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Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

Parent FAQ


Where can I go for individualized help?

Any one of our staff will do whatever we can to provide answers, offer opportunities, or help you in any way possible. Executive Director Dr. Julia Roberts and Associate Director Dr. Tracy Inman are available to assist you with your individual needs.
Phone - 270.745.5991
Fax - 270.745.6279
Email - gifted@wku.edu


What are the advocacy organizations for gifted and talented young people?

State Organizations. Become a member of your state organization, and you will not only become a part of an advocacy group, but you will also get useful information on parenting gifted young people. Click here to find a listing of organizations in each state. In Kentucky, the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education charges $30 for a parent membership. You can also join your child’s school as an institutional member, ensuring up-to-date information is shared with them plus enabling up to four people to attend conferences at a reduced cost.

Kentucky Association for Gifted Education
Phone - 270.745.4301
Email - kage@wku.edu
Mail - P.O. Box 9610, Bowling Green, KY 42102-9610


National Association for Gifted Children. NAGC has a Parent Associate membership that allows you to receive Parenting for High Potential magazine for $30.00 among other benefits – such as being a part of an international network of parents and professionals working to promote gifted education. You can also become a member of NAGC and KAGE at the same time for the low cost of $45. Other states have this same opportunity. Check with your local affiliate.

Phone - 202.785.4268

Email - nagc@nagc.org

Mail – 1331 H Street, NW, Suite 1001, Washington, DC 20005.


Council for Exceptional Children: The Association for the Gifted. For more than 50 years, TAG, as a Division of CEC, has been a leading voice for special and gifted education. CEC-TAG establishes professional standards for teacher preparation for the field, develops initiatives to improve gifted education practice, and ensures that the needs of children and youth with exceptionalities are met in educational legislation. Parents can join CEC-TAG for as low as $90. The website provides information and resources about children with exceptionalities, including those who are gifted and talented.

Email – cab@cctc.net

Mail – PO Box 316, De Leon, TX 76444


SENG: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted. Focusing on emotional needs, SENG provides insightful information and articles. The FAQ section is particularly helpful. Individuals can join for $45 and families for $60.

Phone – 844.488.SENG

Email – office@sengifted.org

Mail – PO Box 488, Poughquag, NY 12570


World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (housed at The Center for Gifted Studies). The WCGTC is a worldwide non-profit organization that provides advocacy and support for gifted children. It is a diverse organization networking the globe with an active membership of educators, scholars, researchers, parents, and others interested in the development and education of gifted and talented children of all ages. Membership is $75 a year.

Phone – 270.745.4123

Email – headquarters@world-gifted.org

Mail – Western Kentucky University, 1906 College Heights Blvd, #11030, Bowling Green, KY 42101


What workshops are available?

We believe education is strongest when parents, educators, and students work as a team. In keeping with this philosophy, we invite all parents to attend seminars on gifted children and their educational needs. Parent seminars are held during certain Saturdays of Super Saturdays. In addition, special speakers are brought to campus from time to time.

Two seminars are held yearly free of cost to participants. The Berta Seminars bring in an expert each fall who specializes in social-emotional needs of gifted children. The Twice-Exceptional Students Seminar focuses on the student who is gifted and has another exceptionality such as a learning disability or Aspergers.


Is financial assistance available for your student programs?

Limited financial assistance is available to students on the basis of need; applications are available upon request by emailing gifted@wku.edu. Program applications must be submitted prior to applying for financial assistance.


Where can I find resources?

See the pull-down menu under RESOURCES at the top of the page for a  a variety of links to and bibliographies of student, parent, and educator texts on gifted education. There are also additional resources listed on our webpages for the Berta Seminars and the Twice-Exceptional Students Seminars.

Links to Programming for Parents Sponsored by The Center

The Berta Seminars

Little Learners, Big Ideas

Parent Seminars

Twice-Exceptional Students Seminar

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