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Honors Housing Information

General Information

Housing renewal is now done through TopNet under the "My Housing" services.  Housing and Residence Life publishes a schedule each year in order to notify students when to begin and participate in the renewal process.  This process usually takes place between February and March of the spring semester and will be posted on the Housing and Residence Life website as well as the Honors College calendar.

During this process you will select both the hall and room in which you wish to live.  Only Honors students will have the ability to choose rooms in Minton, McLean and Bates-Runner Halls. For more information on the step-by-step process, please call HRL at 270-745-4359 or the Honors College at 270-745-2081.

The process is the same for Honors students who are not currently living in the Honors halls, as well as current students who have recently been accepted into the Honors College. These students will follow the same schedule, and when selecting their residence hall for the following year, they will simply choose Minton, Bates-Runner or McLean Hall.

Please Note: Priority for the renewal process is determined by the total number of Honors hours you have completed (including your "in progress" semester hours). In accordance with the TopNet Housing Renewal system, the corresponding number of hours for each class is listed below:

  • Rising Freshman: 0-9 Honors hours
  • Rising Sophomores: 10-18 Honors hours
  • Rising Juniors: 19-27 Honors hours
  • Rising Seniors: 28 or more Honors hours

Remember, Honors College students who are in a warning semester are still eligible to renew their Honors housing, following the same process. Students who have withdrawn from, or who have been dropped form the Honors College, are not. If you renew your Honors housing and are dropped from the program at the end of the spring semester, you will be reassigned to a non-Honors hall for the following year.


Non-Honors Students and Honors Housing

Honors residence halls are reserved for Honors students who are in good standing. Unfortunately, this means non-honors students are not eligible to live in Honors halls. On extremely rare occasions after all (including incoming freshman) Honors students who request Honors housing are placed, there are sometimes open rooms available in honors housing.  Only then do we extend the invitation to Honors students with non-Honors roommates to fill these spaces.  After all those students are given an opportunity, if there are spaces left, they open to campus at large. There are no guarantees from year to year that any spaces will be available in this manner.  


Study Abroad and Honors Housing

If you are studying abroad during the renewal time frame and did not renew your housing with HRL before leaving WKU, you may need to reapply for housing via TopNet.  Contact HRL with specific questions at 270-745-4359 or hrl@wku.edu.

If you plan to study abroad the fall semester for the year you are renewing your housing, go ahead and complete the renewal process so you can secure housing for the spring semester after you return.



If you have further questions, please contact WKU’s Housing and Residence Life at 270-745-4359 or by email at hrl@wku.edu

Or, contact the Honors College at 270-745-2081 or by email at honors@wku.edu

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