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What to Do Before Leaving for Spring Break

All residence halls will close on Friday, March 14, 2025 at 6 PM for spring break, with the exception of Pearce Ford Tower, Meredith, and Zacharias Halls.


In an effort to conserve energy and provide security, please do the following before you leave for break:

  1. Unplug all electrical equipment except the refrigerator. Computers, aquariums, televisions, etc., should all be unplugged (take home fish).

  2.  Wash all dirty dishes.

  3.  Throw away all trash and clean out the trash can. Take all trash to the trash compactor & activate.

  4.  Depending on the type of thermostat in your room, set room temperature on 70 degrees and fan on auto -OR- set temperature between blue and red with fan speed on low (if adjustable).

  5.  Remove belongings from closet floor. This helps protect your belongings in the event of a water leak. 

  6. Remove furniture and belongings from in front of the HVAC unit, per university policy; the filter may be changed.

  7.  Close and lock windows.

  8.  Turn lights off.

  9.  Lock your room.

  10.  Sign the form on your door as you leave. 

How to Defrost Your Fridge

*Begin the process 24-48 hours before you intend to leave. 

  1. Unplug the refrigerator. 

  2. Empty all contents from the fridge. If you do not plan to keep or give away the items, dispose of them in the trash compactor. 

  3. Prop the door open.

  4. Place a towel in front of the fridge to absorb the water draining from the fridge. (Make sure towel is dried before you leave)

  5. Clean the fridge. Leave the door open to prevent mold/mildew. 


Renew Your Housing for 2025-2026

Renew your housing and select your room by March 31st.

Housing Renewal   


The residence halls will reopen on Sunday, March 23, 2025 at Noon. 


HVAC Filter Changing

Remove furniture and belongings away from the front of the HVAC unit so that the filter may be changed. A Zone Tech may visit your room to change the filter.

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