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Fall 2019 Super Saturdays Course Offerings


Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be in the same class for four weeks; however, on the application you should list five classes in which you are interested. If the first choice is filled, you will be placed in the next available class. You will receive a written confirmation of registration indicating the class in which you will participate.

While classes change some year to year, we leave these up as an indicator of the type of programming available. An updated class list will be added near the start of Winter Super Saturdays. 


1. Master Mathematicians,grades 1 & 2,Kierra Chandler

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From https://www.thepunctuationguide.com/em-dash.html
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Do you want to become a master mathematician? Then join our journey with numbers as we explore fun and challenging games, puzzles, and exciting missions - we may even search for treasure or write some secret codes! Get ready to create, solve, and discover as you become a master mathematician!          
2. CSI Jr. Detective Agency, grades 1 & 2, Ben Slinkard
Calling all Junior Detectives!  Join our team of detectives as we solve a mystery each week. We'll gather clues and collect evidence, including taking fingerprints, testing unidentified powders, and using chromatography (a special way to test ink), to be CSI detectives. A special visitor will show us some real detective tools. By pulling all our CSI detective training and tools together, we'll solve the who, what, where, and how behind the mystery. Junior crime fighters unite!      


3. Fantastic Crazy Amazing Goo, grades 1 & 2,Andrea Heming
Are you ready to see the world from the gooey side? Goo is messy, sticky, gummy, runny, smelly, and lots of fun to make! We'll be junior scientists as we make lots of amazingly gooey mixtures. Join the fun as we create, touch, smell, and even taste these wonderful, crazy concoctions. Are you ready to get slimed?


4. A Matter of Fact, grades 1 & 2,Amelia Watkins
Pop rocks, coke floats, and melting popsicles…oh my! Are you ready for some scientifically proven fun?! As junior scientists, explore the states of matter first hand through lots of minds-on, hands on experiments. You will learn how matter changes states and what makes up solids, liquids, and gases in this exciting class!         


5. Pirates, Princesses, and Creatures, Oh My!, grades 1 & 2, Ashley Davison
Art is a language of dreams and wishes! Get ready to leave this world behind and embark on a magical journey. Put on your creative thinking caps and join us in making your wishes come true through fairy tale characters of your own imagination. Jump into your own magical world of fairy tale and adventure characters. In this interactive class, we will create favorite stories, costumes, and be the characters by exploring 2D and 3D wearable art. Dressed as your favorite creative character, be the star of the catwalk on our final day at the runway show! Parents are invited to attend our final runway event.         


6. Storybook Science, grades 1 & 2,Kristin White Henson
Mythbusters unite! Let’s read some of our favorite storybooks and then conduct minds-on, hands-on science experiments to see what happens. Can the wind really blow a house down like it did when the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed in Three Little Pigs? You’ll make your own model house and test the power of wind to find out! We’ll have plenty of fun making and experimenting with oozey slime when we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Come with your best investigator hat on as we explore the science behind the storybook. 


7. Acting, grades 2 & 3, Julie Roberts Boggess
If you are interested in being “on stage,” come join our class! Come explore a few acting games and techniques. Have fun creating scenery and props.  Plus, during our final class we will perform a play for your families to enjoy. Are you ready to be an actress or actor?
8. Secret Formulas, grades 2 & 3, Lyndsey Duke
Be ready to become laboratory scientists as we explore the secret formulas of toothpaste, rock candy, hot ice, invisible ink, and much more!  We'll make each product by testing the ingredients and then studying their make-up. Join in the excitement and discover the magic behind those formulas. The excitement of discovery is no "secret" in this class!


9. Spy Training Academy, grades 2 & 3, Sara Spear
Calling all Junior Spies! The Jr. Spy Training Academy is soon to be in session and we are looking for curious and creative minds to explore spy science. We’ll learn how to create invisible ink messages, make a cipher to solve codes, and create our own secret codes (we have to keep our secrets safe!). Our special training will include detective work such as dusting for fingerprints, using chromatography to test ink samples, building a pom-pom shooter to send important information over a gorge, and other techniques to navigate the spy world. Who is ready to uncover the science behind spying, complete the academy, and get their official Spy School Training certificate?


