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Assurance of Student Learning

Academic Affairs supports a culture of continuous improvement through intentional, systematic self-reflection of our academic learning goals, measurements, outcomes, and renewals.  As a division, we have re-engaged the campus community in this process.

The work of the Assurance of Student Learning (ASL) Team is to:

  1. review the SACSCOC Fifth-Year and Reaffirmation reports and expectations
  2. mantain appropriate mechanisms/templates for submission and storage of ASL data.
  3. ensure we continue university-wide program level learning outcome assessment annually
  4. offer university wide professional development program for ASL
  5. adhere to a schedule/timeline for reporting assessment results
  6. assist with the preparation of the response to SACSCOC Fifth-Year Report and Reaffirmation process - Standard 8.1, 8.2a, and 8.2b, which specifically addresses the expected outcomes, rate of achievement of these outcomes, and evidence of seeking improvement based on result analysis.

The membership of the Assurance of Learning Committee includes one individual and an alternate, per college, identified by college administration to be experts in program level assessment.  These individuals may include faculty, department heads, and/or associate deans.  Our Colonnade and Evidence and Argument programs are not only significant components of our undergraduate experiences, but are also addressed separately in our SACSCOC standards and should help to drive our culture of continuous improvement.  As a result, representatives for these programs will serve.  Finally, given the potential need for professional development within our academic units, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) will also be represented.

ASL Team Members:

Molly Kerby, (ASL Chair), Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

Stuart Burris, Ogden College of Science & Engineering

LeAnne Coder, Gordon Ford College of Business

Laura DeLancey, University Libraries

Molly Dunkum, Colonnade Co-Director

Marko Dumanćič, Director for the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

Jennifer Klemm, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

Jennifer Hanley, Colonnade Co-Director

Danita Kelley, College of Health & Human Services

Beth Laves, SACSCOC Liaison

Merrall Price, Potter College of Arts & Letters

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 Last Modified 9/20/23