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Hall of Fame

WKU ROTC Hall of Fame Application 

Brigadier General Roy S. Kelley
(Retired, US Army, Aug 1971)
WKU Class of 1939
Deceased April 1, 1993
Colonel Gregory A. Lowe
(Retired, US Army, June 1998)
WKU Class of 1968
Colonel Wilford D. Gower
(Retired, US Army, 1964)
WKU Class of 1940
Colonel Elliott P. “Bud” Sydnor, Jr.
(Retired, US Army, Aug 1981)
WKU Class of 1952
Brigadier General Kenneth R. Fleenor
(Retired, US Air Force, Aug 1980)
WKU Class of 1952
Paul W. McDaniel
Ph.D., Nuclear Physics
WKU Class of 1936
Dr. Jack W. Thacker, Jr.
Professor of History
Western Kentucky University
Mrs. Connie L. Colter
Hilltopper Battalion
Western Kentucky University
Brigadier General Herbert M. Wassom
WKU Class of 1961
Deceased August 1988
Colonel Raymond T. Nutter
(Retired, US Army, June 1978)
WKU Class of 1954
Dr. Jerry R. Wilder
Vice President for Student Affairs
Western Kentucky University
WKU ROTC Class of 1961
Brigadier General Joseph A. Smith
WKU Class of 1976
Major General Larry G. Smith
WKU Class of 1966
Dr. Dero G. Downing
Captain (Retired) William E. Eskridge
(Retired, US Army, 1984)
WKU Class of 1980
Captain William E. Hocker
WKU Class of 1962
Colonel Sidney Carpenter
(Retired, US Army, November 1966)
WKU Class of 1939
Colonel (Retired) Robert H. Taylor
WKU Class of 1966
Captain Charles F. Thomas IV
WKU Class of 1968
Deceased April 1971
Lieutenant General Theodore C. Nicholas
WKU Class of 1978
Colonel Gary A. Riggs
(Retired, US Army Sep 1988)
WKU Class of 1958
Brigadier General (Retired) Alan E. Grice
WKU Class of 1976
Larry G. Loftis
WKU Class of 1968
 Dr. James W. Miles (LTC)

 WKU Class of 1940

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Kenneth Hightower

WKU Class of 1960

1LT Eric David Yates

WKU Class of 2008

Colonel (Ret.) Kenneth A. LaPlante

 WKU Class of 1972

Captain Stephen R.Fogle

WKU Class of 1976

  MAJ David R. Mackey

 WKU Class of 1963

Major General Omer C. Tooley, Jr.

WKU Class of 1974

Colonel Michael R. Devine

WKU Class of 1960 

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Lewman Jr.
WKU Class of 1964
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph F. Scates

WKU Class of 1966 


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