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The live-on experience is an essential part of your education at WKU. 

All full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus for two years. Some exemptions apply.


View the Required Housing Policy 




The 2024-2025 Housing Application is open for new students.

Priority deadline to apply: March 31


  • The most important steps in the housing application are to complete the contract by signing it and paying the $75 application fee. All other sections can be revisited and updated through March 31st without affecting the date received status. Students who apply before the March 31st deadline have the best chances of receiving their housing preferences. Room assignments are made in date-received order. 

  • Responses to the Living Learning Community application questions should be given considerable thought by the student; answers to the LLC questions are as important as early submission.



The WKU Housing application becomes available at 8 AM CST on December 1st.

  • If you choose to apply at 8 AM on December 1, the website may timeout; please stay active as you wait by navigating to different pages.

  • The WKU Housing Portal receives a significant amount of traffic on December 1st; the Portal has a limited number of users allowed at one time. Please be patient and try again later if you receive login errors that report the number of users has been exceeded. 

Students can apply for housing after being admitted to WKU. You do not have to wait until your TOP date to apply.

The priority deadline to apply is March 31st. Applying by March 31st gives students the best chances of receiveing their top housing preferences. 

Applications are accepted through the active term. 

Students can apply for housing through the online Housing Portal. You can save your progress as you fill out your application and revisit at any time. 

Learn More About the Portal


A $75 application fee is required to submit your application.

Please review the housing terms and conditions before submitting your application.

View WKU Housing Terms & Conditions 


  1. Login to my.wku.edu with your NetID and password - Look Up NetID and/or Reset Password

  2. Select the Housing Portal link from the my.wku.edu menu 

  3. Select "Apply for Housing" from the top menu

  4. Choose the correct academic term and select "continue"

  5. Complete the application

Apply Now (my.wku.edu)


Changes can be made to your housing application through the WKU Housing Portal through March 31st. 


How to Make a Change

  1. Login to the WKU Housing Portal through my.wku.edu

  2. Choose "Apply for Housing" from the top menu.

  3. Select the application term.

  4. Use the application checklist links at the top of the application screen to choose which page(s) you would like to edit.

  5. Choose "save and continue" on each page you are editing to save the changes.

Update My Application (my.wku.edu)


Assignments are made in date-received order from when your deposit is submitted. Making changes to your application does not affect your date-received status. 

Choosing a Roommate

The housing application will allow you to:

  • Add a specific person as a roommate,
  • Search for a potential roommate and provide matching results, or
  • Choose a "random roommate." 

You will be required to create a "Roommate Screen Name," a personal description, and answer roommate preference matching questions. 

Your Roommate Screen Name will allow others to search for you specifically and will be the only name displayed on your roommate profile. 

If you are looking for a potential roommate, the application will generate suggested roommates for you based on your roommate matching preferences. You will be able to view roommate profiles, send private messages, and request a roommate through the WKU Housing Portal. If you do not see many matches, try again later; more matches will be generated as more students complete their roommate profiles. 

If you apply early (on or shortly after December 1): Searching for a roommate is recommended after more students have completed their applications; more roommate matches are typically available after January 1st.

For students who are selected in an LLC, you will be asked to choose an LLC roommate in April. If you already have a preferred roommate, you can go ahead and add them in the roommate group section of the application. 


Learn More About Roommate Search & Selection 


Roommate Requests

All roommate requests must be mutual to be honored. While we do our best to accommodate preferences, not all requests can be honored, depending on space availability. Please ensure both roommates have accepted the "roommate group" invitation in the housing application. 

Determining Room Assignments

The University agrees to determine room assignments based upon:

  • Date of receipt
  • Priority status
  • Mutual request for roommate pairing


Priority Status

Returning residents who renew their housing agreement prior to the established deadline are given "priority status" and are reassigned first. 

Returning students with over 60 credit hours who apply after the deadline are not guaranteed a hall/room assignment for the upcoming academic year.

Incoming first year and transfer students are assigned after returning students.



If the students' preferences are not available at the time the assignment is made, the student will still receive a housing assignment for a space that is available. 


Non-Discrimination Policy

The University makes all assignments without regard to race, sexual orientation or national origin, and rejects all requests for changes of assignments based upon these factors.


Private Rooms

If space is available, requests for private rooms will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis. The resident of a private room agrees to pay the additional charges either before the semester begins or before the move is complete.



WKU Housing and Residence Life (HRL) is committed to meeting the needs of all students with a documented qualifying medical, physical, or psychological disability, to the best of its ability, while upholding federal, state and local laws by providing reasonable accommodations as related to the American Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act. 

Many types of accommodations are available for a wide variety of disabilities. HRL has a variety of living environments (private rooms, suite style, private bathrooms, wheelchair accessible rooms, apartments, different HVAC units, etc.). 

Learn More 


Housing assignments will begin to be announced in late April and will continue throughout the summer. 

If you apply by the March 31 priority deadline, you will likely receive your housing assignment by mid-June.

Housing assignments are made in date-received order, the earlier you apply, the earlier you will receive your assignment.


Receiving Your Assignment

When your housing assignment is ready to view, you will receive an email directing you to the WKU Housing Portal.


Confirming Your Assignment

If you are still planning to live on campus when you receive your assignment, please confirm your assignment in the Housing Portal. 


If you are dissatisfied with your assignment, the Housing Portal will give you the option to request a room change before the start of the academic year.


"Confirming" your assignment lets us know you are still planning to live on campus, even if you are dissatisfied with your room assignment.


If your plans have changed and you are no longer attending WKU, please choose the option to cancel your housing assignment in the Housing Portal.

Before the Semester Begins

If you are dissatisfied with your assignment prior to the beginning of the semester, you can request a change of assignment in the Housing Portal.


Follow these steps:

  1. Login to the WKU Housing Portal through my.wku.edu
  2. Select "View and Confirm Room Assignment"
  3. Select the appropriate term and choose "Save & Continue"
  4. Select "Confirm Room Assignment, Attending WKU" from the "Confirm Placement" dropdown menu and choose "Save & Continue"
  5. Choose an option in the dropdown menu to request a change (private room, different building, move with roommate request) and choose "Save & Continue"


Due to the high demand for housing, assignment changes are limited prior to the start of the fall semester. There are no guarantees, but changes may be made as space permits.

If you have previously requested a change, you do not need to request it again.


After the Semester Begins

There is a room change request process available after move-in if we are unable to grant your request before the beginning of the semester.

Learn more

Before Receiving Your Assignment

If you are no longer planning to attend WKU after you have submitted your housing application, send an email to hrl@wku.edu to cancel your housing application.

Please include your name and WKU Identification Number (800 number) with your request to cancel. 


After Receiving Your Assignment

If you need to cancel your Housing Agreement after you have received your housing assignment, please visit the WKU Housing Portal and do the following:

  1. Login to the WKU Housing Portal through my.wku.edu 
  2. Select “View & Confirm Room Assignment”
  3. Select the term of your housing assignment and click “Save & Continue”
  4. Select “Cancel my housing – not attending WKU; not living on-campus” and click “Save and Continue”


Cancelation Policy

Written notice of cancelation must be made to the Department of Housing & Residence Life in order to avoid a housing charge. The $75 application fee is non-refundable.


Make Your Home on the Hill

Apply Now (my.wku.edu)


Login to my.wku.edu with your NetID and password, then select the Housing Portal link from the menu.

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