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The Graduate School - WKU Family Scholarship

WKU Family Scholarship

Starting Fall 2021, Western Kentucky University (WKU) will offer a reduced tuition rate to any qualified, non-resident graduate student whose parent, stepparent or grandparent holds an associate, baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral or specialist degree or has completed a certified program from WKU.

Eligibility & Application   

Graduate students may qualify to attend WKU for the cost of in-state tuition by the WKU Family Scholarship being applied to their assessed tuition charges.

To be considered for this award, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Applied AND admitted to WKU
  • Not a KY resident 
  • Be enrolled full-time (for graduate students, 9+ credit hours) at WKU
    • Note that the WKU Family Scholarship only applies to in-person courses, as online courses only have one tuition rate that is not affected by residency status
  • Have University confirmation of alumni status of the parent, step-parent or grandparent indicated on the application. Once alumni status is confirmed, the student’s residency status will be changed accordingly and the student will be assessed tuition at the reduced tuition rate.

Award & Notification

Students who believe they qualify for a WKU Family Scholarship should contact the Graduate School. 

The WKU Family Scholarship requires full-time enrollment (for graduate students, 9 or more credit hours each semester at WKU).


Scholarship awards are applied toward charges that exist on the student’s WKU account. Scholarships often disburse before the semester begins and always show as a credit on the bill, not to exceed the cost of attendance budget. For more information about the refund process, please visit the Office of Student Billings and Account Services's website.


The WKU Family Scholarship is automatically renewable with a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 (at the end of the spring semester). Students who fail to meet the renewal GPA of 3.0 can use the summer term to bring their GPA up to the required level.

The WKU Family Scholarship is renewable for up to 4 academic years or until graduation, whichever occurs first.


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