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World Language Proficiency Requirement

On March 22, 2018 the University Senate voted to approve a resolution from the Colonnade General Education Committee to provide alternative means to satisfy the World Language Proficiency Requirement at WKU. This change indicates all degree-seeking students with two credits (or equivalent) of a single world language in High School satisfies the world language requirement at WKU.


Two credits (or equivalent) of High School language in a single world language satisfies the WKU Proficiency requirement.

TopNet shows if the WKU Language Proficiency is complete with a Y (Yes) or N (No), and this is also verified in your iCAP audit. In addition, the High School Foreign Language field in TopNet shows the specific languages and number of years completed. See General Student Information in the Advising tab, as noted in the screen shot below:

Topnet screenshot

There are several ways to order your high school transcript:

  • Call your High School and request your transcript to be sent:

    WKU Office of Admissions
    1906 College Heights Blvd. #11020
    Bowling Green, KY 42101-1020

  • Order your transcript electronically through parchment:  https://www.parchment.com/. The first step on this site is to identify your High School. If your High School does not appear, you will need to contact your High School directly as it may not use this system. 

Students are responsible for withdrawing from the course if they so choose. The university will not drop them automatically. You may wish to encourage students to consider the benefits of exposure to a world language prior to making their decision. This resolution addresses the World Language proficiency requirement for the WKU Colonnade program. There are several majors on campus that have a world language requirement, this is not addressed in the resolution. Please encourage students to discuss with their major advisor if they are uncertain regarding if a language course(s) is required for their major.

It is important to remind the students a baccalaureate degree requires 120 credit hours and full time status is based on 12 or more hours. A world language course still contributes to both of these requirements.

Q - I have one credit each of two different languages in high school. Have I fulfilled the WKU requirement?

A - No.


Q - I took a 102-level language in college and earned a grade of "D". Have I fulfilled the WKU requirement?

A - No, WKU policy indicates a "C" or above is required. The resolution only speaks to high school coursework.


Q - I have one high school credit in a world language. Do I only need to complete one world language course at WKU?

A - It depends. If you test into the 102-level at WKU and successfully complete the course with a "C" or above, then only one course is required. 


Q - I began my college career prior to the summer of 2004. What is my world language requirement at WKU?

A - If you were a degree-seeking student before the 2004 summer term, only one level of world language is required.


Q - How will this effect new students coming to WKU?

A - Students arriving will follow the resolution as presented. In Fall 2019, the WKU Colonnade General Education Committee will revisit the world language proficiency requirement.


Q - How does this impact International students?

A - The ways to fulfill the requirement have not changed. For details on International student requirements see the Colonnade website.


Q - I think this change will allow me to graduate. How can I determine if that is the case?

A - Go to iCap and check your audit, or contact your advisor. If your application for graduation is on file, and you want to change the date please contact the Registrar's office (jennifer.hammonds@wku.edu or (270) 745-3351). If you believe this change will allow you to graduate please email the Registrars office at registrar@wku.edu. Include in the subject line: Graduate with World Language Change. Please also include your student ID number in the body of the email. Another graduation fee will not be charged, unless you have never applied for graduation.

Email the Academic Advising and Retention Center at: Academic.Advising@wku.edu or by phone 270-745-5065

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