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Living Learning Communities

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Apply for a WKU Living Learning Community

Beginning December 1, students can apply for one Living Learning Community on the WKU housing application.

Applications are reviewed by WKU Housing staff and LLC Fellows.

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Living Learning Community Offers

Beginning mid-February, LLC admission decisions will be shared via email and in the WKU Housing Portal.

Students who apply for an LLC after February 15th can expect to receive an email decision by March 31st. 

Receiving a Placement Offer

  • Students must accept or decline the offer in the WKU Housing Portal. 
  • To accept, follow the instructions in the WKU Housing Portal and confirm the LLC Learning Contract.
  • If the student chooses to deny the offer, the student can apply for a different LLC in their WKU Housing application.

Receiving a Waitlist Offer

  • The student will be added to the waitlist if a placement becomes available. 
  • If the student does not want to be added to the waitlist for that LLC, they can deny the waitlist offer and apply for a new LLC in their WKU Housing Application. 

There is no additional cost to participate in a Living Learning Community. 

Some LLCs require students to register for specific classes which may include course fees, etc.; please refer to the individual LLC descriptions for additional requirements.

LLC participants will be assigned to the residence hall that houses their LLC. Residence hall rates are available to view at wku.edu/housing/halls/rates. 

LLCs are an ideal way to make friends with peers who have similar interests. Living in an LLC also gives you access to campus and faculty resources to enhance your educational experience! Research shows that students who participate in an LLC have higher academic success rates, higher college graduation rates, higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience, and an easier time connecting with their peers.

Here is what LLC participants have to say about their experience: 

  • "I am so thankful for the great friendships that I have made in the LLC. I think living in an LLC is so worth it, especially for new freshmen to meet new people and help make the transition a lot easier." - Ally Duraney, Nursing LLC

  • "It has been a great opportunity to meet people who have similar interests to me, and I've made some great friendships." - Rylee Anderson, SEAS LLC

  • "I am thankful for the friends I have made in my pod who hold me accountable and inspire me to succeed." - Bryn Tomes, Business LLC

  • "I'm thankful for the diversity found and collective support." -Emily Pike, Mahurin Honors College LLC

Living Learning Communities are designed to encourage and support you as a student!  We strongly encourage all LLC members to participate in LLC events and activities, as their academic schedule permits.

Time commitment can vary, but expect a minimum commitment of 1-2 hours for a regular week. The more involved you are, the more you will get out of the experience! 

Upon accepting an offer, students will review a LLC Learning Contract with expectations of their involvement in the LLC. 

Some LLCs are academic-year specific. Refer to the individual LLC descriptions for more information. 

Find which LLC is a good fit - an LLC tied to your major, extracurriculars or just something you are interested in. Refer to the individual LLC descriptions to find the best LLC for you: wku.edu/housing/communities. 

If you have questions about which LLC may be the best fit for you, contact llc@wku.edu

If you would like to change your LLC preference or update your LLC application, please email llc@wku.edu.

Once an LLC application has been submitted, it cannot be changed or updated in the WKU Housing Portal without staff assistance. 

All LLC students are required to live with another person from their LLC.

If you and your preferred roommate are admitted in the same interest-based programs, you do not have to have the same major. 

Our interest-based programs include:

  • Chinese Flagship
  • ISEC Academy (Intercultural Student Engagement Center)
  • Mahurin Honors College 
  • Stonewall Suites (LGBTQ+)
  • ROTC
  • Transfer 

We encourage you not to rush to find a LLC roommate prior to accepting an LLC offer. Once admitted into an LLC, you will be able to view other admitted LLC students in the WKU Housing Portal in the housing application. New profiles will be added often as more students receive LLC offers. 

If you find a roommate who is planning to be in the same LLC, you can create a roommate group in the WKU Housing Portal in your housing application prior to March 31st. Make sure you are both applying/accepted into the same LLC. 

If you have additional questions about the roommate process, email llc@wku.edu.

Yes! Being on the LLC waitlist does not prevent you from receiving a housing assignment. You will receive an assignment based on the date you applied. If an LLC space becomes available, we will contact you via email. If you decide to join the LLC, your housing assignment will be updated. 

Yes! However, you will need to live in the residence hall required of your LLC. This means you would not live in the honors-only residence hall (Minton), unless you are in the Mahurin Honors College LLC. 

Yes! As an undeclared/exploratory student, you have the option to participate in our interest-based programs. If you are also a first-generation student, you would be eligible to apply for the First-Generation LLC. 

Our interest-based programs include:

  • Chinese Flagship
  • ISEC Academy (Intercultural Student Engagement Center)
  • Mahurin Honors College 
  • ROTC
  • Stonewall Suites (LGBT+)
  • Transfer 

A student can complete their required LLC Learning Contract by going to the WKU Housing Portal and navigating to their home page. They will then select “complete your LLC Learning Contract” and select the box at the bottom of the learning contract after reviewing.

LLC events/programs are an important part of the LLC experience. LLC programs connect students to out-of-classroom opportunities to further their academic understanding and connections, and/or help connect students through their shared interests. 

The LLC Learning Contract will outline any student requirements for program attendance. Time commitment can vary, but you can generally expect a minimum commitment of 1-2 hours for a regular week.  

Students who want to change their major after applying to attend WKU can email the WKU Office of Admissions at admission@wku.edu with their WKU ID number and request for major change.

Additionally, students should email llc@wku.edu clarifying their major change. This is especially true if a student's major would no longer align with the LLC they applied for. 

All first year Living Learning Community students are required to attend M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan, WKU's transition program for all new undergraduate students. 

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