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Boot and Tow Policy


  • Boot warnings are issued to customers on or after the second enforced, unpaid citation.  Boot warnings carry over from one permit year to the next.
  • Scofflaw warnings are issued to customers on the fifth enforced citation within a permit year.  Scofflaw designations apply to citations issued within the current permit year only.
  • Parking and Transportation Services may place boots on vehicles that are found violating campus parking regulations.
  • Boots may be applied when a vehicle is parked in violation and:
    • The customer has accumulated at least 2 enforced, unpaid citations, and has received a Boot Warning, OR
    • The customer has an active payment plan for previous citations, OR
    • The customer has been designated as a Scofflaw (see Scofflaw policy), OR
    • A vehicle is displaying a lost or stolen or otherwise falsified permit (even if not parked in violation).


  • In the course of standard operations, Parking and Transportation Services may tow vehicles that:
    • Are found in violation of parking regulations, OR
    • Are obstructing traffic or creating a safety hazard, OR
    • Are parked in reserved parking spaces or areas reserved for special events, OR
    • Are parked in areas closed for maintenance, OR
    • Have been banned from parking on campus, OR
    • Have been determined by to be abandoned or derelict, OR
    • Have been booted and there is evidence the boot has been tampered with.
  • Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to tow vehicles due to exigent circumstances.
  • Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to choose to relocate vehicles on campus or tow off-site.
  • Parking and Transportation Services will notify vehicle owners in writing (certified mail) if their vehicle is towed off-campus.

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 Last Modified 5/30/24