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SCATS courses change each year. Courses for the 2018 SCATS will be announced in late spring. To give you a sense of the variety of courses offered each year, below are the course listings for 2017. 


2017 SCATS Courses

Students will be mailed a class list and a class preference worksheet after registering for SCATS. For your convenience, classes are also listed below. Students should read all class descriptions before completing the class preference worksheet and returning it to The Center for Gifted Studies by mail, fax, or email before June 1.

  1. Acting

    Julie Roberts Boggess

    Learn various acting techniques, from method acting to improvisation. Free your creativity and become more comfortable in front of an audience. Learn to break down a script and prepare a monologue. Through imagination, improvisation, vocalization, and movement activities, you will have fun and become prepared for the stage.

  2. Acting Take Two

    Julie Roberts Boggess

    This class is for students who have taken the SCATS Acting class in a previous summer. Expand on the different acting techniques and improvisation games you learned. Create and perform your own original monologues. You will also learn to give constructive performance critiques to your classmates. Come have fun and become even more prepared for the stage.

  3. Art through the Ages

    Alicia Wittmer

    Do you like art? Do you like history? Together as a class we will travel through time and explore different parts of the world. Each part can teach us something different about art. We will discover, learn, and CREATE! Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty as we take on Art through the Ages.

  4. The Civil War: Rediscovering a Torn Nation

    Christine Kirkwood

    Are you the kind of person who likes to try new “old” things? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have to write with a quill pen? What’s a drinking gourd and why did they use it? Experience what it was like to live in the days leading up to the Civil War. What was it like for the average citizen living in a divided nation? What caused the Civil War? Who do you think were the real winners and losers of the war? Over two weeks, we will be discussing the historical perspectives of the Civil War. Which side would you choose…. Confederacy or the Union? What do you think it was like from a slave laborer’s perspective? These questions and more will be discussed and brought to life through a culminating project of your choice.

  5. Clowning

    Nick Wilkins

    Study the art of clowning with emphasis on clown history, clown skills, and the different types of clowns. Learn about clown make-up application, costuming, improvisations, gags, slapstick comedy, stilt walking, unicycle riding, balancing, prop building, juggling, magic, and balloon sculpture – all from a Ringling Brothers-trained clown.

  6. Communication and Leadership FUNdamentals

    Jennay Weatherholt

    Are you looking for the opportunity to develop your leadership potential? Would you like to learn how to better communicate with others? If so, then this interactive course is designed for you. As a community of learners, we will discover roadblocks to effective communication, learn more about our leadership styles, and engage in activities that help us become better leaders and better speakers.

  7. The Craft of Storytelling

    Summer Browning Rich

    Experience an introduction to the craft of storytelling through illustration and solid core writing techniques. Study techniques and tools essential to effective writing and editing. Engage in peer editing and revising as well as small group and whole class discussions. Create an original storybook full of illustrations...that’s correct, you’ll author your very own children’s book! Learn skills and strategies to improve your writing. Sign up and join others who share your passion for creative writing and illustration!

  8. Discover Russia! An Introduction to Russian History, Culture, and Language

    Ekaterina Myakshina

    Up for a challenge? Immerse yourself in the extraordinary history and culture of Russia. Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky, Stravinsky, Chekhov, and Rasputin – even Yul Brynner, Mila Kunis, and Sergey Bryn… all Russians. In this class, you will explore Russia the nation, experience Russia the cultural giant, and learn a bit of the Russian language. Find out what made this vast nation great and how its culture and history resonate in our 21st century world.

  9. Einstein in Monet’s Garden Meets Picasso!

    MaKayla Cleary

    What would happen if Einstein spends a day in Monet’s studio with the famous Spanish artist, Picasso, and flying violin artist, Chagall? Could Picasso’s two-dimensional art enter the three dimensional time and space of Einstein’s world? Could their imagination together embrace the entire world of art and science? This class is for you if you are a serious painter, innovator, and imaginator! Don’t worry, we will learn together all the tricks of trade for various painting techniques in good company with these creative thinkers, artists, and innovators! In this class, you will be sure to discover inner and outer space of creative expressions for your original artwork!

