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Winter 2020 Super Saturdays

Course Offerings


Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be in the same class for four weeks; however, on the application you should list five classes in which you are interested. If the first choice is filled, you will be placed in the next available class. You will receive a written confirmation of registration indicating the class in which you will participate.

1.Fantastic Crazy Amazing Goo, grades 1 & 2, Andrea Heming - Are you ready to see the world from the gooey side? Goo is messy, sticky, gummy, runny, smelly, and lots of fun to make! We’ll be junior scientists as we make lots of amazingly gooey mixtures. Join the fun as we create, touch, smell, and even taste these wonderful, crazy concoctions. Are you ready to get slimed?

2. Intro to Musical Theatre: Let’s Sing and Dance, grades 1 & 2, Kari Carr - Do you want to sing, dance, and act? Then join us as we learn how to tell a story through song and dance! Have a blast while learning some basics of musical theatre as we explore what it takes to put on a musical. We’ll even put on our own show!

3. Inventors and Investigators Making Machines, grades 1 & 2, Dianne Wade - Have you ever wondered how scientists and inventors work? How can you become an inventor? After we get to know some early inventors and their inventions, we’ll investigate how simple machines work. You’ll invent and create your own machines using the six simple machines like pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles. Force, motion, and friction - we’ll use them all as we make our amazing own inventions.

4. Master Mathematicians, grades 1 & 2, Kierra Chandler - Do you want to become a master mathematician? Then join our journey with numbers as we explore fun and challenging games, puzzles, and exciting missions - we may even search for treasure or write some secret codes! Get ready to create, solve, and discover as you become a master mathematician!

5. A Matter of Fact, grades 1 & 2, Amelia Watkins - Pop rocks, coke floats, and melting popsicles…oh my! Are you ready for some scientifically proven fun?! As junior scientists, explore the states of matter first hand through lots of hands on experiments. You will learn how matter changes states and what makes up solids, liquids, and gasses in this exciting class!

6. Secret Identity: Releasing Your Inner Superhero! grades 1 & 2, Ashley Davison - Up, up, and away! Being a superhero is fun and exciting, especially in the world of super imaginative YOU!  Come and join us on this quest to create your very own SUPERHERO! Together we’ll learn about famous super heroes and heroines of the past and now, and find your own super hero, inside out and outside in!  By drawing ideas from comic book super heroes and the many heroes around us, we will design and create our very own superhero costumes and stories to present to parents and family! 

7. Storybook Science, grades 1 & 2, Kristin Henson - Mythbusters unite! Let’s read some of our favorite storybooks and then conduct hands-on science experiments to see what happens. Can the wind really blow a house down like it did when the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed in Three Little Pigs? You’ll make your own model house and test the power of wind to find out! We’ll have plenty of fun making and experimenting with oozey slime when we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Come with your best investigator hat on as we explore the science behind the storybook.

8. Chain Reactions: Force, Motion, and Roller Coasters, grades 2 & 3, Lyndsey Duke-Brooks - Do you like to solve problems and build simple machines? Do you find the loops, curves, ups, and downs of a roller coaster exciting and wonder “how does that work?” If so, this is the class for you. Together we’ll use our problem-solving skills to explore the science behind designing and building the ultimate chain reaction - a roller coaster! Along the way we’ll build devices that solve simple problems where one action will create a chain reaction. Are you ready for the challenge?

9. Learning with Legos, grades 2 & 3, Renee Hale - Did you know Legos are for more than just building? Join us to design Lego mazes and test those designs, re-create historical landmarks while exploring the history behind them, weigh items using Legos, and more! It’s science, math, reading, and art - all with Legos!

10. Mythbusters, grades 2 & 3, Christy Givens - What happens when you mix scientific method, gleeful curiosity, and inventiveness? You become a mythbuster! Have a hypothesis you’d like to test? Can you build a structure to withstand the elements? Can you predict a coin flip? Is the pirate’s patch really for eye protection? Join us as we use the scientific method to explore our common science misconceptions. Test the validity of rumors, myths, video clips, and more. Use the scientific method, chemistry, research writing, lab protocols, data collection, and data analysis to confirm or deny your hypotheses. You’ll write scientific summaries documenting surprising and amazing findings. The only limit to this class is your imagination!

