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Angela Townsend

Ms. Angela Townsend was a resident of Jonesville as a child, and she has continued to share her stories about the community as an adult. As a retired school teacher, she still lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The dispersal of Jonesville did not prevent her from staying connected with the community, and she continued to attend Mt. Zion church even after she moved to another part of Bowling Green.

She plays a vital role in protecting the history of Jonesville by continuing to collect photos of the community and people, writes poetry from her memories of Jonesville, and openly shares her stories with others who did not have the pleasure of experiencing Jonesville while it was still a thriving community.


Jonesville Links

Jonesville History Project

This is the landing page for the Jonesville History Project that was constructed in the Fall of 2020.

Video - Jonesville: A Neighborhood in Bowling Green, Kentucky

View a documentary on the history of Jonesville created by Aimee Briley, a WKU student in Ethnographic Film in 2009. 

Angela Townsend

Ms. Angela Townsend, a resident of Jonesville, conducted a video with MHC scholars in 2014.

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