  10. Enhancing Creativity: Tapping into Artistic Talent through Greek Mythology

    Gary Barriger

    Creativity is commonly thought of as a personality trait that resides within the individual. We count on creative people to produce the songs, movies, and books we love; to invent the new gadgets that can change our lives; and to discover the new scientific theories and philosophies that can change the way we view the world. Through this course you will explore ways to enhance your creative abilities by learning and practicing skills to help motivate and stimulate your imagination and artistic talents. From a selected list of Greek mythological stories, you will be paired into small groups where you will collaborate to create a work of art which may be a song, a poem, a painting or a drawing, or perhaps a well-crafted sculpture that you and your group will share with the class as a final project. Examples of possible Greek myths include Perseus & Medusa, Icarus & Daedalus, Jason & the Argonauts, Orpheus & Eurydice, and the competition between Athena & Poseidon.

  11. Exploring the Laws of Motion through Experimentation

    Janice Kersey

    Are you a fan of Sir Isaac Newton? Do you like science experiments? Are you a hands-on kind of learner? In this course, we will explore and learn about the Laws of Motion by completing a series of awesome experiments! Bring your analyzing skills and join us for a great time with rockets and flying potatoes!

  12. The Fabulous Forms of Chihuly: Art that Inspires Wonder and Joy

    Theresa Waddell

    How can changes in temperature transform everyday materials into functional objects and fabulous works of art? In this course, students will take a journey to learn how Chihuly uses changes in temperature to transform ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art. Along the way, they will learn about the scientific properties of glass and the ancient art of glassblowing. Students will explore how Chihuly uses his drawings to design his sculptures and create their own sculptures by combining smaller parts to make a whole. After creating their own sculpture, students engage in planning an installation in the school setting. Come discover the world of sculpture Chihuly style!

  13. From Mars to Mutations, Are You Up to the Challenge?

    Shelby Fisher

    This course will explore a variety of science problems through the use of one tiny tool: the Ozobot. Students will be challenged to think, plan, and solve a variety of problems by programming the Ozobot to perform specific tasks. The Ozobot will assist students in simulating a rescue of an astronaut returning from Mars, determining the genetic code of a bacteria to prevent a disease outbreak, and other adventures.

  14. Future Authors

    Lauren Griffing

    Welcome to an intro to creative writing! Immerse yourself in the writing experience by learning to identify the successful elements of an effective piece of creative writing. Students will gain skills in expressing originality, creativity, and clarity in their original pieces. Experience being in a writing community and learn to give and receive useful feedback.

  15. Genius Hour: Where Your Passion Comes to Life!

    Cindy Mahon

    Passion drives what we all learn and do. Without passion, the world would not be what it is today. It took the passion of someone to invent video games, iPhones, sports, clothing lines, make-up, and pretty much everything else! What is your passion? Through finding your passion and building upon it through research and creativity, the next great invention or idea may just come from you! If you want to make a real impact, tackle a real world problem head on, if you’ve secretly been dreaming of appearing on Shark Tank one day, or if you are simply just ready to be inspired, GENIUS HOUR is for you!

  16. Government and Economics

    Stephanie Gahafer

    In this course you will learn about economics and government while harnessing creativity and improving communication skills. Learn about how countries function and the different forms of government and economic systems. Then you will become a world leader; design and build a new country that competes on a global scale. Your new country will compete with others to become the most successful civilization in the class.

  17. Guitar 101

    Charles McManus

    Have you ever been fascinated by the world of music? Have you ever wanted to learn how to pick up an instrument and begin making great music? Then guitar is the instrument for you! This class will teach basic guitar skills to students who come from any variety of musical experience. We will be learning the fundamental skills and concepts that embody music through the study of the guitar. Sign up and begin your musical journey today!

