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The Western Kentucky University Bands are made up of six ensembles that include the concert, athletic, and jazz bands.  Serving over 350 university students, the band program provides numerous performance opportunities for music majors and non-majors from across campus. A student in any major can perform with the university bands. Explore this website for information on the different ensembles and opportunities that are available to you. If you are ready to join one of the WKU Bands or have any questions about the program, click below and let us get to know you!  We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the WKU Band family.

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Nathan Trumpet


"I've only been a member of the WKU bands for one semester so far, but it is a community that I already love. The opportunity to play music with great musicians was a huge stress reliever for me, and I will definitely do my best to remain a member of the WKU bands."
Emily Oboe


"In each and every band or ensemble, there is a sense of family even if you know no one. The faculty and students are all so kind and friendly and do such an incredible job at making you feel welcome. When people ask about how I like WKU, I am proud to say that I don't think I would be this happy anywhere else!"
Trevor Trombone


"Even though I'm not a music major, I'm very grateful to be able to continue to have fun playing and getting better on my trombone in various WKU ensembles. Band rehearsals are always the highlight of my days that I go to class. The fellow band participants, music major or not, are very fun people to be around and they are very talented musicians!"
Melissa Flute


"The WKU Bands do a great job of teaching you more about music while simultaneously teaching you more about yourself as a  musician and making it fun! When I started at WKU, I felt very unsure about my playing abilities. With the help of my peers and the professors in charge of the ensembles and more in this program, I can confidently say that I am a more well-rounded musician and have improved tremendously since my first day on the hill. These past four years playing in ensembles has been such a fun and enriching experience for me, and I know you will love it too!"





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