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How to Use the Trash Compactor

Video tutorials provided by WKU Facilities Management


Bates, Gilbert, Keen, McCormack, Munday, & Poland Halls

How to Use the Trash Compactor | Bates, Gilbert, Keen, McCormack, Minton, Poland, NE, & SW Video Preview

  1. Open the door and place trash inside the compactor

  2. Close the door

  3. Push the green button

Minton, PFT, & Southwest Halls

WKU Minton & Southwest Halls Trash Compactor Tutorial Video Preview

  1. Open and walk through the gate

  2. Open the door on the compactor 

  3. Place trash inside 

  4. Close the door

  5. Push the top green button to activate the compactor


Hilltopper & Rodes Harlin Halls

How to Use the Hilltopper & Rodes Harlin Hall Trash Compactor Video Preview

If the door is locked:

  1. Push the green button. The compactor will turn on.

  2. After compacting ends, pull latch & open the door.

  3. Place trash inside and close the door. Push latch closed. Compactor automatically runs.

If the door is unlocked:

  1. Place trash in the compactor (do not leave on the ledge)

  2. Close door and latch.

Alumni Square Garage (Apartments)

How to Use the Alumni Square Garage Trash Compactor Video Preview

  1. Open the door and place trash in the compactor.

  2. Close the door.

  3. Push the green button.

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