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Winter 2024

1) Art of Nature - Grades 1 & 2
Sarah Lynch
Calling all artists! Make nature-inspired art while learning the science behind that nature. We will have fun investigating connections among science, nature, and art together. I can’t wait to explore and create with you!

2) Discovering Russian Culture - Grades 1 & 2
Ekaterina Myakshina
Explore the language and culture of Russia through games, dancing, and musical activities. Learn the Russian words for numbers, family members, places, zoo animals, and more. Watch familiar cartoons with the characters’ names in Russian and make a pretend trip to the grocery store to buy fruits and vegetables under their Russian names. You will tell stories using the words you learn after seeing the famous Russian nesting dolls.

3) Investigating the Natural World - Grades 1 & 2
Christy Givens
Are you curious about the world around you? Bring your scientific curiosity and join your fellow investigators as we learn more about our astonishing planet. We will explore patterns in nature and discover why weather, mammals, trees, and insects have an important place in our world. Get ready to assume the role of scientists as we investigate, observe, create, and wonder together!  

4) Intro to Musical Theatre - Grades 1 & 2
Kari Carr
Do you want to sing, dance, and act? Then join us as we learn to tell a story through song and dance! Have a blast and learn some basics of musical theatre as we explore what it takes to put on a musical. We even put on our own show!

5) Mindful STEM Adventure - Grades 1 & 2
Jessi Hampton
Young engineers will build rafts, craft intricate snowflakes, design ramps, and construct miniature castles. Along the way, we’ll learn the art of mindfulness, developing focus and stress-reduction techniques to enhance creativity and problem-solving skills. This class is an engaging blend of hands-on STEM activities and mindfulness practices that spark curiosity and promote well-being.

6) Mix it Up! Mixed Media Art - Grades 1 & 2
Hayley Kirtley
If you are feeling creative and enjoy exploring different ways to make art, then come on and help us mix it up! We’ll go beyond the traditional art brush to create amazing art projects. Using your special design skills to express yourself; you will be drawing, painting, designing, and creating. Such messy fun awaits! Your family and friends will love seeing the great artwork you create, and you will find out that the possibilities for creating art are endless when you “mix it up.”

7) Super Coders! - Grades 1 & 2
Sam Northern
Come join our team of Super Coders! Super Coders will learn computer programming skills to complete fun challenges. You will operate robots and command a variety of devices to finish tasks and solve problems. Do you have what it takes to be a Super Coder?

8) Acting - Grades 2 & 3
Julie Boggess
If you are interested in acting, come join our class! We will explore several acting games and techniques. You will also choose a monologue to perform during our final class. 

9) Amazing Science Lab - Grades 2 & 3
Lyndsey Duke-Brooks
Curious junior chemists wanted for an amazing science adventure! Explore colors, solids, liquids, gases, polymers, chemical reactions, mixtures, solutions, and so much more through minds-on, hands-on experiments. No fancy laboratory is required, just curiosity and the love of science exploration! *Note: This class does have some messy experiments.

10) Be a Mathemagician - Grades 2 & 3
Nicole Taylor
Would you like to be a Mathemagician?  Do you get excited at the thought of solving problems? Join us on a mathematical odyssey that includes games, puzzles, mysteries, and magic. Each week we will explore math using a fun, minds-on, hands-on approach. Let’s wave our mathemagical wands, develop our mathemagical powers, and astound our friends and family!

11) Gods, Heroes, and Monsters - Grades 2 & 3
Leslie Hale
Embark on an exciting journey into the captivating world of ancient gods and legendary heroes in this engaging Greek mythology class. Magic, heroics, battles, love, friendship, family, adventures – the Greek myths have it all! Discover the myths of Zeus, Athena, Hercules, and many more, and how they still are part of our everyday lives. 

12) Learning with LEGO - Grades 2 & 3
Renee Hale
Did you know LEGO are for more than just building? Join us to design and test LEGO mazes, re-create historical landmarks while exploring the history behind them, weigh items using LEGO, and more! It’s science, math, reading, and art – all with LEGO!

