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Fall 2022

Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will be in the same class for three weeks.

1) Experimenting, Exploring, and Creating Art with Science - Grades 1 & 2
Ashley Davison (At Capacity)

If you enjoy creating art and doing science experiments, then you will love this class! Join us in exploring new ways to make art through experimentation with common household items and basic art materials. Artists, curious minds, and scientists unite to create art that is unique, exciting, and sometimes a bit messy! I can’t wait to make amazing art experiments with you!

2) Let’s Get Batty! - Grades 1 & 2
Jessica Hampton
Do you ever wonder about the creepy creatures that fly through the night? You’ll explore the amazing world of bats by researching and mythbusting the upside-down world of bats. When do bats sleep? What do they eat? They fly so why aren’t they birds? After you’ve learned about “batty” facts and misconceptions, you’ll use your bat expertise to create a bat exhibit, an echolocation product, and a bat house. Let’s get batty together!

3) Storybook Science - Grades 1 & 2
Kristin Henson (At Capacity)
Mythbusters unite! Let’s read some of our favorite storybooks and then conduct hands-on science experiments to see what happens. Can the wind really blow a house down like it did when the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed in Three Little Pigs? You’ll make your own model house and test the power of wind to find out! We’ll have plenty of fun making and experimenting with oozy slime when we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Come with your best investigator hat on as we explore the science behind the storybook.

4) Investigating the Natural World - Grades 1 & 2
Christy Givens (At Capacity)
Are you curious about the world around you? Are you ready to develop your science skills and learn more about our astonishing planet? Join our explorers club to investigate why weather, mammals, trees, and insects (just to name a few) all have an important place on our planet. Members of our club will assume the role of different scientists as we investigate, observe, create and wonder together! World explorers with lots of curiosity will be right at home as we investigate our natural world.

5) Acting - Grades 2 & 3
Julie Boggess
If you are interested in acting, come join our class! We will explore several acting games and techniques. Students will also choose a monologue to perform during our final class.

6) Wearable Art - Grades 2 & 3
Gabi Simic (At Capacity)
We normally see art displayed on a wall but not with wearable art!! Using all kinds of different materials, you can design and wear your own art! You’ll find out what Shrinky Dinks are and how to make them, use everyday items to make recycled wearable art, clay pendants, explore designing and so much more! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and jump into some exciting art making. At the end of our special creating and designing, families will be invited to an art exhibit full of all the amazing work we have created together. Don’t just hang up your artwork – wear it!

7) Amazing Science Lab - Grades 2 & 3
Lyndsey Duke Brooks (At Capacity)
Junior chemists unite! In our chemistry lab you’ll explore colors, solids, liquids, gases, polymers, chemical reactions, mixtures, solutions, and so much more through amazing hands-on and minds-on experiments. If you enjoy experimenting, learning, and getting messy, this amazing science lab is for you.  No fancy laboratory is required, just your inquiring mind!

8) Learning with LEGO - Grades 2 & 3
Renee Hale (At Capacity)
Did you know LEGO are for more than just building? Join us to design and test Lego mazes, re-create historical landmarks while exploring the history behind them, weigh items using LEGO, and more! It’s science, math, reading, and art--all with LEGO!

9) Spy Training Academy - Grades 2 & 3
Sara Spear  (At Capacity)
Calling all Junior Spies! The Jr. Spy Training Academy is about to be in session, and we are looking for curious and creative minds to explore spy science. We’ll learn how to create invisible ink messages, make a cipher to solve codes, and create our own secret codes (we have to keep our secrets safe!). Our special training will also include detective work such as dusting for fingerprints, using chromatography to test ink samples, building a pom-pom shooter to create a diversion, and other techniques to navigate the spy world. Who is ready to uncover the science behind spying, complete the academy, and get an official Spy School Training certificate?

10) ROAD TRIP! A STEAM Adventure through America’s National Parks -Grades 3 & 4
Madison Wells Staten(At Capacity)
Let’s go on a road trip to America’s National Parks! Join us on a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) learning adventure as we take a closer look at the rich history and ecosystems found within each of our amazing national parks! We’ll experiment, explore, and discover together to learn more about our amazing national park system. Whether it’s studying beautiful cave features deep beneath the surface of Earth at Mammoth Cave or determining the cause of the Old Faithful Geyser found at Yellowstone, there’s a STEAM learning adventure waiting for you!

11) Solving An Egyptian Crime -Grades 3 & 4
Candace Davis (At Capacity)
Calling all investigators and archaeologists. It has come to our attention that several Egyptian artifacts have been counterfeited and sold on the black market. As special investigators, it’s your job to dive into the crime scene, find the real artifacts, and then get them back to their rightful place. Mummifications, fingerprints, and fact-finding breakthroughs will lead you to the right place.

12) Science Spectacular Saturdays -Grades 3 & 4
Kaleigh Davenport (At Capacity)
Explore the spectacular world of science with lots of fun, messy, gooey activities. We'll master chemical reactions using Pop Rocks and individual baggie experiments--what a yummy way to learn! We'll also discover the different properties of matter through goo and learn how to create a chain reaction. Get your curiosity caps on and join our science spectacular Saturdays!

