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Car Free

Car Free at WKU

At WKU, like many university campuses, more people want to park on campus than there are parking places. Parking can be difficult at best, especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Before you hop in your car, ask yourself, “What’s the best way to get where I’m going?” The best answer may be to leave your car at home and walk, ride a bike or catch a bus instead. Take a look at this page to check out your options and learn about the benefits of leaving your car at home!

Benefits of Leaving Your Car at Home

Saves Money 

  • Support Your Local Economy
    • Driving means buying gas and buying gas sends money to oversees oil companies.  Do your local economy a favor!
    • Take the money you would normally spend on gas and splurge a bit at local stores.

Good for You

  • Reduces Stress.
    • Carpooling, biking and walking reduces traffic and relieves campus parking congestion.
  • Great Exercise
    • Incorporating biking and walking into your commute is a great way to get exercise every day.

Good for the Planet

  • Reduce CO2 Emissions
    • You can reduce your carbon footprint by about 20 lbs. for every gallon of gasoline your don't use.
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Reduce water pollution
    • Parking lots are one of the largest contributors to non-point source pollution in the United States.  Reducing automobile use reduces the need for more parking lots and thus reduces water pollution.

Make New Friends

  • Carpooling, biking and walking gives you an opportunity to meet new people.

Students sitting on lawn
Get out of your car and mingle.

Big Red on bike

Big Red knows a great way to get around.

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 Last Modified 12/5/18