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How can Army ROTC benefit me?

Army ROTC can help you be successful during college and afterwards. You'll quickly gain the confidence and self-discipline necessary to progress in your studies at Western Kentucky University. You'll acquire leadership skills and credentials which will impress employers when you graduate. And you'll earn opportunities for service-to-country as an officer, full-time on active duty or part-time as you pursue your civilian career.

Army ROTC can also help you pay for your Western Kentucky University education. See our scholarship opportunities.

Life after College

Army ROTC prepares you for a lifetime of SUCCESS! After graduation, you'll be an officer in the Army with LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT skills. You can serve part-time in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves, or serve full-time in the Active Army. Employers know that Army ROTC teaches the skills they're looking for in people they hire and promote.

Army ROTC provides you with training needed to succeed in tomorrow's competitive world finding a job and a rewarding future. Preparing for a lifetime of success in the corporate world begins with Army ROTC, which enables you to develop LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT skills that give you the competitive edge.

Work with the best and the brightest officers using your LEADERSHIP, TECHNICAL, and MANAGEMENT skills acquired through ARMY ROTC.

Army ROTC will provide you with opportunities for a successful career as an Army Nurse. You will acquire practical experience along with LEADERSHIP skills.

Work with state-of-the-art equipment, applying LEADERSHIP and TECHNICAL skills learned through the ARMY ROTC program.





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