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Academic Space Management

I. Purpose

1.  In August 2014, as part of WKU's ongoing efforts to increase the efficiency of academic space utilization, the Provost established the WKU Space Advisory Committee (SAC).  The SAC is charged with the review of requests for the long-term assignment (one-year or longer) of academic physical space across WKU, including Regional Campuses.  It reviews request for assignment or change of use including

  • Assignation of vacant space;
  • re-assignment of space from one unit to another,
  • major changes in use of space, and
  • modifications of space. 

2.  The SAC does not review requests for routine allocations of existing space, such as reassignment of offices within the same department/center or dividing offices or conferences rooms.


II.  Membership

1.  The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will serve as ex officio chair of the SAC.

2.  The Scheduling & Applications Coordinator will serve as Vice-Chair, and will be responsible for preparing meeting agendas and communicating the outcome of petitions.

3.  The SAC will include either one or two faculty representatives from each College (the number of representatives reflecting the number of buildings occupied by that college), as appointed by the University Senate, and one representative from each Regional Campus.

4.  The SAC will also include representatives from Planning, Design and Construction (PDC), Facilities Management (FM), and Information Technology (IT), at the invitation of the Provost.


III.  Process

1.  The SAC will meet on a quarterly basis and will review all space requests submitted by the submission deadline prior to each meeting.

2.  Requests may be submitted at any time and will be heard at the next regularly scheduled meeting after submission.

3.  Each request will require a completed Space Request Form clearing indicating the change/space for which a change of status is requested (grouping of offices for a single project require only one form).

4.  Requests must include a written justification, including the need for the requested space, a description of the function/mission of the requesting unit and its current allocation of space, and the source of funding for required renovations and all associated costs for the requested space.

5. Each SAC agenda will reflect all requests received by the deadline for each regularly scheduled meeting.

6.  Requestors will be invited to appear and present the rationale for their request.

7.  The SAC may, at its discretion, solicit additional review, comments or information from other University representatives, colleges, departments and units.

8.  The SAC shall make a recommendation to the Provost to either (as appropriate):

(a)    assign the requested space to the requesting unit

(b)   have the requesting unit's current space reconfigured/renovated to meet the space needs

(c)    reject the request;

(d)   table the request for future consideration, information or other review and place the request on a future agenda for action. Ordinarily, tabled requests will be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting.

9.  SAC recommendations will be made according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

10.  The Provost will issue memoranda to petitioners and other affected parties.  Such memoranda will specify the exact nature of the assigned space, the duration of the assignation, and any limitations on its use.

11.  Time-sensitive and/or emergency requests may also be made, as noted on the Space Request Form. The SAC may opt to review such requests via email.

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