11. Science Experiments You CAN Try At Home, grades 2 & 3, Sara Spear - Do you love physics and chemistry? Get ready to learn about static electricity, buoyancy, balance, and chemical reactions. Many of the experiments in this class will be done with everyday materials and common kitchen items, so you can repeat them at home! Prepare to amaze your family and friends when you make candy dance and create a lava bottle, a Lego parachute, slime, an apple volcano, and so much more.

14. Inside Your Outside: Discovering the Human Body, grades 3 & 4, Madison Staton - Take a look inside your outside as we scale the skeletal system, hitch a ride through the bloodstream, discover the secrets of the electrifying nervous system, and much more! In this class you will extract your own DNA, build a life-size model of the human body, and solve a few real-life medical mysteries. An adventure through the human body awaits!

15. Master of Illusions: Optical Art to Excite the Eye, grades 3 & 4, Christy Matthews - The nature of perception, optical effects, illusions and visual stimuli have been fascinating artists for centuries. Become your very own master of illusion by learning about and then creating optical illusions using art! This mathematically-themed form of abstract art uses repetitive forms and colors to create vibrating effects, foreground-background confusion, and an exaggerated sense of depth. After learning about famous Op Artists such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely and how they brought their designs to life, you’ll be able to create works that look like they pop right off the page, sink into space, and move! On the last Saturday you’ll star in your own show of your mind-boggling art.

16. May the Force Be With You, grades 3 & 4, Morgan Whiticker and Cristina Throckmorton - Is your midi-chlorian count off the charts? Do you have the accuracy needed to hit the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port? If so, join us as we explore the science behind your favorite Star Wars moments. We’ll discover what it takes to make the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, how to navigate the galaxy like Han Solo, and much more! We need your help, young Jedi, to reinstate the Galactic Republic and bring balance to the force!

17. Science Spectacular Saturdays, grades 3 & 4, Kaleigh Davenport - Explore the spectacular world of science with lots of fun, messy, gooey activities. We’ll master the scientific method through the use of Pop Rocks and bubble gum! What a yummy way to learn! We’ll discover the different properties of matter through glow-in-the-dark goo and how to create a chain reaction. Be an engineer in the future. Will your creation last against Earth’s force? Get your curiosity caps on and join our science spectacular Saturdays!

18. Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) Chemistry, grades 3 & 4, Jenessa Sroufe and Ethan Graves - Super Sleuths Unite! Join our CSI unit as we explore the methods chemists use to solve crime mysteries. You'll learn about chromatography, fingerprinting, and how chemicals interact with one another to reveal clues. Using these scientific techniques, our powers of observation, and teamwork will help us to identify the culprit! Do you like mysteries and seeing how the experts solve crimes? Step aside Sherlock! The Super Saturdays Sleuths can handle this case!

19. Castle Mechanics: Medieval Times Meets Today’s Technology, grades 4 & 5, Shawn Quinn - Using modern day technology, travel back in time to explore the world of Kings, Queens, Knights, Castles, and Keeps.  We’ll take virtual field trips to some of the most famous castles in the world.  Put your engineering skills to work to build and test replicas of medieval buildings, design a coat of arms to represent our royal keeps, and much more.  Join the fun as we investigate the world of medieval castles with current technology, and learn the why, how, what, and when of these amazing buildings. We’ll see you at the moat!

20. Kids in Business, grades 4 & 5, Aurelia Spaulding - Ever wonder what it be would be like to own and run your own company? Let’s find out! After exploring how to navigate the business cycle and developing, financing, and marketing your idea, you learn how to form a business or nonprofit. Experience the fun of a start-up process and be prepared to sell your product or program by the last Super Saturday. Who knows – you and your friends could get your start at Super Saturdays and become a part of an innovative entrepreneurial enterprise that will change the world. Shark Tank awaits!

21. Science Behind the Scenes, grades 4 & 5, Colten Collings and Sarah Angelle - Ever think the science in movies seems more Hollywood magic than scientific fact? Join us as we investigate the science (and pseudoscience) in your favorite TV shows and movies. Zootopia, a place where predators and prey live in harmony? Ice Age, where extinct animals roam the ever-warming Earth... SPOILER ALERT: It is going to be exciting! Grab your popcorn and your lab coat as we delve into the science of the silver screen. 

