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Music Fundamentals

Aural Skills Concepts

  • Hearing whether notes in a melody are moving up or down
  • Hearing whether notes in a melody are moving by steps or leaps
  • Singing back pitches you hear played on a piano or your instrument
  • Singing notated pitches correctly before playing them on your instrument
  • Properly performing rhythms in simple meter
  • Properly performing rhythms in compound meter
  • Identifying major and minor scales
  • Identifying intervals

 NOTE: To practice these concepts, use the Earpeggio App or visit www.musictheory.net


Theory Assessment Concepts

  • Reading pitches in treble and bass clef
  • Understanding rhythmic durations and time signatures
  • Understanding major scales
  • Understanding the three types of minor scales
  • Recognizing major and minor key signatures
  • Recognizing relative motion between pitches by ear

NOTE: To practice these concepts, click on each topic below to download a PDF file

  1. Clef and Pitch Names
  2. Pitch Worksheet
  3. Accidentals, Half steps and Whole steps
  4. Half steps and Whole steps Worksheet
  5. Major Key Signatures
  6. Minor Key Signatures
  7. Key Signature Worksheet
  8. Spelling Major Scales
  9. Spelling Major Scales - Part 2
  10. Major Scales in Treble Clef
  11. Major Scales in Bass Clef
  12. Spelling Minor Scales
  13. Spelling Minor Scales - Part 2
  14. Natural Minor Scales in Treble Clef
  15. Natural Minor Scales in Bass Clef
  16. Harmonic Minor Scales in Treble Clef
  17. Harmonic Minor Scales in Bass Clef
  18. Melodic Minor Scales in Treble Clef
  19. Melodic Minor Scales in Bass Clef
  20. Scales Worksheet
  21. Spelling Intervals
  22. Intervals Worksheet
  23. Spelling Triads
  24. Major Triads in Treble Clef
  25. Triads Worksheet
  26. Rhythm and Duration
  27. Rhythm and Duration Worksheet
  28. Meter
  29. Meter Worksheet

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