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Permit Wait Lists Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wait Lists?

Some permit types are limited and sell out each year. Parking and Transportation Services maintains a separate wait list for each permit type that has sold out.  As permits become available, we award the right to purchase from the wait list on a first-in, first-out basis.  When you are awarded the right to purchase, you are given a limited time to buy the awarded permit you before the permit is offered to the next person on the list.  You must come in person tot he Parking and Transportation Services Office when you are awarded the right to purchase a permit. 

How do I join a Wait List?

You can add to and edit your wait lists from your Parking and Transportation account page.  After logging in, click the “Add/Edit Wait Lists” button in the Permits section.  Please note, if you remove your name from a wait list, you will lose your place on that list.  If you rejoin that list, you will be at the bottom of the list.

How many Wait Lists can I join?

You may join as many waitlists as you want. 

What are prioritized Wait Lists?

If you join more than one permit wait list, you will be able to specify which permit is your first choice, second choice, etc.  When you are awarded the right to purchase a permit from a wait list, you will remain on any wait lists with a higher priority than what you are awarded, but will be removed from all lower priority wait lists. 

Can I change my Wait List priorities?

Yes.  Until you are awarded the right to purchase, you can change the priorities of your choices by logging into your Parking Account.

How do I know if I’m on a Wait List?  How can I tell what position I’m in on the list?

You can check the status of your wait list from your parking account page.  The rank will show where you are on the list for each request.

I signed up last year, am I still on the list?

Student wait lists are cleared and reset every year.  You must sign up each year for student permit wait lists.

Faculty/Staff permits wait lists roll over from year to year and are not reset.

How will I know when I have been awarded the right to purchase?

A notice will be emailed to your WKU Assigned email address (@wku.edu or @topper.wku.edu). The award letter will specify which permit you have been awarded and how long you have to purchase the permit.  You must come to the Parking and Transportation Services Office to purchase the permit you have been awarded. 

What if my right to purchase expires?

You will not be able to purchase that permit. You will be removed from that wait list and all lower priority wait lists, but remain on all higher priority wait lists.  You may re-join the wait list, but will lose your previous position.


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