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Application Withdrawal Request - allows students with incomplete applications who have not yet been admitted and are no longer planning to attend WKU to withdraw an application

Change of Term Request - allows incoming students to change their term of admission

Decline Admission Request - allows students who have been admitted and no longer plan to attend WKU to decline their admission


Matriculation  (These forms are only for students enrolled in a Graduate Certificate, Specialist Project, Masters Degree, or Doctoral Degree Program. Students who are earning teacher certification should not use these forms and should contact the Office of Teacher Services.)

DocuSign Forms:

Appeal of Academic Dismissal  (tutorial video)

Appeal of Graduate Policy  (tutorial video) (For policy exceptions; course substitutions and transfer course articulation should be requested via a Graduate Curriculum Exception.)

Graduate Curriculum Exception (Degree Works) (tutorial video) (For course substitutions and transfer course articulation only; exceptions to policy should be requested on an Appeal of Graduate Policy.)

Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses  (tutorial video) (Not for JUMP students.)

JUMP Statement of Intent 

Thesis Signature Page

Certificate Assessment Form  (For certificates requiring an assessment for completion on degree audits.)


Web Forms:

Advisor Change Request

Application for Graduation  (Required for each degree and certificate.)

Catalog Year Change  (May not be used to change programs or concentrations - a new admission application is required for a program change. This request is to select newer program requirements for the program to which the student is already admitted, but not an older catalog year.) 

Committee Selection (Thesis/Specialist Project/Dissertation)

Comprehensive Exam/Capstone Completion  (Required for all degree seeking students.)

Copyright Permission



Financial Assistance 

Graduate Assistantship Agreement (PDF)

To be completed by the hiring department detailing the assistantship and serving as a contract for the student and the appointing department

Tuition Waiver for Supervising Teachers
Approved through the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences; contact the CEBS Dean's office for further information


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