13) Potter Painter Picasso Paints Pots and Pitchers - Grades 2 & 3
Miwon Choe
What would you do with a lump of clay and paintbrushes if you were Picasso? Could you make a whimsical 3D portrait? How about zany pots with colorful designs and stories? Did you know Picasso loved painting clay pots, pitchers, and plates, as well as anything he can find from Monet’s Garden in Giverny? You will have to come to our PPP PPP Studio to find out more! Let’s use our creative hands and imagination to paint like Picasso.

14) Spy Training Academy - Grades 2 & 3
Sara Spear
Calling all Junior Spies! The Junior Spy Training Academy is about to begin, and we are looking for curious and creative minds to explore spy science. We’ll learn how to create invisible ink messages, make a cipher to solve codes, and create our own secret codes (we have to keep our secrets safe!). Our special training will also include detective work such as dusting for fingerprints, using chromatography to test ink samples, building a pom-pom shooter to create a diversion, and other techniques to navigate the spy world. Who is ready to uncover the science behind spying, complete the academy, and get an official Spy School Training certificate

15) Time Travelers - Grades 2 & 3
Dianne Wade
Join us on a magical journey though time! Step into our special time machine to explore countries and times hundreds of years in the past. Your first stop will be Ancient Egypt and a visit to the pyramids. You just might try on a toga from the ancient world of Rome and discover how people lived in the Middle Ages with knights and castles. You will have a lot of fun learning about different periods in history and creating memories on each adventure!

16) Aquatic Explorers - Grades 3 & 4
Madison Staten
Dive into the wonders of the deep blue sea as we become Aquatic Explorers! In this Ocean Odyssey class, you'll encounter the beauty and diversity of ocean life, from shimmering schools of fish to the gentle giants of the deep. You'll be a junior marine biologist, discovering the mysteries of the oceans and the importance of conservation. It's a tidal wave of fun and learning you won't want to miss!

17) Code Breakers - Grades 3 & 4
Shane Baker
Join our coding class, where young minds embark on an exciting journey into the world of programming! Our dynamic session, powered by Scratch.mit.edu, invites you to unleash your creativity through hands-on coding projects. Using Scratch's user-friendly interface, craft interactive stories, games, and animations, fostering a solid foundation in programming logic. But the adventure doesn't stop there! Engage in the thrilling realm of robotics with LEGO Spike, where you bring your designs to life. Through a blend of imagination and engineering, you'll tackle challenges, enhance problem-solving skills, and witness the magic of your creations moving and responding to commands. Become a Digital Wizard! Huzzah!

18) Inventors Workshop - Grades 3 & 4
Jennifer Sheffield
Do you love building things and making stuff? Do you enjoy being creative and using your imagination? Then get ready to be a creative engineer in Inventors Workshop! Design the ultimate pet habitat, machines to fix life’s little problems, and inventions to help save the world. You’ll explore the design-thinking process and build prototypes of your one-of-a-kind ideas using household items, art supplies, and recycled/repurposed random objects. Let’s make stuff – and maybe even save the world along the way!

19) Lost in Space - Grades 3 & 4
Candace Davis
Are UFOs real? We see them on TV, in movies, and on social media – but are they real? Together we’ll get lost in space as we explore the possibility that there are other planets that have life. As we travel into space, we’ll explore the world of ”aliens,“ UFOs/UFPs, and planets in our solar systems that may be livable. Using Newton's Three Laws of Motion, we’ll make rockets and a constellation viewer. We’ll also create some STEM alien challenges and create a planet! Strap on your science helmet, and let's explore space together. 

20) Science Spectacular Saturdays - Grades 3 & 4
Kaleigh Davenport
Explore the spectacular world of science with lots of fun, messy, gooey activities. We'll master chemical reactions using Pop Rocks and individual baggie experiments – what a yummy way to learn! We'll also discover the different properties of matter through goo and learn how to create a chain reaction. Get your curiosity caps on and join our science spectacular Saturdays!

21) World Rhythms Dance Journey - Grades 3 & 4
Kierra Chandler
Dance enthusiasts unite! In World Rhythms Dance Journey, we will experience a variety of dance styles from around the world and learn some of the history of how these dances came to be. You’ll create your own dance pieces and learn to express yourself through creative movement. Let’s go dancing!

22) Fairy Tale Mock Trials - Grades 4 & 5
Harmony Hendrick
Have you heard tales about The Big Bad Wolf? What about Goldilocks? When you read those stories, did you happen to think "Wow! I bet there's a law against that behavior?" If you did, this class is for you. Join us as we explore the court system, learn the parts of a trial, and ensure that some fairy tale baddies get their day in court.  Be ready to play your part and see that justice is served!

