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Audition Information

Spring 2024 Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band Auditions/Instructions:

Auditions will be in video format as it was with the previous auditions for Spring & Fall 2023.  Please prepare the excerpts for your instrument and record yourself performing the etudes, the listed scales, and chromatic scale in ONE video file.  Sight-reading WILL NOT be included in this set of auditions.

NOTE: You will need a phone or video recording device and a laptop or iPad type device (for accessing sightreadingfactory.com) to perform and record your auditions.

Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion students receiving a Department of Music Grant are required to audition. 

Instructions for submitting a video are included on the submission page.

Additional information:

Scales should be performed in a consistent manner regarding articulation, rhythm and with a steady tempo. Play all scales two or more octaves if possible.  This helps the faculty to assess your tone, pitch control, and technique in all registers. 

Students wishing to play piccolo, tenor saxophone or baritone saxophone will have an opportunity to indicate their interest on the audition form completed online.  All clarinets will audition on B-flat soprano clarinet and those wishing to also audition on bass clarinet may do so by including a video segment of them performing the bass clarinet etudes. All saxophones will audition on alto saxophone. Assignments for piccolo, tenor and baritone saxophone will be made in consultation with Dr. Alvarez, Dr. Cipolla, the student, and the ensemble conductors.

All auditions will be evaluated by your studio teacher, Dr. Schallert, and Dr. McCurry using the following point scale:

Major Scale #1 - Concert F Major (5 points)

Major Scale #2 - Concert A-flat Major (5 points)

Chromatic Scale - Two to Three octaves - you choose starting note (10 points)

Excerpt #1 (25 points or 16.66 if there are three excerpts)

Excerpt #2 (25 points or 16.66 if there are three excerpts)

Excerpt #3 (16.66 if there are three excerpts)

Tone (10 points)

Audition Video Recording Guidelines

Required Video Components

  1. The audition video is to be performed like a live audition, in a single take with no editing or alterations. The order of the components of your audition video should be as follows:
  • State your full name
  • State your scale (s); example: “3 octave Concert F Major scale”.
  • Perform your scale(s) – approximately one minute
    • Perform Concert F, Concert A-flat, Chromatic (your full range)
  • Perform your prepared excerpt/etudes (if you are receiving a Music Grant, and/or wish to be considered for the orchestra, perform both band and symphony excerpts) – approximately three minutes
  1. Your audition components (scales and excerpts/etude) must be completed in one take so only one video is submitted.
  2. Memorization is not required and will not factor into your scoring.
  3. Your audition video should be around 5 minutes long.

Additional Questions?  Contact Dr. Schallert at gary.schallert@wku.edu


Please submit your video by MIDNIGHT on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at the following link:




Flute Oboe Bassoon Clarinet
Bass Clarinet Saxophone Horn Trumpet
Trombone Bass-Trombone Euphonium Tuba




        Auditions:               Auditions for 2023-24 Season will take place on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 -or- WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27.


                 Time:               Auditions Begin at 6:00p and continue until there are no auditionees in line.


          Location:               WKU Music Hall (Meet in Lower Lobby)


               Class:               MUS 377 – SPRING 2023

                           You MUST register for the class in Spring 2023 to be eligible for pep band.

                           This is a bi-semester class beginning in October and continuing through March.


Audition Requirements             
• Two Major Scales of Your Choice (memorized)
         Choose from (concert pitch):  Bb, Eb, Ab, F, or C

  • Prepared Piece


            Sign-up:               First Come, First Serve in Audition Rooms, show up at 6:00p


Prepared pieces can be found at the following link.  CLICK HERE

                                       *If you are auditioning for Trumpet/Trombone 1, you must audition on the Trumpet/Trombone 1 Part.

                                       *All other parts will be assigned following auditions.


                                       DRUMSET AUDITIONS – Please prepare the following:

  • Fight Song
  • Two in the Middle
  • Examples of the following styles (listening examples in parenthesis):
    • Latin Groove (Oye Como Va)
  • Hard / Fast Rock (The Pretender) (Land of 1000 Dances)
  • Slow Rock (Bully)
  • Swing/Shuffle (Sweet Caroline)
  • Fast Rock – Halftime – Fast Rock Sequence
  • Your best “rock-out” drum set feature that will show your ability to fill



Spirit Pep Band members will be compensated for each game played. Splitting of the Spirit Pep Band will be determined once auditions have been completed.  Selected members will receive $30 per game in which they performed.  Travel opportunities are unknown at this time; however, a point system will be in place to determine travel eligibility should we be given the opportunity.  More information will be provided in the course syllabus. 


Questions? Contact Dr. McCurry – matthew.mccurry@wku.edu

Please visit the DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC website for up-to-date information regarding audition days and requirements.

WKU Department of Music


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