  18. Humanities 101

    Ryan Himes

    Do you find yourself fascinated with human culture? Humanities is the study of what humans have created/developed throughout history. This includes (but not limited to) art, music, drama, dance, and literature. If you enjoy studying things beyond the paper and pencil test, this class is for you. We will learn the elements of the Arts while incorporating the arts into the class. Come ready to sing, dance, draw, and act.

  19. Innovation Station

    Ashley Vincent

    Have you ever dreamed of inventing a product that will change the world? In this course, you will have an opportunity to test your design skills using common, everyday items to design your own product in a Makerspace atmosphere. With focus on innovation and creativity, take your design through the research, creation, prototype, and marketing process. You will learn technology tools that can help advertise your product. Bring out your inner innovator!

  20. Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Earthquakes and How They Rock Our World

    Morgan Longtine

    Are you an innovative thinker who is interested in science? This class is for you! We will study the way our world is affected and changed by earthquakes. You will have the opportunity to learn about earthquakes, be a member of the media reporting about an earthquake, create your own disaster response plan, and create your own earthquake proof structure and test it out in a friendly earthquake competition. We will study how things change and how we can positively affect that change. In this class, we’ll combine science and creativity in a way that will rock your world!

  21. Singing 101

    Ellie Osborne

    Do you want to learn how to sing? Are you already a singer but you want to learn more? This class is for you! Come sing with friends and learn all about your voice and how to maximize your star potential! We’ll work on growing your range, learning to support your sound, and developing your own unique voice, all while singing and having fun with friends.

  22. The Wizarding World

    Megan Gleason

    Using your knowledge of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books and film series, you will expand your reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. In this class, you will dive deeper into the Wizarding World by learning about urban legends and pop culture mythology, how Beasts relate to your own life, and genetics of “pure blood” families. Over the course of the class, you will read passages from the Harry Potter series and other works about the Wizarding World by J. K. Rowling, research genotypes of characters, and look more closely at the characters’ development throughout the series.

  23. Writing Boot Camp

    Bonnie Honaker and Linda Martin

    If you enjoy all types of writing, this is the class for you. Dabble in various genres including interviews, narratives, essays, and poems. Learn skills and strategies to improve your writing, including “tools of the trade” that published authors use. Sign up and join others who share your passion for writing!

  24. Soundtracks: Songs That Define Us

    Jaclyn Green

    The summer before the instructor’s senior year of high school, at Kentucky’s Governor’s Scholar’s Program, she had the opportunity to take a class focused on studying the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s songs. That experience forever changed the way she listened to music. This summer, she invites you to join her in exploring songs that have moved our nation by helping us heal, uniting us in love, and inspiring hope. Ignited by the influence of some of the greatest musicians of our time, you’ll even write an anthem to capture your own moment in time.

  25. Make Your Mark: Watercolor Style

    Haley Kirtley

    Make your mark by being bold, being unique, and being creative. Expand your understanding of paint beyond the 8 colors in your paint pallet. The different painting techniques and styles will bring a whole new meaning to the power of painting. Making Your Mark is not just painting; It is about grasping an understanding of the influence art truly holds. This opportunity provides structured practices with the freedom to creatively express and explore. Be inspired by some of the most famous painters by learning a variety of artistic processes. More importantly, let the inner artist shine by being your own inspiration in your discoveries.

  26. The Art of Graphic Design

    Haley Kirtley

    Advertising is not what the viewer makes it; it is the way you CREATE IT! Explore the entanglement between the graphic arts and advertising. Take a look at how the two topics merge in the world around us. Art is not just in our schools, museums, and homes. Art is influencing the decisions we make in our daily lives. By gaining insight on the creation and purpose behind our advertisements and graphic designs; we can further understand the role art plays in the professional world. With graphic design becoming a booming profession and advancements in technology, creating art through pen and paper could become a thing of the past. Creating logos, ads, and more will expand learning about what graphic design truly is and the major role it plays in our culture. Let the technology be your tools, and your creativity be your guide!

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Note: Although we offer some of the same courses multiple years in a row, SCATS class offerings change each year. Courses for 2019 will be announced in late spring. To give you a sense of typical SCATS classes, click on the list of courses from 2018. 

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