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Resident Staff Association


Last amended August 2019

The name of this organizatin shall be Resident Staff Association - RSA.

RSA is organized to be the voice of student staff while providing social outlets, professional and personal developments, and recognition for student staff.

The membership of RSA shall consist of student staff including: resident assistants, community advisors, desk clerks, and night clerks in the department of Housing and Residence Life.

Section A.

An RSA representative is a student staff chosen by each hall to represent their hall’s staff at all official RSA meetings.


Section B.

To qualify as a representative, each representative must:

  • Be a member of a residence hall staff.


Section C.

Duties and responsibilities of representatives shall be as follows:

  • Provide communication between RSA and halls in current programming, needs, and concerns on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Represent their hall in all matters requiring a vote with the condition of one vote per hall.

Section A.

RSA executive officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Leadership Recognition/Recruitment Chair and Social Chair.


Section B.

To qualify as an executive officer, each executive officer must:

  • Be in good academic standing with the department.

  • Have been a student staff member for at least one semester.


Section C.

Duties and responsibilities of the President are as follows:

  • Conduct and preside over all executive and general assembly meetings of Resident Staff Association (RSA).

  • Have regular meetings with the RSA Advisor.

  • Serve as chief liaison to all external groups including but not limited to Residence Hall Association (RHA), Housing and Residence Life (HRL), Campus Activities Board (CAB), and Student Government Association (SGA).

  • Develop leadership recognition programs such as “Of the Month” (OTM) and “Of the Year” (OTY) awards.

  • Assist with the End of the Year Celebration

  • Provide support and assistance to all other Executive Board members in their execution of duties.

  • Retain the power to vote only in the event of a tie vote.


Section D.

Duties and responsibilities of the Vice President are as follows:

  • Preside over all meetings in the President’s absence.

  • Be responsible for the planning and execution of the End of the Year Celebration to be held in the spring semester of each academic year.

  • Co-plan the graduate reception specifically overseeing catering and speakers to be held at the end of each academic semester.

  • Assist the President in coordinating other tasks if requested.

  • Exercise the option of accepting the office of President if such office is vacated.


Section E.

Duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer are as follows:

  • Serve as organization liaison with Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life and organization advisors who are responsible for budget.

  • Present financial reports at General Assembly meetings.

  • Oversee the distribution of On-Campus Marketing care package fundraising opportunity.

  • Assist other Executive Board members with other tasks, if requested.

  • Be present at time of organizational purchases if possible.


Section F.

Duties and responsibilities of the Secretary are as follows:

  • Maintain files on all activities of RSA

  • Take minutes at all Executive Board and General Assembly meetings.

  • Be responsible for the publicity of all organization events and activities.

  • At the beginning of each semester, compile a list of all Executive Board and General Assembly members. This list will include e-mail addresses. This list will be made available to all active executive board members.

  • Maintain attendance records for all General Assembly meetings

  • Maintain communication with the members of RSA who are not officers regarding organizational events and projects via the RSA email account.

  • Create and distribute a semester’s newsletter to update student staff of the happenings of RSA


Section G.

Duties and responsibilities of the Leadership and Recognition/Recruitment Chair are as follows:

  • Assist the President with development of leadership recognition programs such as “Of the Month” (OTM) and “Of the Year” (OTY) awards (SWAG).

  • Be responsible for the planning and execution of the annual Kentucky Resident Association Conference (KRAC) in the fall semester.

  • Co-Plan the graduate reception specifically overseeing certificate and gifts to be held at the end of each academic semester.

  • Assist with the recruitment efforts to increase attendance through intentional marketing strategies

  • Attend and participate in student staff subcommittee for recruitment and recognition as the RSA liaison.


Section H.

Duties and responsibilities of the Social Chair are as follows:

  • Co-organize involvement efforts with Leadership Recognition/Recruitment Chair that are campus and/or community related.

  • Organize efforts for the organization that are social in nature and help build a sense of community in the student staff group.

  • Coordinate Student Staff Appreciation to be held at time determined by General Assembly at the beginning of each semester.

  • Have the expectation of planning at least three (3) social events a semester (i.e. one for student staff fall and spring training) for the organization.


Section I

Election of executive officers shall take place as follows:

  • Advisors will conduct elections. Responsibilities of the advisors will include getting nominations and counting votes.

  • Nominations will be accepted beginning at the last meeting in March and extending to the second meeting in April when the elections will be held.

  • Candidates must be physically present to be nominated and accept during an official meeting.

Meetings will be held on a bi-weekly basis on a day to be determined by the general assembly each academic semester in Southwest 11.

All voting shall be conducted openly with majority rule except for elections in which advisors will conduct closed ballots.

This constitution and all amendments are subject to the approval of the University.


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