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Super Saturdays Courses

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College Board Advanced Placement Program Innovate Kentucky: Create a Spark Little Learners, Big Ideas

Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (housed at The Center for Gifted Studies at WKU)

World Council for Gifted & Talented Children (housed at The Center for Gifted Studies at WKU)

National Association for Gifted Children

The Association for the Gifted

The Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky (located at WKU)

Fall 2017 Super Saturday Course Offerings

Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be in the same class for four weeks; however, on the application you should list five classes in which you are interested. If the first choice is filled, you will be placed in the next available class. You will receive a written confirmation of registration indicating the class in which you will participate.

1. CSI Jr. Detective Agency, grades 1 & 2, Ben Slinkard  -  Calling all Junior Detectives!  Join our team of detectives as we solve a mystery each week. We'll gather clues and collect evidence, including taking fingerprints, testing unidentified powders, and using chromatography (a special way to test ink), to be CSI detectives. A special visitor will show us some real detective tools. By pulling all our CSI detective training and tools together, we'll solve the who, what, where, and how behind the mystery. Junior crime fighters unite! 

2. Fantastic Crazy Amazing Goo, grades 1 & 2, Andrea Heming  -  Are you ready to see the world from the gooey side? Goo is messy, sticky, gummy, runny, smelly, and lots of fun to make! We'll be junior scientists as we make lots of amazingly gooey mixtures. Join the fun as we create, touch, smell, and even taste these wonderful, crazy concoctions while learning science. Are you ready to get slimed?

3. I Spy Art Around Cultures: Traveling Edition, grades 1 & 2, Makayla Cleary, Suhyun Woo, & Anika Mosby  -  Hop on board and fasten your seat belt! We are ready to take off for the creative journey of a lifetime.  Together we'll visit far away places such as Australia, Egypt, France, Mexico, Peru, and Korea - we may even find that Chinese Celestial Dragon that swallowed the Sun to cause the total eclipse! We'll explore exciting multimedia art to color, paint, draw, fold, and glue to create our own favorite souvenirs inspired by the places we travel. We'll celebrate the special gift of creating art as we travel the world! So, pack up your smile, happy heart, and art suitcase, and get ready for an adventure! 

4. Master Mathematicians, grades 1 & 2, Kierra Chandler  -  Do you want to become a master mathematician? Then join our journey with numbers as we explore fun and challenging games, puzzles, and exciting missions - we may even search for treasure or write some secret codes! Get ready to create, solve, and discover as you become a master mathematician!

5. Once Upon a Time in Fairy Tale Fun, grades 1 & 2, Jennifer Cummins  -  Join our journey as we explore magical forests, castles, and secret places in our favorite fairy tales. Let your imagination go wild as you create your own stories about princes, princesses, witches, elves, and dragons; write a letter to your favorite fairy tale character; and design a “wanted” poster for a villain. We'll even change the endings of some popular stories. Will the frog really change into a prince? Will Sleeping Beauty ever wake up? In the land of make-believe, anything can happen!

6. Seasons of Change, grades 1 & 2, Dianne Wade  -  Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer - each change of season brings many reasons to explore, discover, investigate, and learn! We'll create personal artwork that celebrates each season, have a scavenger hunt, learn what seasons are like in other parts of the world, and do some science experiments to explain what makes the seasons change. Bring your curiosity when we "Fall" into lots of fun and discovery. 

7. Storybook Science, grades 1 & 2, Kristin White  -  Mythbusters unite! Let’s read some of our favorite storybooks and then conduct hands-on science experiments to see what happens. Can the wind really blow a house down like it did when the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed in Three Little Pigs? You’ll make your own model house and test the power of wind to find out! We’ll have plenty of fun, making and experimenting with oozey slime when we read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Come with your best investigator hat on as we explore the science behind the storybook. 

8. Acting, grades 2 & 3, Julie Roberts Boggess  -  If you are interested in acting, come join our class! Come explore a few acting games and techniques. Have fun creating scenery and props.  Plus, during our final class we will perform a play for your families to enjoy.     

9. Gadgets and Gizmos, grades 2 & 3, Faith Callis  -  Welcome to the world of gadgets and gizmos! It’s fascinating to investigate how things move and how they work. You'll learn how to connect snap circuits so they will produce a sound or turn on a light, put together wires and batteries to make a whirly-gig fly, and more. Analyze, experiment, build, and create your own gadgets and gizmos in this class for future inventors and engineers.

10. Science Spectacular Saturdays, grades 2 & 3, Kaleigh Davenport  -  Explore the spectacular world of science with lots of fun, messy, gooey activities.  Do you know what fireworks, rubber bands, and silly putty have in common? You're sure to find out! Be an engineer of roller coasters and find out why the first hill is always the highest and engineer your own chain reaction. Get your curiosity caps on and join our science spectacular Saturdays!

