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The International Admissions Office and International Student Scholar Service are here to help you support and advise international students.


International Admissions team processes applications for students in non-immigrant status. For more information on admissions requirements for international students you can visit the International Admissions page. U.S. citizens and permanent residents educated in other countries should still be processed as domestic students through the WKU Office of Admissions.

Students who have sat out for less than 5 months and applied for a Leave of Absence before departing can complete a Request for Reactivation of I-20 through iStart. Our immigration advisors will work with the students to prepare their immigration file for their return.

Undergraduate Student Policy - Students who sit out more than 3 semesters must reapply and receive a new I-20.

Graduate Student Policy - Must reapply after withdrawal from 1 semester.  A new I-20 will be issued if out of the country for more than 5 months.

We provide students with many resources and information as they prepare to arrive in Bowling Green. Additionally, the international student orientation provides tools that prepare students to be successful at WKU.

Learn more about the housing resources available to international students by visiting the Housing Resources page>>

Visit the Orientation page for Pre-Arrival and Orientation details>>

Testing and placement exams are administered during International Student Orientation at the beginning of each term. Undergraduate students must attend international orientation and must register for the correct Topper Orientation Program date.

Information on completion and/or requirement of specific tests for students’ can be found in the students’ “General Information” page in TopNet.

A guide for placement score for English, Mathematics, and Reading can be found on the College Readiness website.

General Education and Colonnade world language requirements will be waived for F-1 and J-1 students whose first language is not English. For more details please read the World Language Proficiency policy.   

F-1 and J-1 international students can receive a letter of support from the International Student Office by logging onto iStart and completing the Foreign Language Waiver e-form. Once they receive the letter they can complete the World Language Requirement Waiver and submit to the Registrar’s Office.

Please note that students who are not attending on an F-1 or J-1 visa will not be eligible to receive a letter of support from the International Student Office. They will be required to follow the process outlined in the World Language Proficiency policy referenced above.

International students have specific requirements in order to maintain valid status in the U.S. Some of these requirements include full-time enrollment each semester, keeping their immigration record updated, and completing their program of study before their immigration document expires.

We are here to help interpret and understand F-1/J-1 federal regulations and how different situations can impact the student. See below for more information on common enrollment questions and how you can work with the students to ensure they act in a timely manner.

Full-Time Enrollment: International students must be enrolled full time: 12 credit hours for undergraduate degrees and 9 hours for graduate degrees. Exceptions can be available if students meet the criteria for a reduced course load. Please note that thesis coursework will usually count as full-time enrollment for graduate students. If you have questions please contact us at iso@wku.edu.

Online Enrollment: International F-1 students may take online courses, but only one online course can count towards their full-time enrollment hours. Generally-speaking, this means that an undergraduate student must be in 9 face-to-face credit hours and a graduate student must be in at least 6 face-to-face credit hours in any given semester.

*Sponsored students are responsible for seeking approval from their sponsor before enrolling in online courses.

Concurrent Enrollment: Concurrent enrollment at another Institution: F-1 students are permitted to enroll in courses at a second institution as a visiting students while concurrently enrolled at WKU. Students must be in compliance with their F-1 status with the Department of Homeland Security which means they must remain full-time enrolled. If a student needs a SEVIS verification letter for this type of enrollment at another institution, students can request this through iStart.

Auditing Courses:  Audited courses do not count towards full-time enrollment. If students are auditing a course, they will need to ensure they have met full-time enrollment excluding the audited course(s).

Incomplete Courses: Incomplete courses from a previous semester do not count toward full time enrollment for a current semester.

Undergraduate: Once an undergraduate student has requested a Change of Major/Minor/Concentration and the request is reflected in TopNet, a student must request that their immigration document be updated by submitting a Change of Major e-form through iStart.

Graduate: Once a student has applied and been admitted to the new program of study at the Graduate School, the student can request the change to his/her immigration document by submitting a Change of Program e-form through iStart.

*Sponsored students are responsible for seeking approval from their sponsor before changing their major.

International students often need letters or forms to provide to foreign government agencies or sponsors. Most international student letter requests can be initiated by the student through iStart. If a sponsored student needs a specific letter for their sponsor, detailing academic performance, graduation requirements, or other requested information, our Sponsored Student Page provides detailed instructions on which campus departments or offices can provide each type of letter.
International students can often face difficulties in adjusting to life in Bowling Green and WKU. The best action you can take is to take the time to listen and empathize. Our office does have some resources for advisors to help assist students with adjustment issues and we are happy to provide specific training to you or your office, please contact us at iso@wku.edu to set up a personalized training.

Other helpful resources for students include other campus resources like the Learning Center, the Writing Center, the Advising and Career Development Center , etc. Students may also be interested in connecting with other international and domestic peers through student organizations or the Council of International Student Organizations. Additionally, international students may be interested in getting involved by serving other fellow international students as a part of the International Diplomats or International Orientation Leaders programs through our office.

Our office has some limited resources for assisting international students experiencing financial difficulty. There are some scholarships offered by ISSS for students but they would not assist in covering significant amounts of tuition. Students can find out more about these scholarships HERE.  We also encourage students to reach out to their department, or to external funding entities such as College Board or resources offered at InternationalStudent.com. 
Whether you want to hire an international student or you want to understand their options, we can assist.

Learn about employment options for F-1 students>>

Learn about employment options for J-1 students>>


International Admissions Office Contacts

Meet the International Admissions team!

International Student Immigration Issues iso@wku.edu
International GRADUATE Admissions graduate.school@wku.edu
International UNDERGRADUATE Admissions iem@wku.edu
Foreign Transcript Analysis and Evaluation iem@wku.edu
Pre-Arrival Questions iso@wku.edu
International Employment Questions iso@wku.edu
International Student Academic Questions iso@wku.edu





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