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Assessment of Support Units

Assessment of every part of the university is important

Assessment guides virtually everything at a university. We assess our students’ success in our academic programs; certainly, our athletics department engages in a wide range of assessments to measure their success and improve on past performance; and assessment of all of the academic services and administrative units is in place to assure that we are striving to continually improve our services in order to support the University to be successful. 

Assessment plans help us show others that we are making progress toward our goals. It reinforces the efficacy of our support services and units. Engaging in assessment leads to improvement of our support of students, faculty, staff, and our university. It highlights our work toward excellence and allows us to celebrate our achievements.

Assessment tells our story from development, to implementation, to evaluation and ultimately to success.

Your assessment plan should be guided by the WKU mission and your unit level mission. What are you doing to meet your mission? How would you know whether what you are doing works? What do you need to measure that will show whether you have been successful? We have provided resources for you to complete your 22-23 assessment plans and begin your 23-24 plans. And we are here to help so lean on us when you have questions. The important step here is to begin the assessment cycle and keep it up.

We have separated support units into three categories, led by folks in administrative roles and will guide you through this process. A list of those units can be found here.


Assessment Plan Leaders


May - June 2023 Finish collecting data


June 2023 Write up Findings & Analysis and Plan for Improvement


June - July 2023 Open new assessment plan for 2023-2024 and pull in outcomes that will continue into the next year 

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