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Here is what the WKU Counseling Center will be doing as part of the university’s efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  There may be some further changes made as time goes on; therefore, we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding at this time.  For now, here is what you can expect.

The Counseling Center will remain open this semester and, at THIS time, we will be offering face-to-face counseling sessions as well as on-line sessions.  This allows students to continue social distancing and reducing their exposure to the virus.  Our staff counselors will be working from their offices on campus.  Students and staff will wear masks while in the center and adhere to WKU’s “Healthy on the Hill” guidelines.  Sessions will be set up as in-person or on-line, depending on the needs of the student.  Again, to reduce your exposure to the virus, we will discuss the use of on-line sessions when/where possible. 

Please feel free to call the Counseling Center with any questions you may have about counseling (270-745-3159).  Your first meeting with a counselor (what we call a client consultation session), will be by Zoom or by phone.  You and the counselor will determine what you need and the best way to provide it to you.  Additional sessions, if needed, may be on-line or in person. 

An on-line session may seem less “personal” at first.  But we have learned from the past year of only offering on-line sessions is that on-line counseling can be just as personal and powerful as a face-to-face session.   The advantage of an on-line session is that you don’t have to wear a mask and you don’t have to deal with travel and parking.  The disadvantage of an on-line session is that the sound and audio quality will depend on your internet connection. 

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. We continue to be committed to providing students quality mental health support and supporting our faculty and staff colleagues during this time.

Updated 8/26/2021




Here is what happens the first time you come to our center. Our motto is “college should be challenging, not overwhelming”.  Most students will need some kind of help while they are “doing” college.  It is normal to seek help.  Students come to the Counseling Center for the following reasons:

  • Need to learn new information or skills to solve a specific problem.
  • Need a safe place to explore confusing or painful memories or experiences.
  • Some students need both. 

Some students need a couple of sessions where they can talk out loud and figure out what is bothering them.  Some students may need one session to get some advice so they can go try out new skills on their own.  The first time you come to the center you are going to meet with a counselor who will help you decide what you want to get here at the Counseling Center.  It will probably be a 15 to 30-minute meeting.

  • The counselor might give you some information or suggestions to try and then you may come back if you need more help. 
  • The counselor might suggest you make another appointment to begin talking about your problem, exploring the confusing and upsetting thoughts and feelings you are having.
  • You might keep seeing the same counselor or you might be set up with another counselor on staff.  You can find a listing of our staff on the “contact” tab above, then Staff listing, in the drop-down box.

If you are in crisis, the counselor will talk about getting you immediate help.  If you are not in crisis, the counselor will ask what you are wanting from counseling; do you think you need advice or suggestions, or do you think you need to come in for more sessions and slowly, safely talk about what is bothering you?

Thanks for having the maturity and courage to get help at our center.  We are all in this together. 

The best way to schedule an appointment is to call our office at (270) 745-3159 or stop by Potter Hall 409 and we can work to coordinate schedules and get you an appointment.   The Counseling Center is open from Monday – Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm. For emergency and after-hours information, call 270-745-2548.

The Counseling Center is open throughout the calendar year and closed during holidays and other specified dates found in the  WKU Academic Calendar.

The Counseling Center is located in Potter Hall, Room 409


1906 College Heights Blvd #11024
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101-1024

Phone: 270-745-3159

Fax: 270-745-6976

Email: counseling.center@wku.edu

Mission Statement

We believe that the university experience should be challenging, not overwhelming, and universities have a duty to support students as they are being challenged. To this end, the WKU Counseling Center is committed to promoting the academic mission of the university by providing a variety of psychological services to students that will augment recruitment, retention, and graduation by strengthening students’ capacity to tolerate distress, form healthy relationships, and seek healthy expressions of their ideals and values. The Counseling Center also advances the university’s mission by providing educational programming, training, and consultation to the students, faculty, staff, and constituents of WKU.







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