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The lessee agrees to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, as well as University policies, ordinances, and regulations regarding conduct, health, safety and other matters concerning activities on or conditions of the leased premises and common areas.

Any personal items abandoned after the student moves out will be disposed of after 10 business days or by the close of each semester.

Adhesives including double-sided tape, contact paper, carpet tape, duct tape, etc., may not be used on University walls, furniture, windows, or doors. Use of adhesives will result in a charge for damage.

Bicylce racks are located inside the parking garage. You may choose to store your bicylce in your apartment as long as it does not interfere with the entrance or exit to your apartment and down not inconvenience your roommate. Bicylces may not be stored in hallways, stairwells, or any other common area. Gas powered vehicles cannot be stored in the apartments.

If a bomb threat is announced, follow the directions provided by staff and/or the WKU Police. It is important that you remain calm and that you cooperate fully.

Items should not be hung from or attached to ceilings. Ceiling tiles should not be tampered with or moved for any reason including running cables or data cords, hanging objects or decorations, or storing items.

Contact staff if you experience a power loss in your apartment due to a tripped circuit breaker. Under no circumstances are students permitted to reset circuit breakers. Upon determination of the probelm, you may be aksked to make adjustments in the use of appliances or electrical equipment.

Each Lessee is responsible for their actions and their guest’s actions when using community or common space. Community spaces in the building are to be used by the lessee only unless otherwise noted by the community room rules.

Contact paper is not allowed on walls, fixtures, kitchen cabinets, or university furniture. Damages, as a result of contact paper, will be charged to the student at the time of checkout.

The following policies concerning the use of electrical outlets must be followed: 

  • In each duplex electrical wall outlet, no more than four appliances can be plugged in at any one time.
  • Six-way adapters, power taps, and electrical bars are strictly prohibited.
  • Use of surge suppressor for computer equipment is permitted.

Electrical equipment other than computer equipment may not be plugged into a multi-outlet surge suppressor. Students are encouraged to remove appliances from the outlets when finished (eg: hair dryers and curling irons). All appliances draw energy even if not on and this will protect your appliances in the event of a surge.

Elevators are provided for your convenience. Anyone found tampering with or vandalizing elevators may be subject to restitution, disciplinary sanctions, and/or criminal prosecution. Misuse or abuse of the elevators will be considered criminal mischief. Only authorized personnel are allowed in the elevator shaft. Students who drop keys, IDs, or other items down the elevator shaft may be billed for their retrieval.

All fire alarms should be regarded as actual fires. The university and state law requires all residents and their guests to adhere to the fire safety regulations of the campus. Failure to evacuate is not only a safety hazard, but is a violation of University policy and state law.

  • The sounding of false fire alarms and tampering with fire-fighting or safety equipment including extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinklers, exit signs, extinguishing powder, door and fire alarms is prohibted. 
  • Tampering with or removal of posted fire evacuation signs will result in disciplinary procedures as well as restitution for the replacement signs.
  • The use of open-coil, open plate devices, open flames, ember devices, oil lamps and incense is prohibited.
  • Candles are not permitted in the apartments.


When the alarm, shouted warning, or the sensation of smoke or fire has alarted you, adhere to the following:

  • If there is smoke in the room, keep low to the floor.
  • Before passing through any door, feel the door knob. If it is hot, do not open the door. Before opening a door, brace yourself against the door and open it slightly. If heat and smoke are present, close the door and stay in the room. 
  • If you cannot leave the room, open the window. If trapped, attract the fire department by hanging an object out the window. If there is a phone in your room, call the WKU Police at 270-745-2548 or 911.
  • If you can leave the room, close the door behind you.
  • Go to the nearest exit or stairwell. Do not use the elevator.
  • If the nearest exit is blocked by fire, heat or smoke, go to the alternate exit.
  • If all exits are blocked, go back to your apartment, open the windows, and attract the fire department.
  • After evacuating, move away from the building. Emergency personnel and equipment will be maneuvering around the building. 
  • Follow the directions of fire, police, and apartment personnel. 
  • You may reenter the building only after fire and police officials have given their approval.

The Lessee agrees not to keep or permit to be kept, in or about the premises any chemicals or items that are toxic or explosive in nature.