11. Secret Formulas, grades 2 & 3, Lyndsey Duke  -  Be ready to become laboratory scientists as we explore the secret formulas of toothpaste, rock candy, hot ice, invisible ink, and much more!  We'll make each product by testing the ingredients and then studying their make-up. Join in the excitement and discovery the magic behind those formulas. The excitement of discovery is no "secret" in this class!

12. Mythbusters, grades 2 & 3, Christy Givens  -  What happens when you mix scientific method, gleeful curiosity, and inventiveness?  You become a mythbuster! Have a hypothesis you’d like to test? Can you build a structure to withstand the elements?  Can you predict a coin flip?  Is the pirate's patch really for eye protection? Join us as we use the scientific method to explore our common science misconceptions. Test the validity of rumors, myths, video clips, and more. Use the scientific method, chemistry, research writing, lab protocols, data collection, and data analysis to confirm or deny your hypotheses.  You'll write scientific summaries documenting surprising and amazing findings. The only limit to this class is your imagination!

13. Jr. Explorers: Games Around the World, grades 2 & 3, Judy Jordan  -  If you like to play games, are creative, and enjoy experimenting and problem-solving, then pack your bags and hop on board as we travel the world (and do some time-travel) to discover how people from around globe use games to entertain themselves. As Jr. World Game Explorers, we will experiment with winning strategies such as deductive reasoning, advance planning, and more to test international games, and then create our own games. You may want to teach your parents how to play because they will bring their gaming skills on our last day of camp for a family-style Around the World game showdown!! Let's play!

14. Bridging the Gaps, grades 3 & 4, Patricia Bertke  -  Think like a civil engineer as we uncover the math in bridge design. Why use steel, stone, or wood in constructing bridges? Why are some shapes better than others? Why does geography matter? Answer all of these and more as we examine bridge designs, participate in lightning rounds exploring forces, tour a lab (time and weather permitting), and design and build supports and bridges from everyday materials.         

15. Clay, Imagination, and Transformation! grades 3 & 4, Travis Cox, Emily Heck, Harlie Phelps, & Anna Dufour, What can you do with the little lump of clay? Could it become a talking finger puppet or a fantastic creature from a fairy tale story? Perhaps it is a secret treasure chest with majestic genie in a bottle?  We'll learn easy and fun clay techniques as we pinch, coil, score and slip, stamp, clay pattern, clay rhythm, clay texture, carve, and even paint on the clay surface! You will surely be impressed how your hands and imagination could transform the little lump of clay into something very special!

16. Crazy for Coding! grades 3 & 4, Kyle Summers  -  If, Scratch, Code Combat, Lightbot, Ozoblockly, Ozobots, and Unplugged activities sound intriguing, this class is for you.  You'll learn to use various coding sites and tools to learn basic logistical thinking skills as well as basic computer language.   Any projects you create you can keep and work on in the future. Coding is crazy - and fun!

17. Problem-Solving 101, grades 3 & 4, Caley Ruth  -  What do solar ovens, parachutes, potato chips, and Ferris wheels have in common?  They provide the focus of challenges we’ll problem-solve in this engineering exploration.  How can you mail a potato chip without it breaking? Can you cook with solar energy? Join us as we design, build, and test using basic problem-solving skills. We’ll analyze a problem (from how high can you drop a parachuted jumper to safety), map out the elements (what does it take for a Ferris wheel to rotate), and prepare a workable solution, taking on challenges that will test your logical thinking and reasoning abilities.

18. SCIENCE ‘R US, grades 3 & 4, Nita Cole  -  Calling ALL Junior Scientists….if you like to explore the world around you and learn while doing it, this class is for you! You will do experiments as we learn the science behind bubbling, gooey, and stinky chemistry concoctions along with tales of flight. We will also learn to use some tools of the trade while studying chemistry, animals, physics, and more. If you want to unlock the secrets of science, join us as we have fun while we observe, hypothesize, experiment, and conclude. 

19. Crash Course: Game Design and Strategy, grades 4 & 5, Shawn Quinn  -  Do you love to play games? When you play Settlers of Catan, Sudoku or SIM, are you thinking how you would improve the game? Join in as we explore the science and thinking behind what makes games challenging and fun and keeps us coming back over and over. We will engage in hands-on activities that explore what makes games work, and then design and build our own. What are you waiting for? Game on!

20. The Art and Science of Math, grades 4 & 5, Jessica Smith Harper  -  Artists, architects, scientists, business owners, and engineers are examples of problem-solvers who use math to do their jobs. We'll explore a variety of real-world scenarios and problems, and how math is applied in solving them. Working both collaboratively and independently, we'll design solutions to complicated problems. As we investigate the many connections between math and the world around us, we'll discover the relevancy AND beauty of math.  Get ready to explore, learn, and put those problem-solving skills to the test - who knows what fascinating problem is just around the corner?

