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SEVIS Violations

It is your responsibility to comply with all immigration and university regulations. We are here to provide you with information and services to ensure that you are aware of these requirements and are able to remain compliant.

Communication with ISSS and reading your Topper email regularly will help ensure you stay in status.

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If you do not follow all regulations, we may be forced by law to terminate your SEVIS record. Termination of a SEVIS record is very serious and can have many negative consequences for you. It can end your ability to stay in the United States, attend school, and apply for work authorization.

SEVIS termination means that you are not in legal status ("out of status") according to the Department of Homeland Security. If you are out of status, contact us to learn about your options.

  • Check your Topper email at least once a day
  • Always stay enrolled in full-time courses
  • Contact ISSS before you drop any courses
  • Do not break any university rules or U.S. laws
  • Only work with proper authorization
  • Do not let your I-20 expire
  • Unauthorized employment
  • Unauthorized withdrawal from classes
  • Unauthorized drop below full course of study
  • Expulsion and suspension
  • Academic Dismissal
  • Failure to enroll in classes

In most cases, the termination of your SEVIS record means that you must immediately depart from the United States. In other words, there is no grace period after termination.

If your SEVIS record is terminated and you wish to continue your studies at WKU, you have two options:

  • Travel outside the United States with a new I-20
  • Submit an application for reinstatement of your status

An ISSS advisor can help you determine which option works best for you. To make an appointment, call 270-745-4857.

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Applying for a Visa                                               


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On-Campus Employment                                   

Optional Practical Training (OPT)                      

OPT STEM Extension                                           

Full-Time Enrollment                                           

Full-Time Enrollment Exceptions                       

Complete Withdrawal and Leaves of Absence

Maintaining Status                                               

SEVIS Violations                                                    

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SEVIS Fee                                                                 

F-1 SEVIS Transfer from WKU                              

Travel Outside of the U.S.                                    

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