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Safety & Security

Emergency Numbers
Fire 911
Police 911
Ambulance 911
 Non-Emergency Numbers
WKU Health Services 270-745-4641
WKU Police 270-745-2548
WKU Housing & Residence Life 270-745-4359



If you discover or suspect a fire, sound the building alarm by activating the manual pull station.


Call 911. Give as much information as possible to the dispatcher including building name, floor number, apartment number and the exact location.


Don't attempt to rescue others unless you can do so safely.


Fire extinguishers are located in the hallways of each floor and in the kitchen sink cabinet of each apartment.

When you have been alerted by the alarm, shouted warnings, or the sensation of smoke or fire, assume it is a real emergency. All alarms should be regarded as actual fires.


Keep low to the floor if there is smoke in the area.


If you cannot leave the apartment and there is no smoke or fire outside the building, open the window. Break out windows that will not open only as a last resort. Hang an object out of the window (towel, bed sheet, shirt) to attract the fire department's attention. Stuff pieces of cloth in the cracks around the door to seal out smoke. Call 011 and report that you are trapped. Give your location and stay on the line to follow instructions from the dispatcher.


If you can leave the area and time allows, take your apartment key, lock your door and close all doors as you exit the building.


Go to the nearest exit or stairwell. Do not use the elevator. The elevator shaft may fill with smoke or the power may fail.


Stand at least 300 feet away from the building in your apartment's designated meeting locationg after evacuating. Emergency equipment may be maneuvering around the building. Follow the directions of the fire, police and University personnel.


If all exits from a floor are blocked, go back to your apartment, close the door, open the window as previously described, wave something out of the window and shout for help. Do not attempt to jump to safety.


Do not re-enter the building until advised by the fire, police or University personnel.

Electric Abuse 

Use of extension cords and plugs to obtain more outside outlets can result in overloaded circuits and fire. Do not use cords that are damaged.



Potpourri kettles, halogen lamps, and grills may not be used in the apartment. Appliances such as irons and curling irons may be used but should not be left unattended.


Open Flames

Items with an open flame such as candles, incense and Bunsen burners are not allowed in the apartment.



Storage of bicycles, chairs, and other items is prohibited in all exit ways. Exits must be clear at all times to allow for emergency evacuation.


Flammable Liquids

Paint, ether, glue, gasoline, etc. cannot be stored in the apartment. Mopes and motorcycles must be parked away from building entrances and exits.


Improper Storage

Dispose of all waste as soon as possible. Surplus material and paper recycling containers should be stored in a safe place - not in stairwells, corridors or exit ways.



At no time should food be left unattended while cooking and each resident should make sure the stove is turned off before leaving the kitchen

Smoke Detector Checks

Check the smoke detectors in your apartment by activating the test button for 5 seconds. You are required to test your detector once a month and then sign the signature sheet on your floor.


Fire Drills

Fire drills are conducted to familiarize the occupants with the sound of the fire alarm, the location of emergency exits and of the drill procedures.


Fire Equipment

Report any damaged fire equipment to include: fire doors, exit signs, sprinkler system components, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to the Department of Housing and Residence Life at (270) 745-4359.



If you have a disability that may affect your ability to evacuate, plan ahead for emergencies. You may contact the Student Disabilities Services Office at (270)745-5004 for further information.



Keep stairwell doors completely closed. Doors that are propped allow smoke to travel into all areas of the apartments.

Do not leave cooking unattended on the stove. A serious fire can start in seconds.


Keep the stove and over clean. Do not allow grease to build up.


If a fire starts in a pan, turn off the stove and carefully cover the pan with a lid or another pan. Do NOT throw water on the fire!


Keep items that can catch fire, such as dishtowels, paper or plastic bags, at least three feet away from the stove top.


Keep loose-fitting clothing away from hot burners.


Never use the stove or oven to heat your apartment. Use all cooking equipment according to the manufacturers' directions. Don't alter stove tops, burners or backsplashes.

Always remove lint from the trap before using the clothes dryer.


Regularly check dryer exhaust vent hoses behind the dryer for lint build up and clean. Bends and lint building in hoses can block air flow.


Never put rubber, plastic, foam or any materials that made contact with flammable liquids in the dryer, even if previously washed.


Never leave dryer running while sleeping or out of the apartment.


Setting off false alarms and tampering with fire equipment are crimes punishable by substantial fines and imprisonment. Report all fire related crimes to the police.



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