21. Let's Get Physical! grades 4 & 5, Jennay Weatherholt & Stephanie Gahafer  -  Science madness awaits for all junior chemists and physicists out there! Join us as we explore, create, test, and more through hands-on science experiments that will exercise your brain. You’ll form hypotheses, make discoveries, and solve mysteries related to the world of physical science. If you love experimenting and thinking outside the box, this class is for you.            

22. The Super Hero Secret: Science, grades 4 & 5, Madison Wells & Hannah Skinner  -  Why is Mister Fantastic so stretchy? How does Superman's laser vision really work? Every hero has a story! We'll use magnets, lasers, rockets, microscopes and more to prove everyone has a superhero inside them just waiting to be discovered. Join us as we uncover the scientific secrets that make your favorite super heroes so super!

23. Create Your Own (Chihuly) Art, grades 4, 5, & 6, Theresa Waddell  -  How can changes in temperature transform everyday materials into functional objects and fabulous works of art?  Let's take a journey into the world of the glass artist Dale Chihuly to learn about the scientific properties of glass and the ancient art of glassblowing. We'll explore how Chihuly uses his drawings to design his sculptures, and then create our own sculptures by combining smaller parts to make a whole, and then planning an installation of our artwork. Discover the world of sculpture - Chihuly style!

24. Let's Learn German! Lernen wir Deutsch! grades 4, 5, & 6, Tim Straubel  -  Guten Tag! Join us as we experience the German language and culture with lots of hands-on activities and games.  You’ll learn basic phrases, pronunciation, and vocabulary and have your own personal activity book to take home. Come prepared to engage in a variety of fun-filled activities for your exploration of the German-speaking world.  Willkommen und Lernen wir Deutsch!  

25. Breakout EDU - Escape Challenges for the Curious, grades 5 & 6, Jeremy Shultz  -  Clues, codes, riddles, and keys - join this immersive learning game to “break out”. Through teamwork and troubleshooting, you will solve a series of challenges and work through hidden contraptions in order to unlock the Breakout box. We’ll mix games and learning in this creative and innovative escape challenge.

26. Design Star and Fabric Fun: Wearable edition, grades 5 & 6, Miwon Choe, Kaylynne Jones, & William Banks  -  Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were to become one of your favorite story characters, super heroes, or imaginative creatures?  If so, this Design Star class is for you!  Join us as we 3D stitch, paint, print, stamp, and collage fabulous wearable art.  We will learn about and be inspired by the great fashion designers, super heroes, story characters, and then create our own fabulous, colorful, and wearable art such as painted scarf, fun necklace, fancy hat, modern canvas bag, and even zany painted shoes! We will also use the power of stop motion animation to capture our characters and stories. Parents are invited to our final runway show!

27. From Balloons to Rockets - the Science of Leaving the Ground, grades 5 & 6, Rico Tyler  -  Up, up, and away! Join us for a hands-on introduction to the science behind all the different ways humans can leave the ground. Our experiments with start with balloons and end with spaceflight. Ready, set, launch!

28. Science Around Town, grades 5 & 6, Janice Davenport & Catherine Poteet  -  Do you enjoy "I Spy" games and finding hidden objects in everyday things? Then join our (virtual) field trips as we explore the science all around you, including  restaurants (what makes the ice cream cold?), grocery stores (how are the colors of cola formulated?), car lots (what makes air bags deploy?), and baseball fields (how does the pitcher throw that curveball?). We'll put our science discoveries to practice as we design a lighting boat to be used in the holiday lighting of Fountain Square Park, test methods of  washing hands to support a recommendation for restaurant employees, and use choice chambers to test environment preferences for fall pests.  Look all around town and what do you see?

29. Engineer This: Pulleys, Levers, and Gears, grades 6, 7, & 8, Craig Frey  -  Invent, build, and test as we investigate the fundamental principles of engineering through building projects that will show how simple machines work. Gear trains, power ratios, and complex machines are just a few of the basic concepts of engineering that will be explored as you work on your own design projects such as cart launchers, transmission models, trebuchets, and more. These hands-on projects will inspire future inventors and engineers.

30. Science Behind the Scenes, grades 6, 7, & 8, Robin Tyler, Miranda Estes, & Colten Collings  -  Ever think the science in movies seems more Hollywood magic than scientific fact? Join us as we investigate the science (and pseudoscience) in your favorite TV shows and movies. Could animals ever co-exist the way they do in Zootopia? If we don’t have little people in our brains like Inside Out, how do we control our thoughts and emotions? Can you "MacGyver" your way out of a sticky situation? Grab your popcorn and your lab coat as we debunk the science of the silver screen.



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