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WKU Housing and Residence Life (HRL) is committed to meeting the needs of all students with a documented qualifying medical, physical, or psychological disability, to the best of its ability, while upholding federal, state and local laws by providing reasonable accommodations as related to the American Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act. 

Many types of accommodations are available for a wide variety of disabilities. HRL has a variety of living environments (private rooms, suite style, private bathrooms, wheelchair accessible rooms, apartments, different HVAC units, etc.). Please call to learn more about how we can accommodate your needs, prior to requesting the accommodation.


Choose Your Request Type

  1. Indicate your accommodation request on your WKU Housing Application.

  2. Register with the WKU Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC)

Students may indicate on their Housing Application that they need physical, medical, or psychological accommodations.

Students are required to register with the WKU Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) to request their accommodation and are encouraged to call WKU Housing & Residence Life at (270)745-2100 to discuss their housing needs. 

WKU Housing and Residence Life is not able to honor requests for housing accommodations without confirmation from the Student Accessibility Resource Center.


In order to match requests with the best rooms available, students requesting accommodations must:

  1. Complete a Housing Application by the March 31st Priority Deadline.
    Applications received after the priority deadline will be accommodated, but will take more time to provide a reasonable accommodation, AND

  2. Complete a SARC Registration and submit all required documentation so that HRL receives the accommodation by May 15th for the fall semester or November 15th for the spring semester (depending on which semester you begin living in the residence hall). 

Housing for late accommodation requests may be delayed or limited due to space availability. 


  1. Student applies for WKU Housing by March 31 for the fall semester, or by November 15 for the spring semester.

  2. Student submits registration and documentation to the SARC office.

  3. SARC staff will review documentation. If SARC staff determines that a qualifying disability exists, SARC will notify HRL recommending the accommodation.

  4. Housing staff will make the assignment as space becomes available.*


The SARC registration stays on file for the duration of your academic career. Your approved accommodation will be honored for each housing contract year.  


The Department of Housing and Residence Life does not permit animals in any of its facilities except for fish in an aquarium. 

Exceptions to this policy are provided under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for service animals and The Fair Housing Act (FHA) for emotional support animals.

ADA allows for a service animal to accompany the person at all times.

The FHA only allows for one emotional support animal to live in the residence. The residence is defined as the person’s room or apartment.

Service Animal

Any dog or miniature horse individually trained to do work or perform specific tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability and meets the definition of “service animal” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) regulations at 28 CFR 35.104. “The work or tasks performed must be directly related to the individual’s disability.”


Emotional Support/Comfort/Assistance Animal

Any type of animal that provides emotional support, well-being or comfort that alleviates the symptoms of a disability, but are not specifically trained.  Assistance Animals do not perform work or tasks that would qualify them as “service animals” under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


To request approval for an animal meeting the above definitions, you must register and request an accommodation with the WKU Student Accessibility Resource Centerby August 1st for fall requests, or by January 1st for spring requests.

SARC will collect the following information regarding the animal request:

If applicable, WKU Housing & Residence Life will email the roommate of the student requesting an ESA to inform the roommate of a pending approved animal. The roommate will have 48 business hours to respond with any concerns. 

Once the process has been completed, the student requesting approval will receive written notice by email.

Register with the Student Accessibility Resource Center

WKU Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a safe and comfortable living environment for all students including students who identify as transgender.

WKU HRL offers The Stonewall Suites (LGBT+) Living Learning Communityfor students who strive to promote social integration and change for all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations. This LLC is open to any student interested in participating. Students interested in this LLC will go through an interview process before being selected into the community.

Any student seeking accommodations for living in the residence halls should send an email to hrl@wku.edu.

All requests are reviewed by the Director for Housing Operations.




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WKU Military Student Services provides personalized support for all our military, veterans and dependents. 


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