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Parking and Transportation Yearly Overview



  • Gated Permit: 
    • AH:  Alumni Square Garage 24/7 access - $275/year
  • Premium Housing (H1-H4) - $245/year
    • H1:  Levels 4-7 of Parking Structure 1
    • H2:  Minton Lot
    • H3:  Normal Hall Lot and Regents Hall Lot
    • H4:  Poland Lot and Avenue of Champions
  • Non-Premium Housing (H5-HU) - $125/year
    • H5:  Parking Structure 3
    • H6:  Adams Street Lot and Kentucky Street Apt. Alley Lot
    • H7:  Chestnut Street South Lot
    • H8:  Normal Street South Lot
    • H9:  Creason Lot
    • HU:  University Blvd Lot.
  • South Campus Housing (SC) - $50/year
    • Storage parking 2 miles south of main campus

CARLESS PROGRAM – For residents who choose to leave their cars at home

  • Students enrolled in the Carless program in the Fall semester receive discounts on transportation services provided, such as free access to GObg public transit and rebates for the discounted airport shuttle to the Nashville International Airport (BNA).   



  • Gated Permits: 
    • Alumni Square Garage (AS:  24/7 access) - $275/year
    • Alumni Square Garage (AC:  6:00 AM - 9:00 PM weekdays) - $225 / year
    • Health Sciences (HS) - $135/year
      • For parking at The WKU Medical Center Gated Lot at the Medical Center Complex downtown
      • Must be enrolled in Nursing School or DPT program.
  • Premium Permits - $245/year
    • C1:  Parking Structure 2
    • C2:  Chestnut Street North
  • Non-Premium Permits - $125/year
    • C3:  Kentucky Street Lot
    • C4:  Park Street Lot
    • C5:  Parking Structure 3
  • Park and Ride Permits - $50/year
    • C6:  Russellville Road West Lot - served by the Campus Circulator Route every 11 minutes during peak service. 
    • C7:  Campbell Lane / South Campus Park and Ride
      • Campbell Lane and South Campus lots served by the South Campus Route every 17 minutes during peak service.
  • Parking Reservations - $10 initial permit fee plus reservation fees for each use
    • PR:  Prepay Reservations Permit



  • Reserved Parking (R) - $730/year
  • Gated Permits:
    • AS:  Alumni Square Garage 24/7 access - $275/year
    • HS:  Health Sciences  - $135/year
      • For parking in WKU Medical Center gated lot located at the Medical Center Complex downtown.
      • Must be associated with Nursing School or DPT program.
  • Premium Permits - $245/year
    • FS1:  Hilltop Lot, Mimosa Lot, the Hill, and faculty/staff lots off Normal Street.
    • FS2:  Lots around Diddle Arena and South Lawn Lot
  • Non-Premium Faculty / Staff Permit - $115/year
    • FS3:  Perimeter faculty/staff parking lots
  • Park and Ride Permit - $50 / year
    • C7:  Campbell Lane / South Campus Park and Ride
      • Campbell Lane and South Campus lots served by the South Campus Route  every 17 minutes during peak service.
  • Parking Reservations - $10 initial permit fee plus reservation fees for each use
    • Parking fees are based on the lot you choose. 
    • The PR permit is valid only in the location and date time purchased through the prepay reservations website (wku.pmreserve.com)


  • Public Pay Lots – Seven public parking lots are available on campus:  Alumni Square Garage, Chestnut Street North Lot, Regents Pay Lot, Diddle South Lot, Pearce Ford Tower Loop, Hilltop Lot, and Normal Hall Lot.
  • Meters – Meters are distributed throughout campus for short term parking.  Meter fees will be $0.50 for 15 minutes. 
  • Visitor Permits – Visitor permits are available at the PTS office for $2/day.
  • South Campus – Free parking for visitors is available at Campbell Lane.  Check in required at the PTS office.
  • Prepay Reservations Permit (PR) - use the Prepay Reservations website (wku.pmreserve.com) to make a parking reservation by date and location.



  • Campus Circulator – Serves Russellville Road West Lot, Parking Structure 3, The Valley, Academic Corridor, DSU, and Keen Hall.  7:30AM - 5:15PM Mon - Fri.
  • South Campus Route– Serves South Campus, Campus Flats, Academic Corridor, and Park Street Lot.  7:15AM - 5:45PM Mon - Fri.
  • Kentucky Street Route Serves Parking Structure 3, Academic Corridor, The Valley, Kentucky Street Apartments, and The Columns.  7:20AM - 5:30PM Mon - Fri.
  • Shopping Shuttle – connects Main Campus with South Campus and off-campus shopping centers.  4:00PM - 8:00PM on Saturdays.
  • Topper Taxi Service:  On-demand van service that includes Main and South Campus.  Download the Transloc app to request a ride.  Hours of Service:  4:0PM - 9:00PM Sundays; 6:00PM - 9PM Monday - Thursday; and 4:30PM - 9:00 PM on Fridays.
  • NextBus(Umo) – Use NextBus to track when the next bus will arrive at your bus stop.


  • Disability Parking – A WKU disability parking permit is required to park in disability spaces on the WKU campus.  Disability parking permits are issued at the PTS office.
  • ADA Paratransit Service – Curb-to-curb service for faculty, staff and students with disabilities.  For more information, contact PTS.
  • Wheels pedaless ebikes - Download the Wheels app to create an account.
  • GObg – PTS sells semester passes for GObg, Bowling Green’s Public Transit system (can be sold in office or by phone).
  • Motorcycle Parking – Motorcycles and scooters must be registered with PTS.
  • Bicycle Parking – Bicycles must be parked at designated bike racks.

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