Each bedroom will be provided with a bed, a mattress, a dresser and a nightstand. The University will also provide each apartment with a sofa, table, two stools (for residents of 1350 Kentucky Street), standard kitchen appliances to include refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher, and a washer and dryer. You are responsible for any other furniture that you may desire, but may not install waterbeds or other furniture prohibited by HRL.  You may not install or use additional appliances in the premises without the approval of HRL. You are responsible for any and all damage that occurs to provided furnishings and appliances.

  • Possession of firearms, fireworks, or weapons is prohibited. Instruments used to simulate such weapons (such as water guns) are also prohibited.
  • Objects are not to be thrown out of windows and screens are not to be tampered with. Lights and other items should not be displayed in windows.
  • Live trees are other decorations that constitute a fire hazard are not permitted.
USPS mail will be delivered to the apartment mailboxes daily except for Sundays and holidays.

Maintenance can be reported by anyone at any time. Requests can be filed online through the WKU Housing & Residece Life website using the InSite system.

Submit a Maintenance Request


For repairs concerning the data connection, contact the IT Helpdesk at 270-745-7000.

Contact the IT Helpdesk

 The Lessee shall not make any disturbing noise, operate any mechanical, musical, or electric equipment at such time or such volume, or in a manner that will interfere with the rights and comfort of other tenants. The lessee is expected to observe the academic nature and close quarters of the community and should not make or permit noise that is objectionable to other residents.

To properly and officially check-out/withdraw from the apartments, residents must:

  • Remove personal property from apartment
  • Remove trash and/or unwanted materials (i.e. coat hangers, cardboard boxes, etc.)
  • Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop floor and wipe down furniture
  • Place furniture in the location it was in when you moved it
  • Have room inspected by a member of the WKU Housing & Residence Life staff
  • Turn in keys to the staff member who inspected the apartment

The apartments are treated for most pests and insects on a regular basis, but if your apartment needs to be sprayed, submit a maintenance request and it will be taken care of on an individual basis. To minimize the chance of pests, keep your apartment clean and store food in closed containers.

Pets, with the exception of fish, are not allowed in the residence. Professionally trained service dogs are not considered pets. If the Lessee is suspected of having an unauthorized pet on the premises, a written notice will be served for removal of the pet and to allow inspection of the premises.

Safety checks are to ensure the safety and sanitation conditions of each room. They are conducted by members of WKU Housing & Residence Life staff.

Any attempt to circumvent the security measures is a violation of policy and may result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the apartments.

Every month, each resident is required to check the smoke detectors in their apartment and sign a checklist provided by the staff. This requirement is outlined in the State Fire Code. Each Lessee agrees to not dismantle or tamper with the smoke detector and to report any malfunctions.

The apartments are smoke free. Students, who choose to smoke outside, must stand at least 30 feet away from the building. If there is evidence of smoking in the apartment you will be charged a $350 fee.

Commercial solicitation is prohibited. It is prohibited for vendors and organizations seeking funds, services or memberships to solicit or attempt to sell products in the apartments. No one is allowed to solicit door-to-door. Residents are not permitted to operate any type of business out of their room.

The lessee shall not obstruct the corridors, stairways, or entryways. The University reserves the right to remove all obstructions and dispose of the same at its discretion. Hallway areas may not be used for storage of any kind.

The lessee agrees to become aware of and observe all published rules affecting his or her status with the university:

WKU Student Code of Conduct

Students are encouraged to turn down their thermostats when going to class in the colder months and turn them up when going to class in the warmer months. Using ceiling fans provided will reduce the energy consumption.

If a tornado warning or alarm is issued, it is important for you to move from your apartment to a designated safe area, away from the top floors of the building and any areas having exterior windows or glass.

You are responsible for the removal of all personal trash from the building. All trash should be taken to the compactor. Failure to properly dispose of trash will result in disciplinary sanctions.

The utility closet in your apartment is not to be tampered with. Nothing should be stored in that closet other than the equipment that is provided.

Utility closet locations

1350 Kentucky Street: Hallway

1355 Kentucky Street: Laundry Room

The lessee understands that all garbage must be disposed of in the proper manner through using the designated garage compactor.

Tampering or removal of window safety equipment may result in disciplinary sanctions and a charge to replace the damaged equipment. Window screens must remain in place at all times.


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