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1 - Academic Affairs Policies

1 :: General

Policy NumberPolicyRelatedRevision
1.0003Academic Affairs Policies - General0.0003Sep 12th, 2017

1.1 :: Faculty

Policy NumberPolicyRelatedRevision
1.1015Consensual Relations Between Faculty And Students0.20400.20704.2303Oct 20th, 2021
1.1035Emeritus/a Status4.8800Feb 27th, 2017
1.1064Access to Academic Affairs Electronic Personnel FilesSep 23rd, 2013
1.1091Macebearer SelectionJul 19th, 2005
1.1112Evaluation Of Faculty CredentialsSep 19th, 2016
1.1122Part-time, Intermittent (Cooperating), and Graduate Assistant Instructor (GAI) Employment and Faculty Qualifications1.11121.12701.30701.51714.20004.20514.20101.4063May 3rd, 2021
1.1186Faculty/university AwardsApr 27th, 2020
1.1211Part-time Employment Of Emeritus/a Faculty In A Teaching Capacity1.2123Sep 30th, 2013
1.1241Extension of Probationary PeriodSep 17th, 2021
1.1270Adjunct FacultyMar 21st, 2011
1.1280Affiliated Faculty/professional Staff1.1270Oct 12th, 2015
1.1305Sabbatical Leave4.6053Oct 20th, 2021
1.1335University Distinguished Professor Selection & Appointment1.1035Jan 27th, 2020
1.1400Paid Parental Leave1.12411.20924.6302Mar 5th, 2020
1.1700Religious And Cultural Observations0.20400.20700.20904.20004.25014.6102Jan 11th, 2021
1.1963Research Track Faculty2.8202Aug 9th, 2021
1.1980Clinical FacultyMar 25th, 2013
1.1991Pedagogical Track FacultyApr 27th, 2020

1.2 :: Fiscal Matters

Policy NumberPolicyRelatedRevision
1.2001Full-time, Non-tenure Eligible Faculty Contracts4.2204Apr 27th, 2020
1.2092Faculty Workload And Compensation1.21231.5121May 9th, 2016
1.2123Summer Sessions And Winter Session Compensation1.2092Jun 26th, 2020
1.2130Faculty Compensation For Teaching On Demand Courses1.2092Jun 1st, 2015
1.2150Short-term, Faculty-Led Study Abroad Compensation for Summer and Winter Sessions1.2123Sep 23rd, 2013
1.2181Tuition Reimbursement For Full-time Faculty Members Pursuing Doctoral Degrees At Universities Other Than Kentucky Public Institutions4.6501Oct 20th, 2021
1.2190Tuition Waiver Program For Part-time Faculty4.65011.2181Sep 19th, 2016
1.2250Guidelines For J-1 Visiting ScholarsJul 25th, 2016

1.3 :: Student

Policy NumberPolicyRelatedRevision
1.3033Student Recruitment Materials Review8.1040Oct 5th, 2020
1.3060Winter Term and Graduate AssistantsJul 19th, 2005
1.3070Evaluation and Orientation of Student Teaching AssistantsApr 1st, 2013
1.3090Access to Educational ResourcesApr 23rd, 2012
1.3100Enrollment Verification For Graduate And Undergraduate StudentsNov 5th, 2019
1.3121Verification Of Student Identity In Distance Education CoursesNov 1st, 2015
1.3131Advising Relative To Declaration And Change Of Program Of StudyNov 1st, 2015
1.3141Priority Registration ScheduleNov 1st, 2015
1.3150Undergraduate Registration HoldsSep 24th, 2018

1.4 :: Courses

Policy NumberPolicyRelatedRevision
1.4001Administration Of Final ExaminationsOct 20th, 2021
1.4013Substantive ChangeFeb 12th, 2019
1.4021Academic Program Review1.4034Feb 8th, 2015
1.4034Engagement Requirements For Hour Of CreditSep 5th, 2017
1.4063Course SyllabiApr 17th, 2017
1.4080Course Cross-listing1.4091Sep 13th, 2021
1.4091Course Equivalencies1.4080Sep 13th, 2021
1.4100Definition Of Areas Of Expertise For Academic ProgramsJan 11th, 2021
1.4121Academic Articulation Agreements1.3033Nov 4th, 2020
1.4132Course Section Delivery Mode Definitions And Relationship To Distance Education1.4034Oct 21st, 2019
1.4142Honorary DegreesSep 17th, 2021
1.4150Awarding Posthumous DegreesNov 28th, 2011
1.4180Course-Related Field Trips3.7011Jun 1st, 2015
1.4201Textbook Adoption PolicyMar 21st, 2011

1.5 :: Administrative

Policy NumberPolicyRelatedRevision
1.5002Academic Administrators Vacation Upon Change Of StatusNov 1st, 2015
1.5031Selection, Appointment, Evaluation and Reassignment of Deans1.5041Sep 23rd, 2013
1.5041Selection, Appointment, and Reassignment of Department Heads/Chairs1.5031Sep 23rd, 2013
1.5052Academic Program Coordinator1.40211.5041Nov 4th, 2020
1.5121Annual Compensation for Faculty with Administrative Appointments1.20921.2123Jan 31st, 2011
1.5132Administrative StipendsJul 11th, 2011
1.5140Administrative Increments1.5121Nov 28th, 2011
1.5171Staff Teaching Assignments1.1122Sep 14th, 2020

1.6 :: Physical

Policy NumberPolicyRelatedRevision
1.6011Class Meeting Times1.40011.4034Apr 4th, 2018

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