10. Walk Like an Egyptian, grades 2 & 3, Laura Beth Hayes
Travel back in time to uncover the secrets of ancient Egyptian culture.  Using everyday food and kitchen items, we’ll create and mummify our own Egyptian pharaoh, and then experience a burial procession for our honored mummy.  Throughout our journey, we will learn about the traditions and mysterious practices of the ancient Egyptians, and will also learn the science behind HOW and WHY mummification works.  We’ll keep a scrapbook of our adventure through ancient Egypt as we walk like an Egyptian!


11. Crazy for Coding! grades 3 & 4,Kyle Summers
If Code.org, Scratch, Code Combat, Lightbot, Ozoblockly, Ozobots, and Unplugged activities sound intriguing, this class is for you.  You'll learn to use various coding sites and tools to learn basic logistical thinking skills as well as basic computer language.  You can keep any projects you create and want to work on in the future. Coding is crazy - and fun!          


12. May the Force Be With You, grades 3 & 4, Morgan Whiticker and Cristina Throckmorton
Is your midi-chlorian count off the charts? Do you have the accuracy needed to hit the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port? If so, join us as we explore the science behind your favorite Star Wars moments. We’ll discover what it takes to make the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, how to navigate the galaxy like Han Solo, and much more! We need your help, young Jedi, to reinstate the Galactic Republic and bring balance to the force!


13. Newton’s Notions: Exploring the Three Laws of Motion, grades 3 & 4,Angelica Garnett
Have you ever wondered about the power of movement and what exactly Sir Isaac Newton was talking about?  We’ll examine Newton’s Three Laws of Motion through lots of minds-on, hands-on experimental designs that will show unbalanced forces, how mass and force affect acceleration, and the action/reaction of forces.  After observing demonstrations, you’ll design your own experiments to apply these three laws.  Each Saturday we’ll present our findings and understandings about how these laws work. There’ll be no INERTIA in this class!


14. Our Powerful Planet, grades 3 & 4,Madison Wells Stanton
The movement inside our restless earth creates earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and blizzards - through minds-on, hands-on science explorations, we’ll learn to predict perfect storms brewing just above the surface.  By simulating earthquakes, building volcanoes, tracking tornadoes, and more, we’ll learn about these incredible earth processes while developing key scientific skills, such as questioning, observing, data recording, communicating and comparing. By the end of class, we’ll use our new knowledge to view the world around us in an entirely new way, and be able to solve some “What on – or in – Earth is that?” mysteries.


15. Science Spectacular Saturdays, grades 3 & 4, Kaleigh Davenport
Explore the spectacular world of science with lots of fun, messy, gooey activities. We'll master the scientific method through the use of Pop Rocks and bubble gum! What a yummy way to learn! We'll discover the different properties of matter through glow-in-the-dark goo and be paleontologists when excavating fossils that we create in stone and ice. Be an engineer in the future. Will your creation last against Earth's force? Get your curiosity caps on and join our science spectacular Saturdays!


16. A World of Imagination, grades 3 & 4,Christy Matthews
What do Willy Wonka and the Surrealist artists have in common? Both used imagination to create magical fantasy worlds. Bring your wildest dreams to life when you create a world and creatures of your very own. Unlock your creativity as we explore different materials to make animal collages, melting sculptures, and transportation creatures, (ala Dali, Magritte, and other surrealists). Perhaps you’ll draw your inspiration by the surreal boat ride through the Chocolate Factory’s dreamlike settings and unusual use of colors and shapes of ordinary objects. No matter where you find your influences, your world of imagination awaits. On the fourth Saturday you’ll display your creatures in our own art gallery showcase.  


17. Impact the World: Leadership for Girls,grades 3, 4, & 5, Aurelia Spaulding
This is not your ordinary leadership class!  Accept the challenge to join other girls to learn about young leaders who made a difference and to practice how you can make a difference at home, school, or in your community.  We’ll learn practical steps to become a better leader in different situations by developing leadership skills such as goal-setting, decision-making, communication, and team-building.  Through interactive activities and service projects, engaging speakers, and developing writing skills, we’ll join together to make a difference.
18. Film School: Do You Know a Story That Needs to Be Told?, grades 4 & 5, Shawn Quinn  
Do you want to explore the world around you through the lens of a camera? From everyday life to the major events of the past, documentaries help us understand our place in the world. Together we will explore the creation of documentary films from idea to finished product. In this class, you will learn the process starting with developing your idea all the way through editing and presenting your finished product.


