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Green Cleaning Practices

Understanding the importance of the health and safety impacts that our staff’s cleaning had on the staff, our customers and the work environment as a whole, we felt that it was important to seek healthier and safer means of providing the custodial services to our clients, as well as to do our part in the positive effects that our services would have on our community’s environment. As management, we began looking in to the green cleaning process and worked with our vendors to seek information on products and equipment available to help us in this transition towards Green Cleaning WKU’s campus facilities.


Cleaning Products on Campus

Western Kentucky’s Green Cleaning Program was implemented in Fall 2005. With the initial implementation, we removed numerous cleaning products and replaced them with EPA-approved alternatives. Glass cleaner, neutral cleaner, and disinfectant are purchased weekly to reduce amounts being stored on campus. WKU has also added Green Cleaning Floor Care practices to include Green Certified Equipment. These practices reduce water usage and harmful chemical usage and require less physical labor for our cleaning team members. 


 Paper Products, Hand Soap

In addition to the above products being used in all WKU facilities, we believe that implementing every opportunity to promote improved health and safety for our WKU campus community, all paper products (toilet paper and hand towels) and hand soap in restrooms, kitchens and labs are also “Green Certified”.


Trash Collection and Recycling

All trash can liners used across campus are 100% recyclable and are only replaced as they become ‘soiled’ to reduce restocking costs and assist in the . In addition, in combined efforts with WKU Recycling and Surplus Unit, your Building Services team member will collect your recyclable materials on a rotation basis, as communicated on their webpage and via their email communication. Join the WKU recycling efforts to reduce, reuse!


WKU Building Services Team Member Training

All Building Services Team members receive new hire training for proper use of all chemicals, as well as proper use of all equipment and cleaning procedures. In addition, we use Method of the Week training which provides refresher trainings on various processes and procedures required in their daily cleaning tasks, including refresher training on our cleaning processes and chemical use /safety.



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