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VAMPY Application Process

Testing Requirements for Summer 2022

Due to the closing of the Duke Talent Identification Program and the COVID-19 pandemic, the process for 7th-10th graders taking the ACT or SAT to qualify for VAMPY has changed. The Center is one of several organizations currently working on creating talent identification programs to fulfill the needs of high-potential students (visit our webpage at wku.edu/gifted/tipky for the latest information about TIP-KY). In the meantime, if your student is 13 or older, you can follow these steps to access the ACT for your student:

  • Visit  act.org and register your student.
  • Use the website’s ACT Test locator to find where the ACT will be offered near you.
  • Look at the available dates and choose the option that will work best. We recommend testing before June 1 so that scores can be sent to us in time.
  • Register your student for the test and request that a copy of the scores be mailed to you. [Note: The Center will NOT receive scores sent to WKU. You will need to send the scores directly to The Center.]

Currently, the ACT will not allow students under the age of 13 to independently register to take the test. If your student will not be old enough to take the ACT in time to submit your VAMPY application or if the ACT is not offered near you, a recommendation from a teacher plus a 9th stanine score on one part of a nationally normed assessment is also acceptable.


In order to apply for VAMPY, students must:

  • Be completing grade 7, 8, 9 or 10 in the current school year.
  • Have earned qualifying SAT or ACT scores as a 7th grader (or adjusted scores for older students) for the specific course they request. Score reports must accompany the application.
  • The course list contains the score requirement(s) for each class. The requirements vary not by score but by what test section qualifies – for instance, a computer science course might only consider the student’s math score, but a history class might consider a score on any test section. For 7th graders, the qualifying scores were as follows:

SAT-M≥520,   SAT-CR≥510,    S AT-W≥500

ACT-M≥20,   ACT-ENG≥20,   ACT-S≥21,   ACT-R≥21

  • If your child does not meet the above requirements but you believe VAMPY is the right opportunity for your child, or if you have any questions about eligibility, please call us at (270) 745-6323 and we would be happy to talk with you.


Application Submission

  1. The application must be completed and signed by the student and by the parent or guardian.
  2. A copy of the student’s SAT or ACT report must be submitted with the application.
  3. A deposit of $400 must be included with the completed application. Make checks payable to The Center for Gifted Studies. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted with a 2% convenience fee at wku.edu/gifted/payment. This deposit will not be refunded after the student has been accepted.
  4. Qualified participants will be accepted in the order applications are received, according to class preference.



The registration fee of $3,600 includes room and board, the instructional program, books, and most activities outside of class. A deposit of $400 must be included with the completed application (see above), and the balance of the registration fee will be due on or before June 1.


Financial Assistance

Limited financial assistance is available to students on the basis of need. Information about some of the funding we offer can be found here. We also encourage you to visit the KAGE Foundation for more information on need-based assistance for gifted summer programs in Kentucky, and to inquire with your local school system, nonprofit organizations, and businesses about available funding. VAMPY applications must be submitted prior to applying for financial assistance.

The application deadline is May 1.


Course Selection and Assignment

Students enroll in one class from the class choices for the year. Because class sizes are capped, students are placed in courses on a first-come, first-served basis.

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