19. Into the Wild,grades 4 & 5, Mary Osborne and Joshua Crask
Survival often dictates that we make do with the materials we have on hand. Although it would be nice to have a phone with GPS capabilities and an unlimited battery life at our disposal, we should be capable of navigating and thriving through any terrain – day or night – without expensive tools. In the coming weeks, we will make our own sundials, identify edible plants (is that berry really safe to eat?), explore how to find fresh water, and build our own shelters out of uncommon materials. Through these engaging activities that combine math, biology, and astronomy, we will survive!


20. Artistry Through the Camera, grades 4, 5, & 6, Dwight Austin
We are familiar with the art of the painter, musician, and the actor.  But have you heard of the art of the photographer?  In this class, you will not only explore the “science” of photography, but you will learn to see things as an artist and to capture a great image through the lens of a camera.  You will learn how to properly adjust your camera for various compositions and effects, to manipulate and play with lighting, and create various moods to get that great photograph and bring out the artist in you!  Students will need to bring a digital camera, preferably a SLR camera (no cell phones, please), but a limited number will be available. A tripod would also be great, but is not required.  We’ll have our own gallery opening, so you can display your works of photographic art!


21. Pop Art Printmaking World of Imagination, grades 4, 5, & 6, Kate Latham
Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Wayne Thiebaud, Romero Britto, Jim Dine, and Peter Max are cultural/popular icons. Step into a world of creativity as we make our own printmaking masterpieces that will blow your mind. Find your own inspiration from everyday objects and make the ordinary into something extra-ordinary!  You’ll explore the art techniques of block, gelli, scratch, mono printmaking and much more. Come step into our Pop Art World of past and current Pop Artists. We’ll have a gallery showing on the fourth Saturday, so get those sketchbooks ready to POP.


22. Avengers Assemble, grades 5 & 6, Hannah Harlan and Kacie Gaekle 
S.H.I.E.L.D. is gathering the Avengers, and your help is needed for experiments and activities to support the team. You’ll make a bubble lab to see how cell membranes work and how Hulk and Captain America have their powers, use real-world science tools to determine how Spider-Man gets from building to building, try to crack codes like Black Widow, and take a look into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.  What will YOUR Super Power be?


23. Breakout EDU - Escape Challenges for the Curious, grades 5 & 6, Jeremy Shultz
Clues, codes, riddles, and keys - join this immersive learning game to “break out.” Through teamwork and troubleshooting, you will solve a series of challenges and work through hidden contraptions in order to unlock the Breakout box. We’ll mix games and learning in this creative and innovative escape challenge.


24. Computer Science Discoveries, grades 5 & 6, Matt Staggs
Love playing games? Do you want to try making them? Join us in Computer Science Discoveries to learn how to create animations and games using Code.org's development tools. We will learn how to create characters, make them move and interact. By the end of the four weeks, you will have what you need to continue on to make your own game!        


25. Engineer This: Pulleys, Levers, and Gears,grades 6, 7, & 8, Craig Frey
Invent, build, and test as we investigate the fundamental principles of engineering through building projects that will show how simple machines work. Gear trains, power ratios, and complex machines are just a few of the basic concepts of engineering that will be explored as you work on your own design projects such as cart launchers, transmission models, trebuchets, and more. These minds-on, hands-on projects will inspire future inventors and engineers.        


26. Verse Novel Jumpstart!,grades 6, 7, & 8, Shelly Jones
Verse novels are all the rage for young readers these days! From Kwame Alexander's Crossover to Brown Girl Dreaming by Jaqueline Woodson, Young Adult authors are using poems to write incredibly rich, beautiful, and powerful novels! Verse novels, usually written as a collection of shorter poems, combine poetry with story. Our time together will begin with brainstorming creative ideas, inventing settings, characters, obstacles, and tense situations for our characters, all while studying examples from published authors in this unique genre of storytelling through poetry. Young writers will leave the Saturday series with the beginnings of their verse novels and an outline of what to continue writing after the last session.

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