13) Write it, Rap it - The Lyrical Poetry of Rap Music -Grades 3 & 4
Nicole Patton
Lyrical poetry is a type of poetry with rhyming schemes that express personal and emotional feelings. Guess what? So is much of rap! We'll look at rhythm, rhyme, imagery, figurative language and more as we blend the artistry of poetry and rap. Combining the excitement of music with the exploration of elements of poetry will have you creating your own rap that sounds like musical poetry.  What will YOU create?!

14) Snakes, Sparrows, and Sharks, OH MY! - Grades 4 & 5
Madison Moss
In this class, we will explore adaptations of different creatures of the land, sea, and air! What do cats, dolphins, and elephants have in common? How do sea creatures breathe underwater? What’s the difference between warm blooded creatures and cold-blooded creatures? Just how many species are there, exactly? What kind of environments do these different animals live in? We will explore the answers to these questions and more as we design and create the perfect habitat for your favorite animal and learn all about the animal kingdom!

15) Build-A-Play Workshop - Grades 4 & 5
Shawn Quinn
Do you like acting, creating stories, and design? If so, our Build-a-Play Workshop has a role for you. Together we’ll imagine, design, and create a full (short) play in just three Saturdays.  We’ll have a blank canvas on which to build our play utilizing your skills in playwriting, costume and prop design. Our final performance will have them standing and yelling “Bravo!”

16) Knexting with Simple Machines – Are you the next Rube Goldberg? -Grades 4 & 5 
Cathy Willoughby (At Capacity)
Do you ever wonder how things are made or how they move?  Do you enjoy building and creating fun, unique ways of doing everyday tasks?  If so, this is the class for you!  Join us as we use Knex to learn about and build simple machines. We’ll combine our knowledge of simple machines, imagination, and brain power with common everyday items to engineer and design a one-of-a-kind Rube Goldberg machine. Step into the world of creativity, engineering, and design as you create a new way to complete an ordinary task.

17) Sew Much Fun - Exploring Your Creativity with Thread -Grades 4 & 5
Leslie Hale (At Capacity)
Are you feeling creative but looking for something beyond traditional art forms? Then join us in exploring the world of sewing in this hands-on class. Sewing is about creativity, self-expression, and experimenting with colors and patterns. You’ll learn about different kinds of stitches, and which threads and needles should be used for which project. After the first Saturday you will have already designed and made your own sewing kit pouch! All the projects you make during the three Saturdays will be presented to parents and families at a special Gallery Walk, after which you can take your special projects home. There will be “sew” many ways to have a fun and creative time! 

18) Lens Lessons: Seeing Your World Through a Camera - Grades 5 & 6
Lily Thompson
Are you a visual learner with an eye for the creative? Then photography could be your new outlet.  Join an award-winning professional photojournalist in a fun hands-on dive into the art of photography.  You’ll explore the ins and outs of how to document the world in front of you, letting your creativity guide you in taking your own photos.  You’ll even build your own camera! Explore the world through the amazing art of photojournalism. 

(Small digital camera and SD card required; no cell phone cameras please.)

19) Fanfiction Fanatics -Grades 5 & 6
Tamara O’Nan
Calling voracious readers and creative writers! Have you ever finished a book and wished it never ended? Or ended differently?  In this class, we will create our own alternative storylines, all the while sharpening our creative writing skills.  We will also take some time to explore various types of fanfiction, the legality of fanfiction, and the authors who support or protest fanfiction.  Each Saturday we will create our own unique twist on some popular fan favorites: Holes, Harry Potter, & Percy Jackson. Students will need Chromebooks or laptops. Students will be introduced to a variety of fanfiction production options such as digital graphic/comic making, podcast, vlogging, blogging, and digital bookmaking. Are you ready to keep your favorite story going? --- What if Harry . . .

20) Scratch that Coding Itch - Grades 5 & 6
Matt Staggs
If you enjoy interactive animations, digital stories, and online games, now you can create your own. Using Scratch, a free popular programming platform developed by MIT, you’ll learn how to code using a simple visual interface.  Get ready to code your way into the Scratch community as you create, design, and code to “Scratch” that coding itch. (No coding experience is required.)

21) The Magical World of Russian Fairy Tales -Grades 5 & 6
Ekaterina Myakshina
Russian literature has a rich history, especially its imaginative and magical folklore. Together we'll explore the fascinating characters and plots of some of Russia's most famous folklore characters. We'll meet Baba Yaga, the most famous witch in Russian folk tales, and decide if she is a wicked witch or a helpful witch, find out where Kashei the Deathless hides his death, why the Snowmaiden melted, and what the beautiful Firebird likes to eat. After reading the original stories and viewing cartoon illustrations written in Russian (don't worry, there are subtitles!), you'll write your own story and paint your own matryoshka (nesting dolls) inspired by the magical journeys, quests, evil and good characters, royal characters and peasants, talking animals, riches and good fortune as a reward for the good characters, and death for the evil characters encountered in these Russian fairy tales. Our journey through the imaginative and magical world of Russian fairy tales awaits.

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