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Advanced Placement Summer Institute With WKU

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Bowling Green Week 1 
June 21 - 25, 2021
Bowling Green Week 2
June 28 - July 2, 2021
St. Louis
July 19 - 23, 2021




The College Board offers the AP Fellows scholarship for teachers at schools with a majority underrepresented minority and/or low-income student population and the AP Rural Fellows scholarship for teachers at rural schools. Learn more and apply.



Why Attend The Center for Gifted Studies Online Advanced Placement Summer Institute at WKU?

“The institute rejuvenated my love for teaching. It refreshed concepts, ideas, and teaching strategies and introduced new ways to tackle hard concepts.”

“I am leaving the course with a clear game plan for the upcoming school year for maximum efficiency and student achievement.”

“This was the best professional development I’ve ever attended. I feel completely prepared for the course when I felt completely unprepared a week ago!”

4The combination of exceptional instruction, a wide range of courses, and a tradition of excellence means our AP Institute brings together a community of like-minded educators that sets it apart from other institutes.

Teaching AP courses are often a huge benefit of students. The article "AP: Great for Gifted High Schoolers," offers five compelling reasons why AP classes are an excellent option for gifted students.

Have questions about how AP courses differ from Dual Credit? Our article offers a clear breakdown of these two acceleration options. 

Scholarships are available from College Board to qualifying teachers to attend the Advanced Placement Summer Institute. To learn more, visit this information page.

Exceptional Instruction

2The Center prides itself on providing exemplary College Board consultants, experienced AP teachers who have demonstrated their ability to help other teachers prepare to teach AP classes. Many are table readers, table leaders, test writers, and even test authors for AP exams.

Our participants say:

“My consultant was an amazing presenter. I wish she were a colleague in my building. She is knowledgeable and caring and has a great love for her content as well as for others.”

"Our consultant was dynamic, gave real-world lesson examples, explained things in a down-to-earth way, and demonstrated a passion for his craft that inspired me."

"Our consultant gave valuable information with such passion and energy. She was a wealth of information with differential instruction for all levels of educators. I am extremely fortunate to have her in my arsenal of support for my professional development."

Depth and Breadth of Courses

Our AP Institute provides training in commonly requested courses like English Language and Composition and United States History, as well as harder-to-find courses such as Spanish Language and Culture, French Language and Culture, and Music Theory. We also feature many classes at the Experienced level. This range reflects our commitment to building an institute devoted to the needs of many teachers and to creating an atmosphere where learning comes in many forms.

Resources to Use All Year Long

The benefits of APSI workshops last year-round. One of the most common comments we hear from participants is that they are impressed by the amount of resources they gather. Whether readings, lesson plans, lab ideas, or semester-long sample schedules, the materials provided at our APSI give teachers support and inspiration long after the workshop is over.  

“I am excited about implementing the vast number of outside readings the consultant gave us. They are going to help supplement the textbook greatly.”

“I have received a barrage of best practices, best lessons, and sound pedagogical efficacies finely tuned to the subject I teach.”

“I have so much to start with that I feel 100% more comfortable teaching my first year of AP after going through this course.”

A Tradition of Excellence

1Since 1984, our Advanced Placement Summer Institute has assisted more than 9,000 teachers in better understanding the demands of AP classrooms and high-ability learners. It is one of the largest and longest-running College Board-endorsed institutes in the country. Some of our consultants have worked with us for years, setting a high standard and providing a model for new consultants to follow.

Larry Treadwell, who has taught AP European History at our Institute since 1992, asserts, “Of all the workshops I go to, this one has amassed the best set of instructors — truly amazing people — and has kept them for multiple years. People come because they want the best they can get, and so they have great attitudes. It makes the workshop an experience.”

When asked how our institute compares to other workshops, our participants say:

"Everything we did played a specific role in preparing me for what I will do and teach this year. I’ve been to other workshops that never got to 'the meat' of the course. This one was nothing but the meat."

"This workshop far surpasses any other professional development I have done in my 18 years as a teacher."

"Compared to other workshops I have attended, this institute has provided more content information, test-taking strategies, and class resources."

"This is the best professional development, period."

An Invaluable Workshop for Both New and Experienced AP Teachers

Both first-time AP teachers and those with years of experience find great value in attending our APSI.  New teachers gain from the expertise of their consultant and fellow participants, while veteran teachers find reinforcement for their practices and new energy and ideas for the year ahead.

"I have been teaching AP for 12 years and reading for seven, but I still very much needed this breath of fresh air and empowerment! Thank you so much!”

“I found this workshop to be very beneficial for a first-year teacher of this course. It has been very straightforward and easy to understand. Lots of samples and things to use in class!”

“Even though I have already taught the course for three years, I gained tons of knowledge and insight into how to improve my teaching strategies to better meet the needs of my students.”


A True Community of Learners

At the AP Summer Institute, relationships are key. Our participants embrace the notion of excellence in teaching and learning, and the community created among fellow teachers is unforgettable.

Our participants say:

“I loved working with others who do what I do every day and getting inspiration and ideas from them.”

"This institute was the first time I walked away belonging to a true community of learners."

“It was a wonderful way to experience true professional development with others that teach the same content.”





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