or begin a Capstone Experience or Thesis (CE/T) project. You may also want to consider applying for a JUMP program (Joint Undergraduate-Master’s Program).

CE/Ts, considered a cornerstone of honors education, cover a large range of types of projects. In addition to more traditional thesis that revolve around in-depth study of specific subjects and lab research, creative projects could include films, novels, research-informed curriculum, business plans and more. Schedule an appointment with CE/T Advisor, Chris DiMeo, here: https://calendly.com/cet-advisor/ce-t-advising.

Check in with the Office of Scholar Development to seek internship, study abroad, undergraduate research, service, and postgraduate opportunities!


Spring 2023 MHC Advising

Your MHC Academic Advisor will offer one-on-one appointments for third-year MHC scholars from January 30th to February 10th. Watch your WKU email for specific announcements.

Prior to Priority Registration (March 31st), you must meet with your primary faculty advisor. Primary advisors are located within the program of study or academic college. If you have multiple majors, your primary advisor is the one associated with your first major. Primary advisor contact information is listed on Topnet.

We cannot wait to see where your MHC experience takes you and are here to help you make the most of your last year.  

If you are planning to complete your honors credits through Honors Augmentation Contract(s), please email those plans to your MHC advisor.

Considering a CE/T?  Schedule an appointment with CE/T Advisor, Chris DiMeo,  here: https://calendly.com/cet-advisor/ce-t-advising.

If you are set to graduate this academic year, confirm that you hav eapplied to graduate on TopNet today!

All of your hard work is about to pay off! Finish Strong!

You are going to rock that MHC medallion!


Note for all scholars - The tabs above are for the number of years in The Mahurin Honors College, not your standing based on credits. 


Priority Registration Information: 

Priority Registration is a tool available to MHC scholars to make it possible for them to engage in high impact practices (research, internships, study abroad, etc.) while being active in campus organizations. Priority Registration is not a right automatically extended to MHC scholars. Rather, it is granted on a semester-to-semester basis to scholars who have participated in MHC advising activities as prescribed above. 


How can I earn Honors credit? 


What is a Warning Semester and can I appeal my Warning Semester designation? 

  • Students placed on Warning Semester are those who have not fulfilled the Good Standing Honors hours or GPA requirements and will be required to meet with their assigned academic advisor once a semester. Students also do not qualify for certain benefits such as applying for HC grants.
  • You can find the policies and procedures for that process here.


Advising Questions?


E MyoE Myo Zin
Academic Advisor

Ogden & CHHS

(270) 745-2197




MorganMorgan Flanagan
Academic Advisor

PCAL, GFCB, CEBS, Exploratory

(270) 745-2153





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