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WellU Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the WellU® program is to unify student health promotion efforts at WKU, and to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors among WKU students.

Participation in WellU® is 100% voluntary. Everyone is free to unsubscribe from the program without academic penalty.

Eligibility: WellU® is a free program and is open to all full-time WKU students. To be classified as a full-time student, undergraduate students must be enrollment in at least 12 hours, and graduate students must be enrolled in at least 9 hours of graduate course work.

Your information: As a member of WellU® you are providing basic demographic information about yourself, including your WKU ID, age, sex, race/ethnicity, year in school, place of residence, sorority/fraternity affiliation, major program of study, and international status. This information will be obtained through WKU’s Banner database.

Your data will be used for program evaluation purposes. No individual student names or ID’s will be released. Our intention is to use the data to report on student demographics, housing, majors, program participation, participation frequency, and retention from year to year.

Your participation information will be accessible by WellU® program administrators, course instructors you provide, and advisors you provide. The outcomes of your participation (i.e. body composition, height/weight) will not be provided to your instructors or advisors.

As a WellU® member you will be provided a personalized, password protected webpage where you can track your participation, body weight, BMI and body composition change throughout the semester. Body weight, BMI, and body composition data are inputted into the WellU® database every time you have them assessed in the Health & Fitness Lab located in the Preston Center.

Your membership to WellU® will be active for the 2015/2016 academic year (excluding January term and summer). To join WellU® in subsequent years you will be required to reenroll.
Incentive Prizes
To be eligible for a
Level One incentive prize you must:

  • Be a registered WellU® member during the current academic year.

  • Be among the first 500 students to complete/participate in a minimum of 5 events within the current Fall or

    Spring semester.

    Note: Students are entered one time into the $500 scholarship for every 5 completed events. So if you complete 10 events in the semester you will be entered twice!

    To be eligible for a Level Two prize you must:

  • Be a registered WellU® member during the current academic year.

  • Be among the first 14 students to complete/participate in an additional 10 (15 total) events within the

    current Fall or Spring semester.

Note: Event participation counts do not carry over from semester to semester. As of January 1st, all participation counts start over. Student may only claim one Level 1 prize and one Level 2 prize in a given academic year.

Important Note: WellU® participants who administer programs will not be able to count their specific program as WellU® credit. A few examples are as follows: If you are a Group X Instructor, you cannot count teaching your Group X class towards your WellU® credit. If you are an ORAC employee, you cannot count ORAC trips and clinics as credit, if you are a TopperWell Peer Health Educator, you cannot count Grocery Bingo as WellU® credit. This is not only due to creating fairness for other participants, but also to benefit themselves. WellU® wants every participant to benefit by learning different ways to optimize their health and wellbeing by being engaged in all programs on campus!

If you do not wish to be a member of WellU® you can unsubscribe at any time. An unsubscribe link will be provided on your registration email and is also available on your profile page. Please note that by unsubscribing this removes you from class participation rosters and forfeits your opportunity to win any WellU® incentive. Should you decide to re-enroll later, your past participation will not count toward any incentive offered through WellU®

Date Revised: 08/22/2016



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