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Viewing Calendars

Everyone that has a WKU Net Id and Password has access to Astra
from anywhere.  Please use the following link to access Astra:  http://astra.wku.edu/

Scheduling Grids:

Great way to see what space is being used and where the openings are for new classes/events to take place.

  1. Once your logged in click on the "Calendar Tab" across the top toolbar, then under that select the "Scheduling Grids" option.
  2. Once that opens you'll notice that the calendar automatically opens to the building list.  Nothing sorted, just a big list in order alphabetically by building codes starting on today's date.  Of course you'll want to narrow your search down so you can view the things that interest you.
  3. You narrow your list down by selecting the magnifying glass next to the date box on the top left toolbar.  When selected there is a filter box that open to the left, you'll be able to select your Campus, Building/Region, Room Type, etc...  Don't forget to check the boxes that read "Include Events" & "Include Academics" because the calendar will not show you these things without it being told to do so.  After you've made your selection then hit "Search" button in the top toolbar.  This will populate the calendar to the right showing you only what you've selected.
  4. Next to the search button there is a drop down box with a save icon inside.  This will allow you to save your search so it will automatically open as your default every time when view the calendar.

Just as an FYI - You'll notice the following colors on the Calendar:

Blue - Sections / Classes
Green - Events
Pink - Finals

Available Rooms:

This option will allow you to search for available rooms for any day/time.

  1. Once your logged in click on the "Calendar Tab" across the top toolbar, then under that select the "Available Rooms" option.
  2. Once that opens please click on "Add New" on the top left toolbar.
  3. An "Add Meeting" box will pop-up and you'll have to ask yourself are you searching for a "Single Meeting" or "Recurring Meeting".  There is a toggle switch for each meeting pattern.  Select the one that best fits your search.
  4. If your searching for a "Single Meeting": enter your time frames and select your date for the meeting.  After you've done that then hit the OK button at the bottom of the "Add Meeting" pop-up box.
  5. If your searching for a "Recurring Meeting"; enter your time frames, under "Day Pattern" select either Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly, after you do that you'll have to pick your pattern on the right side of that box, then select your "Date Range".  Once everything has been selected hit the OK button on the bottom of the "Add Meeting" pop-up box.
  6. Now that you've entered your meeting patterns then you'll be able to narrow your search down.  Under "Search Filters" feel free to list things that you want.  The most popular searches are narrowed down by buildings, room types, features and capacity.  After you enter your items to narrow the search hit the "Search Button" across the bottom.
  7. After the system searches it'll populate the bottom left box with you available rooms.  You can hit the "Print Button" or "Create Event" from the listings of rooms.  If you wish to create an event be sure to select the toggle switch next to the room you want. then select "Create Event".  It will ask a few questions and then you can save.
Campus Contact:

Ms. Jessica Steenbergen

Scheduling Applications Coordinator

Wetherby Admin Building - 220

Phone: (270) 745-2802

Fax: (270) 745-5442


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