23) Team Up for STEM - Grades 4 & 5
Tara Tinsley
Did you know that aerodynamics and the shape of a football matter when throwing the perfect pass? Or that physics and the laws of motion are important to the game of basketball? STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is everywhere and that includes all sports! There are connections between each touchdown, slam dunk, hockey score, and home run to STEM. We’ll explore some of these connections and then you’ll design, plan, and test STEM challenges related to sports. Come join our learning team!

24) American Sign Language - Grades 4, 5, & 6
Holly Bryant & Piper Poteet
Come learn your ABCs, 123s and much more. This course is open to all levels of knowledge and will be geared toward learning and reviewing the basics of American Sign Language. We will also look at grammar rules, common requests, geography, beginning dialogues, and more. Each class will contain a student led Q&A to cater the class to the learners! Do you have what it takes to talk with your hands? If so, this is the class for you.

(Students who took this class in Fall Super Saturdays are welcome to join this class to review and advance their skills.)

25) Build a Play - Grades 4, 5, & 6
Shawn Quinn
Do you like acting? Do you like making up stories? Do you think we could make up a play and perform it in just 3 weeks? I bet we can! Join us and go from blank canvas to a full (short) play. We will explore writing, costumes, props, and performance.

26) Lens Lessons - Grades 4, 5, & 6
Lily Thompson
Do you have an eye for the creative? Photography could be your new outlet. Join an award-winning professional photojournalist in a fun, hands-on dive into the art of photography. You’ll explore the ins and outs of how to document the world in front of you, letting your creativity guide you in taking photos. You’ll even build your own camera! Explore the world through the amazing art of photojournalism.

(Small digital camera and SD card required; no cell phone cameras please.)

27) Into the Paintingverse - Grades 4, 5, & 6
Sydney Young
Have you ever thought about how art styles differ? Let’s explore how art changes – and stays the same – from one style to another. You’ll choose an animal and learn to paint that animal in different art styles throughout our journey. Cartoon style, expressionism, abstract art – what is your favorite form of expression? I can’t wait to explore these different art styles with you in Painting-Verse!

28) Computational Thinking - Grades 5 & 6
Hasan Akdeniz
Join this journey to transform your problem-solving approach. Explore the wonders of computational thinking and gain skills to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and curiosity. Computational thinking is a superpower that prepares you to break down complex challenges, think logically, and create innovative solutions using technology's power. Computational thinking is not just for computer scientists; it's a set of skills that will help everyone become better problem-solvers and prepare them for the digital world. Get ready to sharpen your mind, unleash your creativity, and discover the magic of turning ideas into reality!

29) Design and Code a 2D Video Game - Grades 5 & 6
Jennifer Emberton
Gamefroot is a fun way to make games, animations, and stories to share with the world! You will learn creative coding and design thinking while experiencing the thrill of publishing a game. Come design a game with us!

30) Engineering a Brighter Future - Grades 5 & 6
Peyton Hess & Catherine Poteet
What do parachutes, potato chips, and windmills have in common? They can be used to help solve problems facing our world today! Join us as we study ways to deliver supplies to those in need, design alternative energy solutions, and find other engineering solutions to today’s problems.

31) Lost Art of Letter Writing - Grades 5 & 6
Katy Whitford
For centuries letter writing has given us insight into history and the hearts of star-crossed lovers, but it is just as essential for everyday life. Despite the prevalence of emails and text messages, everyone should know how to craft a genuine letter. Writing letters improves communication and social and handwriting skills. Join us as we learn from master communicators like Shakespeare, Johnny Cash, and Napoleon and write letters of love, business, and much more.

32) Mysteries of the Human Body - Grades 5 & 6
Cameron Carr-Calvert, Emily Sutton, & Catherine Malin
The human body is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Together, we will explore and solve some of the mysteries surrounding medicine, human anatomy, and physiology, genetics, and more! Throughout the program, you'll extract your own DNA, hold a heart, and leave class with a new "working" set of lungs.  You'll then apply your new knowledge through medical case studies and experiments. Join us on this intriguing journey as we uncover the mysteries of the human body.

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