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Report Sexual Misconduct



Please note that this form of report only applies to:

Complaints of sexual misconduct/assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking harassment.

All other crimes should be reported directly to the Western Kentucky Police at 270-745-2548, or by dialing 911 if residing off-campus.

Reports may also be filed in person at the WKU Police Department. If the incident occurred off campus, please contact the appropriate local law enforcement agency in addition to filing this report.

 Email:  Student.conduct@wku.edu or contact The Office of Student Conduct at 270-745-5429.

By submitting a complaint you agree that you have read and understand that (a) filing a false report is a crime punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor in accordance with §519.040 Statute of the Code of Kentucky and (b)knowingly furnishing false information to the University, omitting relevant or necessary information to gain benefit, to injure, or defraud is prohibited and subject to action by The Office of Student Conduct (c) information you provide may be shared with, but not limited to, the Office of Student Conduct, police, state and federal agencies, and involved individual's parent or guardian pursuant to KY. acts ch. 99, sec.134, where applicable and permitted by law.

Report it!

It is the position of The Office of Student Conduct that among the violations of misconduct considered to be of an especially serious nature are those that represent a threat to the safety and health of members of the University Community. These include but are not limited too, harassment, physical violence or threat of violence, non-consensual sexual contact, rape or any form of sexual violence.

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