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Scofflaw Policy

Policy Details

A scofflaw is an individual who accumulates six or more enforced citations during a Permit Year -- August 15th of first year through August 15th of the following year.  Citation count is based on all vehicles associated with an account.

Any individual parking on campus is expected to comply with all parking policies and rules established by the university.  Scofflaws persistently violate parking regulations despite accumulating citations.  To deter further violations, WKU PTS will take the following actions for Scofflaws.

  • Parking and Transportation Services will warn customers if they are in danger of being designated a scofflaw. This will happen on or after the 5th enforced citation the customer receives.
  • Parking and Transportation Services will notify customers in writing when they are designated a scofflaw.
    • The written notification will describe consequences for further violations.
    • The customer must sign the Scofflaw notice before boot is removed.
    • One copy will be kept with the customers’ account and Parking and Transportation Services, and one copy will be given to the customer.
    • This will happen on or after the 6th enforced citation the customer receives.
  • Once designated a Scofflaw,
    • The customer will be booted for each subsequent enforced citation within the current permit year.
    • Payment required in full to release boot. Customer may appeal a paid citation. 
    • The customer will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for violating University Policy on the 8th and 9th enforced citations within a permit year
    • The customer will have campus parking privileges revoked on the 10th enforced citation within a permit year and will result in the vehicle being towed off campus.
    • Vehicle will be towed immediately if found on campus for the remainder of the permit year.
  • Parking and Transportation Services will maintain procedures that consistently and fairly enforce the Scofflaw policy.

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 Last Modified 9/30/21