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Academic Program Review (APR)

The Academic Program Review (APR) process is an essential part of WKU’s ongoing efforts to ensure the educational mission is being met through the delivery of academic programs. The primary goal of the APR is to evaluate the quality of WKU’s undergraduate and graduate educational programs and provide faculty and staff the opportunity to reflect upon the content of their programs, curricular delivery and research through an evaluation of academic program planning and effectiveness. The Academic Program Review is intended to:

  1. Assess the quality and effectiveness of academic programs.
  2. Identify program strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  3. Encourage accomplishment of both short- and long-term goals and objectives.
  4. Establish program action plans and strategies for continuous improvement.
  5. Ensure that current and proposed degree programs are aligned with WKU and CPE strategic priorities, mission, and purpose.
  6. Utilize the information collected through the APR process to inform planning and priorities at the university level.

Even though the process is rigorous and will require time and effort to yield meaningful results, Academic Affairs aims to streamline and support the process so that program faculty spend most of their time improving programs to educate students more effectively.

Note: APR is divided into two pathways—Degree Review (DR) and Certificate Review (CR). DR is a more rigorous process than CR since undergraduate and graduate degrees are larger and more complex than certificates.

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 Last Modified 7/10/23