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Prepay Reservations


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The Prepay Reservations Permit (PR) is an option for those who occasionally park on campus.

The PR permit provides a pay-as-you-go daily parking alternative to an annual parking permit.  The Prepay Reservations program has two pieces that work together:  the Prepay Reservations parking reservation website (where you will make your reservation), and your PR permit (which will grant you access to the parking facility on the day of your reservation).

With your PR Permit in hand, go to the WKU Prepay Reservations parking reservation website (wku.pmreserve.com).  Follow the instructions to: 

    • Create and log in to your account

    • Select a parking facility

    • Select the date you would like to park

    • Enter you PR Permit number (this is very important)

    • Select your parking option

    • Check out your shopping cart

  • Once you have completed your parking reservation, you are ready to park on campus.  Make sure your PR permit is displayed on your rear-view mirror.

PR permit access will be limited to specific lots and sold on a first come, first served basis.  Parking availability may change from day to day.  Daily parking will always be available in the Campbell Lane Park and Ride lot.

Your PR Permit will only be valid for the date and location purchased.

Reservations are also honored after 4:30 PM on dates purchased in AP - All Permit zones: Hilltop Lot and the Mimosa Lot.

With an active reservation, a motorcycle with a PR permit can park in the PR spaces including gated lots.

Without a PR or WKU permit, a reservation can be made with a license plate number.  The reservation will allow parking in PR spaces but not gated lots.  A PR permit is required to open gates in gated lots.

NOTE:  Any active annual WKU permit may be used to make a reservation as well. 



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