22. Weaving Your Creativity, grades 4 & 5, Kate Latham - If you like working with your hands and experimenting with color, texture, and shape, weaving may be the art for you! Weaving is a type of art most people utilize every single day, but not many people know how to do it or have ever seen it be done. Join our class to find out what you can create by weaving! You’ll learn about historical artists such as the Navajo People, contemporary artists such as Amber Kokenge, and local artists such as Jacqui Lubbers who focused their skills on weaving. Discover the vast techniques and cultures around the world that have contributed to the name of weaving. Once you start weaving, you too will become a part of the history of the craft. We will follow the design process to explore and experiment with weaving materials and visual ideas and then critique our own work and the work of other artists. The culmination of our design process will be the exhibition of your very own weavings!

23. “Laughing Matters" Improv Theater, grades 4, 5, & 6, Dwight Austin - Where is one place you can go and make stuff up with hardly any rules?  It’s the Improvisation Theater!  In fact, the only requirement for this class is that you “Make Stuff Up!”  In this class you will learn several improvisation games and techniques popularized by troupes like The Second City and Whose Line Is It Anyway?  You will also learn things like stage presence, basic acting skills, and how to work closely with other actors.  There is a warning, though - your fun factor may cause you to explode in bouts of laughter and craziness.  No experience is required, no memorization is expected, and absolutely no seriousness is allowed!

24. Avengers Assemble, grades 5 & 6, Hannah Harlan and Kacie Gaekle - Some of the activities we are planning on doing are a bubble lab that shows how cell membranes work to see how the Hulk and Captain America came to be, use real world tools to determine how Spider-Man needs to get from building to building, try to crack codes like Black Widow, and take a look into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor. 

25. Computer Science Discoveries, grades 5 & 6, Matt Staggs - Love playing games? Do you want to try making them? Join us in Computer Science Discoveries to learn how to create animations and games using Code.org’s development tools. We will learn how to create characters, make them move and interact. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have what you need to continue on to make your own game!

26. Mysteries of the Human Body, grades 5 & 6, Catherine Malin - The human body is one of the greatest mysteries of all times. Together, we will explore and solve some of the mysteries surrounding medicine, human anatomy and physiology, medical forensics, genetics, and more! Throughout the program, you’ll extract your own DNA, hold a heart, and leave class with a new “working” set of lungs. You’ll apply your new knowledge and solve a medical forensics case and then become a disease detective and stop the next pandemic. Join us on this intriguing journey as we uncover the mysteries of the human body.

27. The Happiest Science on Earth, grades 5 & 6, Robin Tyler - It all started with a mouse, but what makes the magic live on? Imagineering is Disney’s own unique blend of science, art, and creativity that brings the magic (and the rides!) to life. In this class we will discover the science behind some of Disney’s most iconic rides. Why do the teacups make you so dizzy? What keeps the grim ghosts grinning at the Haunted Mansion? Join us, as we explore all of the whos-its and whats-its behind everything Disney!

28. Environmental Artists: Using the Minimum for the Maximum Potential, grades 6, 7, & 8, Haley Kirtley In a society that demands we consume more, many artists are taking a stand against high waste and low resourcefulness. Expanding your understanding of environmental and minimalist art will enable you to express your ideas about consumption and conservation through drawing, painting, assembling, and more. Your creativity and individual expression will be in high demand in order to utilize resources to the fullest potential. Be prepared to create art with intentionality - let your art bring awareness to the things you care about the most. The last Saturday there will be a time for you to share your environmental artwork with others.

29. Survival Science, grades 6, 7, & 8, Mary Osborne and Joshua Crask - Survival often dictates that we make do with the materials we have on hand. A phone with GPS capabilities and unlimited battery life at our disposal may not always be an option. Using biology, chemistry, and other sciences, you will leave this class knowing scientific wilderness survival techniques.  We’ll learn how to make navigation tools such as sundials and star maps, identify edible food sources (that berry is pretty but is it poisonous?), and what to do if that interesting-looking stick turns out to be an unhappy venomous snake. Do you have what it takes to be a survivor?

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