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Super Sat

Because Learning Doesn't End on Friday

Dates: October 17, 24, & 31, 2020
Place: Online
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. CT
Cost: $80

Fall 2020 Virtual Super Saturdays Course Offerings

Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be in the same class for three weeks.


1)  Spooky Art, Spookier Science, grades 1 & 2, Ashley Davison

This class is full.

Do you love fall and Halloween, and get excited about pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats? Do you enjoy making art and doing science experiments? If so, this adventure is for you! Welcome to all of my Halloween and Spooktober-loving friends. Join me in a class full of frightfully fun artmaking and experimental creations. We’ll make dough creatures, haunting optical illusions, mad scientist bubble paintings, and so much more. I can’t wait to have loads of fun making spooky art and mad science with you!


3)  Animals Surviving a Harsh Planet, grades 2 & 3, Justin Moreschi
In a brutal world filled with predators and impossible elements, how do animals survive? Join this class of animal scientists as we analyze the adaptations of animals and their organic solutions to Earth's deadliest situations. You will observe actual animal samples and design animals that can survive in a chosen habitat.        


6)  Spooky Science, grades 2 & 3, Madison Wells Staton

This class is full.

Fizzing fun, bubbling beakers, oozing pumpkins, and more are in your future! In our Spooky Science lab we’ll explore the wonders of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) by experimenting, discovering and creating. We’ll use supplies found around the house to build our very own spooky science lair. You can amaze others with the hair-raising experiments, bubbling potions, and ghoulish illusions you’ll make. Join us if you dare! 


7)  Crazy for Coding!, grades 3 & 4, Kyle Summers

If Code.org, Scratch, Google CS First, Code Combat, and Unplugged activities sound intriguing, this class is for you. You'll learn basic HTML computer language through various coding sites, as well as tools to learn basic logistical thinking skills. Everything is web-based, so any projects you create you can keep and work on in the future. Coding is crazy - and fun!      


8)  Escape! Create Your Own Breakout Room, grades 3 & 4, Hayley Pack

Have you ever solved a mystery before ALL the clues were given? Would you consider yourself a clever detective? If you pay close attention to details, are an exceptional code cracker, or a positive problem-solver then you are up to the challenges that await.  Choose your favorite mystery book and using technology, you will learn how to create your own digital escape room (and even one for your peers and friends to solve! (Students will need some experience with Google tools and a Gmail email address)         


10)  STEM at Home, grades 3 & 4, Catherine Poteet and Kacie Gaekle

Are you ready for some creating, building, testing, calculating, and discovering?  Then this class filled with design experiments is just for you. You’ll use calculations, data analysis, and other components to build and shoot straw rockets, launch parachutes, make egg drop devices, and so much more. Only the most curious minds are needed in this STEM at home laboratory.


11)  Art Like an Egyptian, grades 4 & 5, Christy Matthews
Travel back in time to uncover the secrets of ancient Egyptian culture through their art! Using modern art materials we will mummify our own Egyptian pharaoh, and create a sarcophagus for them to be buried in! Throughout our journey, we will learn what art can tell us about the traditions and cultural practices of the ancient Egyptians. We will keep a scrapbook of our adventure through ancient Egypt as we art like an Egyptian!


12)  Beware of Natural Disasters (Engineers Needed!), grades 4 & 5, Sam Northern

What do hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes have in common? They are natural, and they are disasters! This class is looking for young engineers to design solutions to problems caused by the tremendous natural forces of wind, snow, water, and moving earth. Engineers learn about our planet so that humans can survive its powerful natural forces. Each Saturday we’ll work on engineering activities that will help us understand the causes of world’s natural disasters, and what are some engineering solutions. Don’t delay - Planet Earth needs your help!


14)  Creepy Crawlers, grades 5 & 6, Felicia Moreschi

Are you captivated by creatures that others find terrifying or gross? Have you ever thought that "creepy crawlies" are just misunderstood? Join this class of young entomologists as we explore arthropods like insects, arachnids, millipedes and more. You’ll observe live animal samples and discover that sometimes a creature's most frightening features are also their most fascinating.


15)  Next Gen Engineers: Designing Solutions!, grades 5 & 6, Melissa Rudloff

What do trains, your favorite video game, and your washing machine have in common? They were all developed with the help of engineers! Most of the things we use every day were created to solve a problem, meet a challenge, or provide a convenience. In this class, we will engage with several hands-on, minds-on challenges, and work together to design the solutions as we become the next generation of engineers. Don’t miss out on the fun!


16)  The Solution Squad, Next Generation, grades 5 & 6, Kayla Spurgeon

If you enjoy creating amazing and challenging science projects, the Solution Squad is for you. This class is packed full of hands-on investigations that will get you designing, creating, and testing your own ideas. From designing and testing straw rockets to developing an egg drop container, this class is full of fun science experiments AND solutions! All inquisitive minds are welcomed in The Solution Squad!!! (Even if you had the Solution Squad in September, please join us – we have all new projects to design!)

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