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Housing Students Parking


Housing permit sales are available after housing assignments are released. A housing assignment is required to purchase a housing permit.

  • NEW for 2019-2020:
    • Due to construction of the Freshmen Village project, Pearce Ford Lot is closed.
    • The H3 zone is now the Barnes Lot only.
    • University Blvd Lot will be new "HU" zone.
    • New Topper Transit Routes (Hilltopper Route and Big Red Route)
    • New benefits in the carless program
  • Housing permits are sold on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. 
  • A wait list will be available for each lot after that permit sells out.  Wait lists are released weekly throughout the year. 

To be placed on a wait list, use the permit wait list option on your WKU PARKING ACCOUNT.

Please note: Parking lots may be reserved at any time for events or maintenance.  Monitor WKU e-mail or PTS Facebook / Twitter pages for service announcements.


Your housing assignment will determine which Housing permit is most convenient for you.  Permits recommended for each residence hall are listed below. 

Barnes-Campbell Hall

H3, H4, H8, HU, H7, H9, H5

Bates-Runner Hall

H1, H2, H6, AH

Douglas Keen Hall

H4, H3, H9, H5, H8, HU

Gilbert Hall

H1, H6, AH, H4

Hilltopper Hall

H1, H6, AH, H4

Hugh Poland Hall

H4, H3, H9, H5, H8, HU

Kentucky Street Apts

AH, H6, H1

McCormack Hall

H1, H6, AH, H4

McLean Hall

H1, H2, H6, AH

Meredith Hall

H3, H8, H4, HU H9, H5

Minton Hall

H2, H1, HU, H7

Northeast Hall

H2, H1, HU, H7

Pearce Ford Tower

H3, H4, H8, HU, H9, H5, H7

Rodes-Harlin Hall

H1, H6, AH, H4

Schneider Hall (Gatton)


Southwest Hall

H2, H1, HU, H7

Zacharias Hall

H3, H8, H4, HU, H9, H5

South Campus Permits (SC) are recommended for students looking for a low cost, storage parking option.   *The South Campus Permit is the only permit available to students enrolled in the Gatton Academy of Math and Science.

Evening Parking (4:30 PM – 10:00 PM, weekdays): 

  • Housing zones are enforced for correct Housing zone permits in the evening.  
  • Mimosa and Gated Hilltop Lots become "AP" (All Permit) zones in the evening.  A current WKU permit is required for these lots. 
  • Remaining faculty/staff (FS1, FS2, FS3) and Commuter (C1 - C7) lots become open lots, no permit required. 

Weekend Housing Parking (4:30PM Fri – 4:30PM Sun): 

  • Beginning 4:30PM Friday, Housing lots are open; permits are not enforced.  
    • Meters, disability parking, and safety violations are enforced at all times.
  • Enforcement of Housing permits resumes at 4:30 PM on Sunday afternoons.



AH: Alumni Square Garage Housing Permit - $275/Year

The Alumni Square Garage Housing permit (AH) allows parking in:
  • Alumni Square Garage (24/7 access)
  • South Campus lots (SC)
  • Between 4:30 PM and 7:30 AM, Mon-Fri., permit is also honored in all lots except Housing.

Note: Primarily recommended for residents of the Kentucky Street Apartments, Greek houses on Center Street, and the "Valley."


H1, H2, H3, H4:  Premium Housing Permits - $245/Year

The Premium Housing permits (H1-H4) allow parking in:
  • Your designated zone at all times:
    • H1 = Level 4-7 of Parking Structure 1
    • H2 = Minton Lot
    • H3 = Barnes Lot
    • H4 = Poland Lot / Ave of Champions
  • Lots zoned "OZ" (Overflow Zone)
  • South Campus Lots (SC) 
  • Between 4:30 PM and 7:30 AM, Mon-Fri., permit is also honored in all Commuter, Faculty/Staff and "AP" (All Permit) lots. 


H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, HU: Non-Premium Housing Permits - $125/Year

The Non-Premium Housing permits (H5-HU) allow parking in:
  • Your designated zone at all times:
    • H5 = Parking Structure 3
    • H6 = Adams Street / Kentucky Street Apartment Alley Lot
    • H7 = South Chestnut Street Lot
    • H8 = Normal Street South Lot
    • H9 = Creason Lot
    • HU = University Blvd Lot.
  • Lots zoned "OZ" (Overflow Zone)
  • South Campus Lots (SC) 
  • Between 4:30 PM and 7:30 AM, Mon-Fri., permit is also honored in all Commuter, Faculty/Staff, and "AP" (All Permit) lots. 


SC: South Campus Housing Permit - $50/Year

The South Campus permit (SC) allows parking in:
  • South Campus Lot at all times.  South Campus Lot is located 2 miles south of main campus.  
    • This is a low cost storage parking option.
  • Between 4:30 PM and 7:30 AM, Mon-Fri., permit is also honored in all zones except Housing. 
Transit service to the main campus:


D2: Disability Parking - $125/Year

A WKU Disability Permit is required to park in disability parking spaces on campus.  For more information regarding disability parking requirements, click HERE.


Carless Program – FREE!

The Carless Program is an incentive package to encourage campus residents to leave their cars at home for the Fall semester.  Participants receive discounts for transportation services offered through the Parking and Transportation Services Department.  

  • Access to the Topper Transit System
  • Complimentary GObg Public Transit Semester Pass ($38 value).
  • $35 credit towards Enterprise CarShare program rentals ($35 value).   
  • VeoRide bike share semester credit.
  • Complimentary bicycle tune up at the Preston Bike Shop on campus ($35 value).
  • Discounted Airport Shuttle trips to Nashville International Airport (BNA, up to a $100 value).
  • Rebates for Greyhound Bus service (up to a $100 value).
  • Move In/Move Out parking passes ($20/Value)
  • Drawing for $250 Book Scholarship for Spring Semester.  Three lucky winners will be selected during Finals Week, Spring Semester.
  • 50% discount for available Spring semester parking permits.


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