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Delivery Vehicle Parking Policy

Policy Details

For any delivery lasting less than 15 minutes, vehicles are not required to register with Parking and Transportation Services.  Identifiable delivery vehicles are granted 15-minute parking in the following areas: 

  • Commercial/University Service Vehicle spaces
  • Loading zones
  • Meters
  • Non-reserved parking spaces in any zone

Deliveries lasting longer than 15 minutes require parking in a public pay lot or purchasing a parking permit.  Very large or time consuming deliveries (such as office furniture) must be coordinated through the PTS office prior to the delivery date.

  • Parking meters are available throughout campus for a fee of $0.50/15 minutes. Parking length and enforcement hours vary by location. Check the sticker on the meter for details. If no sticker is present, assume the meter is being enforced. 
  • The Diddle South Public Parking Lot, located on the Avenue of Champions, is available for a fee of $2/hour with $1 for each additional hour ($10/day maximum).  A multi-space payment machine serves entire lot.  Parking fees are assessed between 7:30 AM and 10:00 PM, Mon - Fri.      
  • Chestnut Street North Lot has a multi-space payment machine that services 16 spaces in the front corner of the lot.  Rates are $2/hour with $1 for each additional hour ($10/day maximum).  Parking fees are assessed between 7:30 AM and 10:00 PM, Mon - Fri.    
  • Pearce Ford Loop Pay Lot located behind Pearce Ford Tower off University Blvd: Rates are $2/hour with a $10/day maximum.  Fees assessed 4:30PM on Sunday until 4:30PM on Friday. 
  • Gated Regents Pay Lot provides visitor parking.  Rates are $2/hour with $1 for each additional hour ($10/day maximum).  Parking fees are assessed between 7:30 AM and 10:00 PM daily, Mon - Sat.  Gates remain down on Sundays but no fees are assessed.
  • Alumni Square Garage offers "pay as you go parking" with credit card validations, one day permit parking, and event parking.  Daily parking fees are $2/hour with $10 daily maximum. 
  • Delivery drivers may purchase a $2/day Visitor Parking Permit at Parking and Transportation Services office located on Campbell Lane.  

The following regulations are in effect: 

  • Parking on sidewalks is prohibited. 
  • Obstructing traffic is prohibited. 
  • The vehicle cannot block an ADA accessible route.
  • The vehicle cannot block designated disability parking.
  • The vehicle cannot block a fire lane or access for emergency vehicles.

Delivery vehicles are expected to adhere to all University parking policies and regulations.  Delivery vehicles found in violation of University parking policy may be fined or towed at owner’s expense. 

Delivery vehicle owner is responsible for any citation issued against the permit.


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 Last Modified 9/30/21