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Since 1987, The Center has been offering eighth grade and high school honors students the opportunity to experience a new culture and international travel firsthand. Each year, twenty-some students travel abroad with The Center’s Travel/Study program to a selected city or country of cultural and historical significance. The group spends a week immersed in the culture and language of that country. Challenging and exciting, the Travel/Study program is designed to further enrich the lives and minds of participants while fostering cultural awareness and appreciation. Past groups have traveled to China, Italy, England, and France.

“I was able to see parts of the world I had only read about!” explains Jennifer Orange (SCATS 1996; London 1998). “Because I went with The Center to London, I decided to do a study abroad during college. . . . I would have never gone if not for my prior travel experience abroad.” Travel abroad is often just as much of an adventure today for students as it was for explorers centuries ago. The world opens itself up for exploration and discovery. In turn, students who participate open themselves up to new ideas that lead to fresh understandings of culture, communication, and purpose.

Experiencing the world anew often shapes the future for students who participate in the Travel/Study program. The new places and ideas that students encounter on The Center’s travels present a positive foundation for further exploration of places and cultures as research and academic interests develop later in life.

In their own words, here are what participants have had to say about the trips:

Jake Inman (Super Saturdays 2000-05; SCATS 2005; VAMPY 2006-09; Travel London 2010; Travel Italy 2011; TA; Counselor) said, “The trip to London with The Center was one of the greatest experiences of my life! We did so many amazing things – I couldn’t even begin to choose a favorite. I made a lot of new friends and saw tons of breathtaking sights. I’m so glad that I was able to go on this awesome trip!”

Sara Summers (Travel Paris 2009; Travel London 2010; Travel Italy 2011; Travel Belgium 2015) described the trip to London as “Fantastic! It was well thought out and planned. I saw so much in the ten days we were there. My favorite was William Shakespeare’s birthplace and Anne Hathaway’s cottage. Everything we saw from Stonehenge to the Tower of London was completely mind-blowing and fantastic! The trip was grand, the people were wonderful, and the overall experience was incredible.”

Ellis Johnston (Super Saturdays 2001; Travel London 2010) summarized her London experience in this way: “Because my sister and I were traveling without our parents, I feel like the London trip helped me become more confident in my independence and in my own abilities. This forced me to make new friends and branch out to others which enhanced my enjoyment level. Plus, Dr. Roberts showed us amazing sights all around London. I know the experience touched my life in the best way possible.”

Gabe Smith (Super Saturdays 2005; SCATS 2008; VAMPY 2009-10; Travel Paris 2009; Travel London 2010; Travel Italy 2011; Counselor) enjoyed many experiences but “especially Warwick Castle’s modern twist on history. There you saw not just the exhibits but you felt like you were a part of what was happening in a corny sort of way, of course.”

Fran Smith (Travel Paris 2009; Travel London 2010; Travel Italy 2011; Travel Scotland 2012; Travel Germany 2013; Travel Spain 2014; Travel Belgium 2015) commented, “After traveling to France with The Center for Gifted Studies in 2009, I thought this year’s trip to London could never compare. I was so very wrong as this year’s trip was even better! How awesome to view St. Paul’s Cathedral and realize a church has been on that site for over 1,000 years. There was so much interesting history, and I hope to return some day to learn even more about our mother country.”

Madi Miller (VAMPY 2009-12; Travel England 2012; Travel Scotland 2012; Travel France 2013) remarked, "I've traveled with the Center several times now, and each time it was been a new adventure," states Miller. "We not only get to see some of the most amazing and impressive landmarks from history, but also experience the modern culture of these places. It has been a privilege to be able to meet and interact with the adults and students who go on these trips, and a great opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of both Dr. Roberts."

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